[PC] Anthem $1 In Store Only @ EB Games


Digital download only. You will receive an Origin activation code in the case.

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  • Totally Worth It

    • Of course, it only $1dollor

      I paid full price. And I played like 2 hours

      Feel sad for myself

  • I don't even think Epic Games would give this out for free!

  • +17 votes

    i would rather buy a coffee from a 7/11. haha.

  • You're kidding me, I payed $5 for this a few weeks ago. I feel like a fool!

  • This game was a total POS.

    When it launched you just couldn't play it, you needed to find people to play with and when you found them you would bug out and be in areas you couldn't progress. Then it bugged out and you couldn't find anyone at all and it was like that for a long time. Everyone pretty much left the game went pfffft screw this and moved on. However the few bits I did play were actually fun just it was so much work to get to it I quit.

    So glad I got it through origin premier and didn't pay anything for it.

  • Noooo…I paid $4 for PS4 version last Xmas.

  • Paid $5 like 3 days ago. RIP

    Already finished playing after 12 hours. There's not much to do after the very short story campaign

  • I’d definitely buy this for my nephews since it looks like iron man and you can fly. Wish they had delivery, can’t go out due to lockdown

    • Digital download only

      Yet purchase in store.
      What would they even give you for delivery lol - a piece of paper with a code?
      Have you tried seeing if you can buy one over the phone?

  • AFAIK, Bioware is working hard to try and fix this game. I don't know if it will be full No Man's Sky, but I think for a dollar, it's a safe bet to buy it and wait. I got No Mans Sky for 4 dollars before the updates came out and what we have today is well worth the original rrp.

    Redesign was announced just before covid, so obviously it's not done yet.


    • They made their money from pre-orders, no coming back for this shocker of a game.

  • A dollar too much. Rip off.

  • in Covid times, enforce people to go to the store to buy a case for 1 dollar with a piece of paper with a code is kinda unethical.

    • The problem is people are assholes, I could imagine a lot of people ripping them off even for $1 by saying that the code didn't work.