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Issey Miyake Intense for Men EDT 125ml Spray $34.99 @ Chemist Warehouse


Great price for something you can leave in your locker at work etc. RRP$142, street price is definitely lower.

Same price at Amazon, free shipping with Prime.

Chemist Warehouse also have the Issey Miyake for Men Eau de Toilette 125ml Spray for $69.99 delivered, which I think most people will agree smells way better - Link here.

Do with this information what you will.


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  • noice.

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      SW23 for you.

      • Balder? Warnie might want to sell you some Ashley & Martin hair tonic too :D

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    Thanks, Boss

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    I notice this cologne at myer is over $150 but shows as EDP. But at chemist warehouse its showing as EDT. I can only assume there is a difference between EDP and EDT to make it so cheap? Because this is a great price!

    • T= Toilette

      Toilette is lighter scent, Parfume is stronger and usually for women. I could be wrong but that what I know.

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        Parfum isn't strictly for women

        It basically means it'll last longer than toilette as it has a higher concentration.

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        It simply refers to how much "pure fragrance" is included, it's not relevant to male vs. female. EDP simply has more fragrance in it and therefore is more expensive. The net result is you don't need to (and you shouldn't) use as much EDP vs. EDT. The EDP will typically last longer through the day as well.

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      Cologne and EDP are different things mate…

      • Why I got downvoted for just stating the fact lol.

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          Perfume (or parfum if you’re feeling fancy) is the strongest, and typically lasts the longest on the skin (up to or even more than 24 hours). It’s about 20-30% perfume essence.

          Eau de parfum is a little less concentrated: 15-20% perfume essence, it’ll probably last you about 5-8 hours, depending on ingredients and how much you apply.

          Eau de toilette is diluted enough to be sold in spray bottles: 5-15% perfume essence. That means it’s light enough to be sprayed more generously. Also, due to the higher diluting alcohol content, it will not be very long-lasting, maybe 3 hours. So it’s good for daily use, and even if you accidentally douse yourself it’ll wear off quickly.

          Cologne, or eau de Cologne, is even lighter. (Fun fact: it was named for the city of Cologne, in Germany, where a particular scent was first made.) This category of scents are fresh, sometimes fruity, and often contain citrus oils such as lemon, orange, and neroli (bitter orange blossom). Containing approximately 2-4% perfume essence, colognes typically last around 2 hours.

          Eau fraiche (fresh) water contains the least amount of perfume essence, 1-3%. Accordingly, it lasts the shortest amount of time – an hour, maybe less.

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            @Nathw: Probably because your 1st response came off a little arrogant. The last reply was significantly more helpful and serves to answer a well meaning question.

            Disclaimer: I was one of em that neg'ed you, but liked your last response.

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              @Nivlac: the word "mate" sounded humiliating a bit.

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                the word "mate" sounded humiliating a bit.


                "Mate" is a standard form of speech in Australia. You hear it all the time.

                What the hell is "humiliating" about it ? Was the bartender "humiliating" me when he asked today: "what can I get you, mate?"

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                  @vikvance: They’re different things.


                  They’re different things, mate.

                  Can’t spot the passive aggressiveness in this?

                  Very different from: What can I get you (mate).

                  • @bozbargain: I wouldn’t take offence to it. We’re in Australia and like vikvance said, it forms part of our language. Then again, from my experience in retail, using ‘mate’ can be offensive to the very elderly population or to people who’d expect you to know their name.

                • @vikvance: In this case, the use of mate sounded arrogant, which is why it was negged a lot obviously. What I dont understand is why i got negged as well.

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                    @baldur: I upvoted it because I read it as he was helping an acquaintance mate. Just to offset an attack on an innocent acquaintance, mate. Yes I am now using mate like a jerk, mate.

                • @vikvance: Straya!

                  Where we call our friends “c *nt” and our enemies “mate”!

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                @baldur: Let me guess - you're from Melbourne and/or believe that ABC is "yours"?

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              @Nivlac: I negged your comment as payback for negging my friend Nathw

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            @Nathw: A good helpful explanation.
            The variances also cater for not only personal preference (not everyone wants to wear a 'loud' scent), but also the differing situations, body types and of course, the experience of the user.
            Parfum is good for open or well circulated areas, because it is a stronger scent.
            However, as anyone with teenage boys will attest, too much can be overpowering. The old rule of 'if you can smell it, you've put too much on' applies here. Typically one, maybe two sprays, and you're done.
            The idea is to leave an agreeable aroma about you; not to suffocate everyone in the room.

            On the other end of the scale, a fraiche is typically more suited to more intimate settings, where you are spending your time in close proximity to someone else, or simply want a light scent on you.

            All fragrances will react slightly differently to people, as skin types differ, so trying them out and knowing what will work for you is time well spent if you wanting to get the best out of the fragrance, with the idea being (much like confidence), the subtle approach works better than a bold assault.
            Overall, it should enhance you, not announce you.

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              knowing what will work for you

              There is no evidence that scents change social outcomes other than slightly lowering your chances of success although it is a very small change compared to not losing money in exchange for scent.

              Most people appear to completely brainwashed by advertising into believing that something is happening as they pretend that being brainwashed is actually sophisticated.

              • @Diji1: I'm sure you're correct, but who said anything about it being used to pull ?

                All fragrances will react slightly differently to people, as skin types differ, so with the context on how the chemicals react to your sweat and skin, and thus testing them on yourself, how did you get so confused ?
                For some people a heavy musky scent does not suit them, likewise with a light citrus scent does not suit others.

                Were you just looking for something to argue about ?

            • @Magpye: “Perfume should linger, not engulf”

          • @Nathw: Goodness me …. 55 votes to this comment … 87 to post … seems you are gonna get more votes compared to post mate

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          Truth is always bitter 🤭

          P > EDP > EDT > COLONGE > FRAICHE

    • EDP is stronger than EDT but that doesn't always mean better. For example it could mean that they have more citrus in it than EDT, so the Parfum version might smell more citrusy. However citrus wears off quite quickly so doesn't mean the scent will last as long. Depends what you are looking for in a fragrance.

    • EDT will project more with the higher alcohol concentration but doesn't last as long.
      EDP will project less, but last longer due to the higher concentration of oils.

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    Anyone experienced this grey market stuff to proper provenance?

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    Eau de Parfum & Eau de Toilette

    read up about the difference

    • Cheers Harribo this pretty much sums it up and would explain the price difference

      • I've bought a lot of cologne from chemist warehouse and wondered how they were able to sell such good brands at a decent price compared to David jones and Myer. I'm assuming when they say $80 of RRP they are now referring to the EDP version, which is a bit dodgy in my opinion

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          EDT's RRP is high too at David Jones and Myer. Nothing dodgy here as most discount fragrance at Chemist are old(refer to their release date, not manufacture date) or unpopular. 'old' fragrances are relevant cheap at overseas compare to local stocks.

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    Doesnt the Chemwarehouse ones sold lighter on scent and doesnt last as long? (a friend who uses a few different ones seem to think this is the case)

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      Sometimes it can happen due to different batches, David and Myer usually have good batches. Sometimes even David Jones and Myer can have weaker fragrance due to reformation like La Nuit de L'Homme.

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    Thanks, I should be able to impress some people on my next zoom meeting

    • Staying at home, not being over eager on personal hygiene…. this makes a good purchase.

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    I like it, was using the regular EDT before that. Paid $40 last year.

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    Postage kills it

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    Try before you buy, it's an acquired taste. I've blind bought it and hate it

    • 100% agree. Same goes for CK Eternity - I can't wait to drain that thing out

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        You deserve an Ozbargain commendation, hating the scent but you’ll be dammed if you won’t get your moneys worth out of it. 😂

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    Bought this last year in the previous sale. First time buying fragrance from cwh n probably last time. Have had issey in the past b4 n as mentioned on earlier replies, it’s an EDT and doesn’t last v long n I need 6-7 sprays to even get a proper scent on vs 2-3 on edp. Because of the 6-7 initial sprays, it’s very intense in the car n makes me and my partner feel woozy

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    Henlo team,

    I love the brand so here is my take on it.

    This is a good after work strong scent however as mentioned above the Original is the best due to its subtle nature. Spray once in on one touch point (I prefer both sides of the collar) and it over time the scent will dull down nicely.

    This version is very SHARP and hits you in the face. As the name suggests it is INTENSE due to it being very heavy on SOME of the notes the original has.

    Persistence is short to medium term but I like to let it subside over time as it takes off the edge.

    If you don't like the sound of it then might I suggest CK Eternity Aqua 100ml for $32.99 at Chemist Warehouse. Smooth and subtle with 100ml that youll like.


    Either either good stocking filler.


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      Geez u need to review more.

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    This is the price I’d expect for a grey import fragrance.

    I’d rather pay more and get fresh stock from a department store…there’s definitely a big difference in the quality.
    I’ve been burnt too many times with the fragrance’s sold at the discount chains… they are marginally better than outright fakes.

    • +1

      Source / evidence?
      Genuine question…

      • I used to have a friend that worked in chemist warehouse and it seemed to be widely common knowledge which is accepted given it’s heavily discounted.
        Other than that it’s my own anecdotal evidence

  • I wonder if department stores actually get rid of old stock to make sure they only sell fresh stock at the premium they charge?

    And, if you do get a "bad" one from them, do they exchange it? Since fragrance is subjective and they may not agree with you.

    Not against of paying more, if someone wants to pay more to help the economy, champions!

    • +1

      In the fragrance community, the older batches are more sought after than new ones. Just google around or read some Fragrantica. I understand how novices think "new" is better though. Major retailer charge retail price to sustain their stores, staff ecc and good on anyone keen on forking out double to help that kind of economy.

      • My wife keeps banging on about how scents break down over time and should be ditched. I so hope your right.

        • As long as you keep them in the dark (I keep the boxes and store them there) and out of heat you will be fine. I have a couple of bottles 10 years old, quality designers that usually use better ingredients, that are perfect. The ingredients after the first spray (because of air going in) will start to ‘mature’ in the bottle, making the fragrance somehow stronger, this and reformulations sometime leave people disappointed when they replace their perfume after years using one: a bottle opened fresh after you use something a few years old will be inevitably feel different, lighter for the reasons I said. Examples of reformulations that left people grunting are JPG Le male, Ysl La nuit de l’homme or Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua great in the 2016 edition and mediocre after 2018.

  • Good price
    Waiting for similar for woman

  • +3

    There is no EDP version of this particular fragrance.
    Theres nothing suss about this deal. Never had any isssues with chemsit warehouse fragrances.

  • Picked this up last year.
    It's actually quite a nice fragrance. Long lasting too.

  • Picked this up earlier. Tried in store not bad.

  • +1

    Thanks OP got 1 :D

  • -1

    If you wanna bag the ladies you gotta wear Shane Warne's new cologne lul

  • Purchase this now and stack with free shipping offer for Fathers Day.

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