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Standard 3 Ply Box of 50 Masks $32 & TGA Approved Surgical Masks $42 (Free Shipping Aus Wide) @ Wearabloodymask


Just received TGA Approved Surgical Masks In stock - Box of 50 masks $42 with free shipping Australia wide. I only have 86 boxes available.
- ARTG Number 340125

I have also further reduced non TGA masks down to $32 also with free shipping Australia wide.

Some details of how I operate;
• all items listed are physically in stock and ready to be shipped Australia wide
• all items ship match EXACTLY the description

• I also have other masks in stock including KN95 and P2 Masks that are manufactured by Powecom, prochoicesafetygear or 3M.
• Powecom are one of only 7 companies approved to sell in USA as they meet the recommended quality levels. the full list can be found here - https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/coronavirus-disease-2019…
To answer your questions before they are asked;
• Fairly new website but it has security features set up including SSL
• Several checkout options including google pay, shopify pay and paypal checkout

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  • happy to answer any questions on this forum aswell

    • No offence, but nothing really seems like a bargain on your website.

      If you're just advertising you have stock…

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    why you repeatedly post overpriced chinese masks?

    • He runs a mask store… are you delusional?

    • i have posted on two occassions so not sure how this is repeatedly.

      the 2 posts i have made are based on very good quality masks being at quite reasonable prices. When you remove the shipping costs of between $6 and $10 per item the margins are very slight.

    • Any luck finding cheaper tga masks?

      • Not sure what the mods are doing these days. I reported the false neg below when he couldn't even link a cheaper version of the same or better product.

        The meta of this site is to pick on Associated/Store Reps. Don't take it personally.

      • Yep chemist warehouse

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    Kogan sells TGA approved face masks for 39.99 delivered - this isn't even a deal. A lot more people have posted masks for cheaper.

  • TINAWELLS 50Pcs Face Mask, 3 Layers Breathable Earlooped Disposable Mask - Blue (Sealed in Plastic Bag and Packed in Color Box), Shipped from Australia https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B089LXRHJF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...

    I think these are TGA approved. You can search on TGA site and the tinawells site.

    Could be wrong.

    • might be fine but not TGA approved.

      • https://www.tinawells.com.au/

        They think all their products are approved

        • On their website direct they do sell TGA approved masks which are $40 for a box.

          The cheaper ones on Amazon however are not the same as under the product features it clearly states;
          "Features & details
          [50PCS Pack] The face masks are sealed in plastic bag and packed in color box. NOT Surgical Masks / Medical Face Masks. Shipped form Australia."

          The term medical and surgical can only be applied to those with TGA.

  • What does "TGA approved" means? Does having an ARTG number means it's TGA approved?

    • Tga is therapeutic goods administration. By being tga approved it means it has been independently tested and meets certain quality standards.

      All items that have been tga approved must have a artg number

    • +1

      Sort of there was a loophole whereby any importer could submit a request to be on the therapeutic goods register for masks so long as they were sold to hospitals that could test them and then they would be recertified. Heaps of masks have been delisted.
      Unless it’s a known brand or a retailer that is trustworthy the artg could be withdrawn
      $43 for masks that may be withdrawn once they sell their shipment and then disappear