Vaccine Trial COVID-19

I have been asked to take part in a vaccine trial. Paying around $1000. Would you do it?

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    • AHRC Act 1986 sch 2
      Article 7
      No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.

      • Interesting how that law clearly categorises torture and medical testing together… but governments and companies are like "hey guys … who wants ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS … just sign here"

        • Haha. Good stand up material.

          It is categorised together because it is a matter of consent and historically, these are commonly prescribed "activities" to enlisted or imprisoned persons.

          Think Japan, Russia and Germany.

        • Interesting how that law clearly categorises torture and medical testing together

          because the same experimentation could be classified as either?

          but governments and companies are like "hey guys … who wants ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS … just sign here"

          without his free consent

  • You could be getting the placebos, so do it as you might also be helping us out of this mess and you get 1k and just lose a bit of your time.

  • Just take two Panadol,a cup of tea,& you will be fine!

  • You all laugh at Russia's vaccine yet fail to realise that Trump was advocating utter rubbish and you all wanted to take that.
    $1,000 to find out in 5 years time that you organs are dying…. no thanks

    • Nobody is laughing. It's good that a working vaccine has been developed by a country that isn't a member of NATO. The last thing that the world need is a cartel to dictate who and how a vaccine is distributed.

      • Russia isn't a charity either.

        If they have a miracle vaccine (100% success, no side effects), I will bet every last dollar I have that they will be squeezing it for all it is worth, diplomatically, financially and territorially.

        • I prefer the Russians, PRC, Iran, N. Korea, Cuba or any other nation that have stones to stand up against the head of the band of bullies.

          • @whooah1979: Sure bet you don't want to live in any of those places.

            ( Not sure if you chose those countries out of irony. 100% of them are guilty of state sanctioned genocide in recent history.)

            • @tshow: Of course not. Australia is probably one of the best countries in the world. It's a shame that we can't stay neutral.

              • @whooah1979: None of the countries you listed are neutral either.

                They aren't standing up against "the bullies" out of virtue. They do it because they receive support from the other team. Every country you listed has received arms support from Russia.

                • @tshow: They've no choice when so many nations line up behind their master to tell them how to govern. Russia should keep their friends close by providing the vaccine to them first.

                  • @whooah1979: So they're not neutral, they're genocidal and you have no problems with one country lording over the rest as long as the asset belongs to the communist side, which again, consistently dishes out summary executions en mass.

                    That's worrying.

                    Edit 1. (Also, it is masters. There is a leader in the communist tribe and they do tell their faction how to govern also hence why the spread of communism just as democracy spread. You can't possibly have missed all the claims by the left about Russian and Chinese interference.)

                    Edit 2. Oh and Russia not just dictating how a place is governed, they just attack and conquer it. Crimea.

                    And Hong Kong? Just change the laws and arrest the dissidents. Also xing Jiang.

                    I could go on but it is too easy. I'm still partially convinced you picked those countries out of irony.

  • I'd rather take Hydroxychloroquine.

    • I'd rather eat kale.

      • I dont get it, lol.

        To clarify, I rather take hydroxychloroquine if I was to get covid than taking the vaccine.

        • Hydroxychloroquine is not useful against covid and potentially caries the side effects like any other drug.

          Kale has the same change of working, which is basically zero chance, minus the side effects. Well it taste bad but I'll leave that to individual taste.

          (Also, a vaccine needs to be taken well before exposure to the virus actual. If you contract the virus then take the vaccine, it is most probably going to be detrimental.)

          • @tshow:

            Hydroxychloroquine is not useful against covid

            I know that's the mainstream wants us to think. It's been around a while and even available over the counter in some countries. I think preventing people of having the choice to take it is financially and politically motivated.

            Maybe it does nothing, but I'd definitely take a chance on it if I became seriously ill with covid.

            This Liberal MP posts quite a bit about it. It could all be fake news, who knows.


  • I'd take it if it were me, and I knew which one it was.

    My own opinion is that the Astrazeneca / Oxford one is probably likely to be the currently most safe given all the information right now.

    I'm of the understanding that the Russian one is the same as a Chinese vaccine that is one of the frontrunners and has shown no real side effects, but questionable efficacy, and the Putin's daughter is on the research team.

    • She’s probably a better researcher than the POTUS’s daughter is a “presidential advisor’

  • Anyone seen ‘Oh Lucky Man!’? Enough said.

    • A covid vaccine will be worth millions. Pay people enough and they'll roll up their sleeves.

      • At this stage, probably trillions.

        Current estimates put the global economic fall out to be at least $1T with early estimates suggesting the damage is likely going to be at least $4.1T.

        I think if someone were to make an estimate today, it would be higher.

        A vaccine means resuming activity as if pre-covid. That value of the vaccine is proportional to the potential economic damage.

  • Don't take it Pam.

    Your absurd posts make this a far more entertaining place on the internet, and if something were to happen to you, the memes we would undoubtedly carry in your honour could not possibly hold a candle to your naturally creative and entertaining way of thinking and expressing yourself.

    We need you Pam. Please never change.

    • The fact that the great (or perhaps just grandiose) Pam herself has upvoted this comment suggests that either 1) she is a fantastically good sport (which contrasts with some of her posts) or 2) she is a troll and a jolly good one at that.

      Good show Pam, jolly good show.

  • My mental health is fine regardless of the jungle of assorted trolls and downright nasty who knows what