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Purpose Built Narrow Skewer Charcoal BBQ on Special at $96 plus delivery $21.50 interstate.


Been to Bali or any other Asian country and had Satay skewers cooked for you over charcoal? How about in Europe, ever had mini Souvlaki or Shasliks? What about the Middle East, short Kebabs? We'll many countries have their own version of short bamboo skewers grilled on a purpose built narrow BBQ and using charcoal. One thing for certain is that we all love the flavour and small skewers done right are extremely addictive!

We have been importing skewer BBQs for some time and now offering 20% DISCOUNT off* our Italian made, folding leg, Medium Skewer Charcoal BBQ which normally sells for $120 inc GST.

OUR PRICE For a Short Time - $96 inc GST + Delivery anywhere in Australia ($12 delivery in NSW and $21.50 to other states).

Its a great way to entertain at home or take on camping trips or picnics. Minimise burnt skewer tips and no longer fear turning the skewers by hand as your fingers are well away from the heat. This Skewer BBQ is a great way to enjoy real BBQ flavour and skewers all at the same time.

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  • Put price and delivery in title as per the deal posting rules…

  • @BBQAroma — as per title guideline, refrain from marketing speak and put price in the title (which I've fixed for you now).

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    While it isnt 'purpose built' for skewers, I'd recommend the Weber Go-Anywhere over this, which does all of the above (and more - it comees with a lid and is great for small roasts) and sells for only $120 instore. We use it at home for grilling skewers, and it also packs up nicely for camping and picnics.

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    Something very similar, also designed for skewers, can be bought from Asian general stores in Springvale or Footscray (in VIC) for around half the price. I bought one early this year for under $50.

  • over priced. not a deal

  • not a bargain, there are similar things for half price.

  • Hmmmmm….. must be plenty of one-piece stainless steel charcoal skewer BBQs out there that don't need nuts and bolts to put them together for $50.

    Hope these comments are not oranges to lemons comparison being made….

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