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Brewart Beerdroid (Beer Brewing Machine) $639 (U.P. $799) @ Brewart Au


Brew your own pub quality beer at the push of a button

  • The BeerDroid allows you to brew 10 litres of pub quality beer at the touch of a button, monitor and control your brew from your smart phone and receive push notifications advising of brewing milestones.

  • Brew Your Favourites: With 10L capacity and sophisticated style, the BrewArt BeerDroid personal brewing system fits perfectly into the modern kitchen, letting you create any style of beer at home, from ales to lagers and everything in between

  • Fully Automated - The BeerDroid makes brewing as easy as the touch of a button. With complete temperature control and patented End of Fermentation technology, BrewArt delivers professional results with every brew..

  • BrewArt App - Monitor your BeerDroid wherever you are with the BrewArt app thanks to clever WiFi connectivity. Track your progress, adjust your brew and receive updates via push notifications, so you're always up to date.

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  • "Brew" your own "pub quality" beer "at the push of a button"

    • We can dream can't we ????

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    Please post this under the Father's Day deals so my kids can find it.

  • Runs there own packs

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    Friend of mine uses this unit, very happy with it.
    Customer support is top notch, will send free replacement parts quickly.

    It does take a while, as beer needs to brew, but it has been delicious.

  • Looks like a further 10% off for email signup

  • I suspect most of the target-customers for such a device would drink 10l of beer more quickly than this thing can make it.

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      10L is not much over the average slab, too small for the time invested I think.

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    The Hoppy pale ale ingredients are $39.
    Not a cheap option.

    • $39 USD + shipping?

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        It says Inc GST, so I think AUD. But shipping is $15.

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          mmmm i can only get US prices. Still far too expensive I think.

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      Imagine paying $639 to be stuck making small batches of freeze dried extract for double the price of a fresh wort kit that Coopers controls and then forces you to secondary for weeks.

      • agreed if you want a decent homebrew without the effort buy a plastic fermenter (coopers kit is decent as you get all the bits and bobs) and buy fresh wort kits at around $50 makes 20l. no effort reasonable beer. and if you want cheaparse beer you can use it to make your own from whatever (im actually keen on trying a "cheapest" kit from woolies brand)

        • Cheapest generic brews come up wonderful if you make a "toucan".
          Instead of sugar, use a second can for the malt. I usually amped up the hops too, cause that is what I like.
          I found best results with a can and a half of lighter malts (lager or similar) as the extra malt from the second can bulks it up.

          Can also mix and match a cheapy can with a fancy one, again with much superior results to using DME or dextrose.

          Give it a shot!

        • I fell for the "how bad can it be" trap of the homebrew tins. It fermented for two days and then conked out.

  • Won one of these and the Brewflo tap unit after entering a competition I can't really remember at a beer festival. I've brewed an IPA and a porter and been happy with both of those. Customer service has been fantastic and have sent updated parts / extra spares for free. There's a little bit of work involved for a small batch of beer, but it seems a lot of guys will brew according to how much they drink so once you get past the initial wait for your first brew you can quickly build a bit of a stockpile.
    It is essentially a fancy fermenter that you can control temp / program etc via wifi. Also FWIW, it's actually cheaper to buy the individual ingredients from their store rather than in a pack (for whatever reason that is).

    • It's actually cheaper to buy the individual ingredients from their store rather than in a pack (for whatever reason that is).

      Don't let them know ! I'm sure they'll quickly correct it!

  • Actually went ahead and preordered one after a bit more research. Always hated the primary fermentation process and looks like you can use it to brew from scratch with a bit of mucking around.