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[PS4] Assassin's Creed Odyssey - DELUXE EDITION $29.95 (Was $122.95) @ PlayStation Store


Not the lowest price it has been, but might be worth it for those who prefer a digital download rather then a disk.
The standard version (disk copy) is same price on amazon.

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  • what price and platform? not in title too

  • Price in title?

  • Must be free?

  • Title in price?

  • For those interested - the Deluxe edition barely contains any new content compared to the base price (which is still going for $99 on the PS store), just some skins and boosts. Wait for the Gold edition/ bundle, as that includes extra campaign stuff normally associated with DLC. Otherwise if you never want to pay more than $30 for the base game, may as well get this right now

    • Good point. The ultimate edition (which includes both DLC chapters) is $67 on PlayStation store right now, although I feel that's still to high to warrant a purchase. It's not too bad however because the DLC chapters costs around $40 each and the season pass is $60.

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