How Much kWh Do You Use?

We are a couple, leaving in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. We work mostly during the day.

We use electricity for cooking, heating (only when very cold), fridge, large 6 foot fish tank, washing machine & hot water.

Our consumption seemed really high to me at 33kwh. Our meter is in the front Neibourgh’s yard and I was worried there was an issue with reading so I got a smart meter installed. But it is still the same.

How much do you all consume?


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    50-55kWh for 2 people, 3 bedrooms

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      Hydroponic setup in the spare rooms?

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        Tomato plants for making sauce :)

        • Secret sauce ;)

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        Electric cars

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      Lol, how? That's crazy high.

      EDIT: I missed your reply. Electric cars!

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      Turning down fridge/freezer temps is an old wives tale.
      Worked back then, but makes no difference with thermostats. Set them to the correct temperature to avoid spoilage and forget. 5c is 5c summer or winter.

  • Mine was 57.97kWh when i had my Saltwater Tank.
    Dropped to 37.55kWh the following year once i ditched it. My tank was a 6ft i had LED lights, skimmer, heater, wave maker and chiller

  • 15.24kWh per day 3ppl at home 5 days then 4ppl all weekend. This is before current full lockdown 4 in Vic. $146 per month on last quarter bill. 2kw solar PV with AlintaEnergy. So quaterly $439 last bill.

    2 Computers with 5 screen practically always on, fridge, washing machine, lots of electronic devices. Led lights in 3 plys study house. HWS and hotplate on gas.

    Had been 12.74 kWh in Feb qter bill.

  • that 30 kwh is high, ive been monitoring my daily consumption since we installed solar (from grid and pv 24 hours). yesterday it was 22kwh, considering i got 2 fridges, a freezer, also with ps4 on pretty much the whole day till midnight, so 22 kwh is ok imo.

    can you install a hot water timer?

    air fryer, vacuum, aircon consumes a lot of power, at least based on the inverter app.

    • 9kwh
      - 2 fridges, 2 routers, NAS PC all running 24/7
      - PC + 3 monitors running most of the day during lockdown.
      - gas for heating and hot water.
      - no dryer or dishwasher.

      7kwh for same period last year. ie no lockdown.

  • Single 20kwh daily on lower average.
    I live in an apartment and with simplyenergy.
    Typical household stuff No fish tank

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      guessing you have a space heater?

      • Yes, I do. But I only run it at night for a couple of hours. And I have a gas floor heater that I guess runs all day.

  • 3 bedroom, 2 adult old terrace house. Usually we do about 8-10kwh a day but one is currently working from home and sometimes has the heating on. It goes up to about 12-15 at the moment but he had the electric heater on full heat for the whole day last week and we did 40 in one day.
    Our water is gas on demand.

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    35kWh per day was our 2019 usage average for an all electric house

    using the inverter and power meter readings for start and end of the year the average daily numbers are;
    24 solar produced
    4 exported to grid (leaving 20 that we use)
    6 imported (mainly thru winter)
    9 hot water (off peak 14 year old 250litre 3.6kW set to 'real hot')
    6kW solar (installed 8 years ago) plus 13.5kWh battery

    consumption factors;
    2 adults, 3 teens
    4 bed double brick
    pumped water (no mains)
    bedroom split ac's used when >= 30C sustained temps
    5 wfh days per week (now 10 - 2 ppl x 5 days)

    recently used a plug in power meter with some daily averages as listed
    1.6 5 year old dishwasher
    0.9 20 year old 420 litre fridge
    3.9 20 year old 380 litre freezer
    3.7 pool pump station (7 hrs running per day)

  • If your old meter and smart meter are the same, it's likely correct. In any case, your retailer doesn't measure it, it's the distributor who owns the meter.

    33kW doesn't seem all that high given electric cooking, fish tank and hot water.

    • Yeah I can see that now. It really varies for everyone it seems. I mean we don’t particularly pay attention to reduce it either.

      Also didn’t mention that the TV often stays on for 3-4hrs for the dogs….

      I am sure we can reduce a bit by paying attention

      • Like everyone says, get rid of the fish, or gradually replacing them with seals and penguins, lol

      • Some larger TV’s especially Plasmas chew through power.
        But as others have said electric heating, water or room use a LOT of power. A/C also uses. LOT

  • 3 People household consuming between 15 - 25kwh daily

    Have a 3kw solar for last 5 years so makes usage of actual import more like 10kwh - 15kwh, getting another 5kw system installed tomorrow to offset this usage even more :)

  • Im surprised by the figures I see here.
    I live in 2 homes. One is modern and very well insulated with gas hot water. Typically uses 20kwhr per day. The other home is 40yrs old and a bit draughty but insulated. 7kw Heat pump on 24/7 on 20 or 21 and 20yr old electric hot water. That house runs around 35kwh in winter. Includes two big fridge and a large freezer, 2 showers per day and lots of cooking and washing which we try to do during off peak times….

    Almost all lights are LED in both homes.

    Summary: I think a winter consumption of 30kwh is reasonable, summer 20.

    Note: I'm moving my hot water from gas to electrics as I think gas supply of 50c/day for one appliance is uneconomical, and i just got solar panels installed…

  • 11.69kWh 2 person household. Ducted heating, gas stovetop & hot water. Have been using electric heating because the ducted is very uneven. We mostly live separate lives at opposite ends of the house and do our meals separately. Both home 22-23/7 now.

  • 34kWh on current unbilled usage, yes it’s a lot, we could cut a bit back but we would prefer to be comfortable during lockdown for our own mental stability.

    2 people working from home with laptops, docks and multiple monitors
    Ducted, electric heating
    We use the dryer every time we do a wash
    Big fridge (though relatively new)
    Induction stove used daily
    In most evenings we will have two 65” tvs running at the same time

    Only thing on gas is hot water unit.

    There was a recommendation to get a smart plug, i second this… you could plug it back where the extension lead starts. Alternatively turn everything off over night, and only leave that (edit: fish tank) going. Check your electrical companies app in the morn and do some maths.

  • 2 person household in a 2br unit. Average 5kWh a day. I use gas for cooking and hot water.

  • 23.67kWh for just me and my wife in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house.

    It is probably higher then usual for a couple but I work in IT and love tinkering so have a heap of gadgets including a HP Microserver and 3 pc's running 24/7. Also standard appliances, gaming consoles, 2 dehumidifier units and 2 heating/air conditioning units running constantly whenever I feel hot/cold.

    I know a lot of people skimp on electricity especially with heating/cooling but I run this without any constraint as my belief is we only live once so I want to be as comfortable as possible during my time here!

  • 9kw a day
    4 people, 1 fridge, 1 freezer, htpc on 24hrs a day

    If you can't do anything to reduce your usage, invest in solar panels to help offset the costs. With current incentives, they pay themselves off in a few years..

  • Interesting read! Family of 6 using 18.7 a day here. Gas hot water and heating and we regularly run the electric split system for localized heat during the day instead of the gas.

    6 computers/Devices are running/streaming all day.

  • 3 adults, gas HWS, air con for heating maybe once a week. Adelaide. Smart meter shows consumption averages at 11 kWh per day last month. You are getting good advice here, reducing demand is a reiterative process of reducing the next biggest use. We found that getting a good energy monitoring system really got things moving. We can even monitor remotely during the day and it soon becomes obvious what is drawing power.

    We have solar and a battery, but realised paying the capital cost of solar etc doesn’t really make sense if you don’t pay attention to demand.

  • Avg 35kwh in a pretty large house with air cons. My solar offsets about 1/2 the usage in winter and close to 1:1 in summer.

  • Single person household, 2 bedroom villa unit. 10kwh a day since working from home and 4kwh a day when I was going into the office. It’s gets cold in Melbourne, I use a reverse cycle split system for heating for a couple hours in the morning and then evening. The numbers don’t include solar power generation.

  • 7.74kw per day including WFH for about 2/3 of the last bill period. Single, electric water heater. I turn tv off at the plug all the time. Last year it was 8.33kwh

  • Single, 2 bedroom units.

    ~14 KWh per day, including:

    hotwater system
    portable A/C from time to time
    portable heater from time to time
    LED lighting
    PC/Router/Switch, etc.
    3D Printer
    CO2 laser engraving/cutter machine

  • 20kw or so a day and that's normal power and hot water, 2 adults in a 3 bedroom house. Heating is via wood heater which we ran a lot but wood is cheap. I'd guess if we factored in wood it would be at least 40kw in winter if not more. Recently got solar installed as I'm sick of literally burning money in a wood stove and having a yard full of wood. Solar has usage monitoring so will see how we go.

  • One person. Low 10s kWhr typical, rising to ~30 in Winter a day.

    Sizeable house. Gas hot water, heater. Reverse cycle aircon. Halogens all the way through. Microserver. Bunch of IoT. Liberally use the dryer.

    • One person in a large house…???

  • 3 people household - winter average is around 10kwh and in summer around 7kwh.

    We just got solar panels installed and they seem to be exporting around 4-7kwh on average currently.

    Reverse cycle for cooling and heating. Hot water is the only thing that uses gas.

  • single bloke in Tassie with heat pump and computer and cat 33kW/h a day in a small house with dual glazed windows and door
    but I just got a smart meter, so I am getting used to TOU again (I used to live in Vic with solar)
    but TOU is a bit different in Tassie, so is the HWS, which is on all the time unless you install a timer,
    I just turn it off at the meter board, which is inside
    and the heat pump is not on a separate load, it is all in one

    We get ripped off bad in Tassie as we only had one retail company (Aurora Energy) for so long and they love to rip people off & treat them like shit
    They recently treated me like Al Capone over a $54 electricity bill
    and I am a pensioner
    only for me to find out a mistake in their billing and they haven't talked to me since I called them a thief!

    • I would keep an eye on the cat with those kW/h figures

      • I think I have a syntax error there somewhere - do'h
        or a new meaning to a cat on a hot tin roof, but not in Tassie :p

  • ~15 kWh - Three adults and two kids. We have a fish pond, couple servers on 24/7 and gas heater. Gas is a bit dear though.

  • About 25kWh on weekdays, the biggest day was a few weeks ago 34.4kWh.

    Server, 2x 10GBe switches, 1x PoE+ switch running WAPs and cameras, 4 gaming computers, garage chest freezer and high dryer use. 2 adults and 4 kids

  • atm, our highest is ~8.5kWh / day. a couple staying home 24/7 and heater on for 3-4 hours almost everyday during winter. Gas cooking and gas hot water. 1br apartment. 1laptop, 1 pc, small electronics stuffs and 2-3 led lights on, 1 450l fridge. Was 2-3 kWh/day (summer) and 4-5 kWh/day (winter) before stood down.

  • Our household uses 600kwh from the grid + 200kwh fro solar. Gas water + cooking. We have at least 2 aircon running about 10-16 hours (setting at 18-20 degree) each most days.

    Your usage will be highly dependant on how efficient the hot water tank and heater are. Login to your electricity distributor portal and check the usage, you can find out what is the likely culprit. On the side note, if you are such a big usage like that, get SOLAR now. A 10KW system will cost you ~8-10k but will probably save you 80% of the bill if your usage shifts to day time.

  • Our highest daily average this past 12 months has been 16Kwh.
    Four bedroom, Two toilets and bath

    2 Adults, 1 teenager, 1 doggo.

  • 3kwh

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        Username doesn't check out

  • At my previous place, was around 5kwh daily. Two adults, one computer 24/7, gas cooking, aircon only on a dozen hours per year. Small fridge, we don't have or need a TV :).

  • 2 people. Average 35 with both wfh. 80! When I forget and leave the stupid central control panel for electric panel heaters on over night. Ouch. Still no idea why they put them in. The heat is amazingly nice, but you can feel money burning.

  • I have recently installed a PowerPal monitor that basically hooks up to the house smart meter (in the board outside) and displays power consumption in real time via an app.

    Maybe the OP can get something like this that will display real time consumption with usage history logged every hour. The unit and installation was free for me (Vic govt initiative), however now looking at the site now it apparently costs $129 ($99 promo)

    Also a 2 adult 2 kids household and we go between 5-6Kwh/day. House is an older house with splits in each room (4 bedrooms), 1 fridge and washing machine. Main electric consumption is the TV and the split units that are used for the time we are in the room mostly at nights (that too occasionally) since the house gets well heated during the day

  • between 11 and 13 kw

    2 adults, 3 kids.
    3 pcs,
    3 electric blankes.
    1 fish tank, heated

    gas stove, heater and hot water though.

  • 2 adults, 2 kids, we average around 20KWh/day. Gas water heater and stove, rest is electric. It's really hard to compare house for house though.

    I could suggest your water heater is using a fair bit, especially in winter months. Check the thermostat on it and see if its set hotter than it needs to be.

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    Family of four. About 35 a day in winter. Wife not helping by refusing to wear jackets at home but use the heater whenever she feels like it. FFS

  • around 1200 kwh per month

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    3 people, last bill says 4.63kwh avg daily. Gas 13.55MJ. I don’t use dishwasher. Wash clothes off peak, 2-3 times a week one for dark, light and sheets/towels. Hang dry and in winter then placed in Dryer if necessary but only for 30mins most cases. Most nights only one light in living room is on and another one in bedroom. Fridge constantly running.

  • Currently ~4 kWh average, all appliances are 4.5 or 5 star and above. Makes a huge difference.
    In summer ~ 2kWh, due to self consumption (6kW solar panels).
    4.5 adults.

    Add 2-3 kWH if baking/roasting etc. and not sunny outside or if used after sunset (per day).

    Sadly, cooking and hot water is gas.
    Heating is ducted gas (and electricity required for the unit's fans?), I believe we got a 5 or 6 Star rated unit, so hopefully not costing us a bomb, compared to the average ones.

    • Do you use 4kWh for the whole day? For 4.5 adults? And is that after the solar panel generation is factored in? If so those are fantastic figures!

      Our last bill we used on average 4.3kWh per day, with two adults, in Melbourne in winter (and that's with only using the heating for a few hours per day and thermostat set to 15 degrees - so I thought we were doing pretty well)

      • Yep those are 7 day rolling daily average usage figures, thanks! Last 30 days would be less than 4.

  • 33 a day!? That's a massive amount

  • ~40kwh in winter for a couple in all electric fired house and DFAG, I'll pay to be comfortable thanks

  • We average buying 8kwh a day across the year - that's from the smart meter data from the distributor. Family of 5 in Melbourne. Brick Veneer, with r5 in the roof with no insulation in the walls / underfloor. Selective retrofitted double glazed windows. Gas central ducted heating that we use only during the day. Gas storage hot water. Portable induction cooktop that we use preferentially over the gas cooktop. We generally run one split system AC at night (17 degrees in winter, 24 in summer). We don't have a pool / electric car. LED lighting throughout. One upside down fridge and a separate freezer. We're conscious of the energy efficiency of our appliances we purchase. I've fixed all the gaps I can get to, and draught sealed the windows / doors.

    Of course we've got a 6kw solar system. But we aim to the generation utilise as much as possible. The dishwasher / clothes / chargers are timed to run during the day. When the solar is cranking, we'll maximise the use of reverse cycle AC without buying electricity. We've got an in house realtime electricity monitor so we can instantaneously see how much power we're buying / selling, and turn off stuff when the clouds come.

    • Just wondering what in house realtime electricity monitor you use? We're looking at getting solar installed and that sounds handy!

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        We use a Pipit 500. I don't think they are available anymore, but it linked up wirelessly to your smart meter, so you don't need a sparky to install clamps etc. I think this was only compatible with certain distributors' smart metres.

        It only shows net buying/selling of electricity. It won't tell you how much your solar is making at a particular time.

        I've just got an old android phone logging the inverter via Bluetooth to pvoutput so I can see that information in realtime. I think newer inverters have a funky smartphone app which is less cumbersome.

  • Ours is 22kwh for the last quarter, same time last year was 13. We do have gas hot water/cooking however.

    We are a 2.5 person household, and we’ve both been home full time. Have a baby, who’s room we keep the AC on probably 14hrs a day to keep his room at 21°.

  • 15.8kWh per day. House with 2 parents and 2 kids. Been working from home for 2 years.
    Desktop computer running 24/7, + 3 laptops during the day. Several rooms lights on from 8AM till midnight. Only use clothes dryer for drying - no line.
    Gas hot water, stove, heating.

  • 1 person.
    Elec for lighting, Reverse Cycle AC, oven and a really old fridge.

    WFH with AC heating to 20c about 16 hrs/day I use 8.7kwh/day

    Not WFH, no AC = 6.2kwh/day

  • 2 people
    gas cooking and heating.
    13 - 18 kwh per day.
    1 fridge, extra standalone freezer, dryer etc
    The base load without anyone home would be averaging 300 watts per hour. that's about 8kw per day just from fridge, freezer and other small things (modem/router/computer)

    If I had electric heating and hot water I'm sure I'd be using more than 33kw per day.

  • ~8.5kwh per day for last month. 2 adults 3 young kids. 3 bedroom house, gas heated water and gas central heating.

  • 2 people, 13kwh per day. Around half of that is the hot water and thats just heating during offpeak @ 60 degrees. OP, at our old house we had a small hot water unit that was set up as "always on" rather than offpeak and we were using roughly the power you are. I suspect it was set really high.

    You can easily adjust it yourself. PM me or comment if you need help.

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    My last electric bill has numbers for average usage:
    1 person 8-9 KWh/day
    2 person 12-13
    3 person 14-15
    4 person 15-17

    My usage: 1 person in 3 br house: 2.3-2.7 KWh/day

    • Very efficient

  • 8-10kWh two adults and a cat.

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      Cannot forget the cat. I am sure it uses a lot!

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        My cats have heated beds

        Plus he's always on that (profanity) computer.

  • Need to find the times of the day that you are using most power and which devices are taking it.
    Should be pretty easy with a smart meter.
    My average use per day is similar to you 25 to 30kWh, which increases to 35kWh in summer
    I run 2 pool pumps (one filtration, the other running a solar array system) and after checking my hour by hour use I installed Solar (6kW) system.
    Wish I'd switched to solar many years before as it has halved my power bills.
    I now run everything during the day (washing machine, dishwasher etc).
    So to answer your question, the first step to solving the problem is to know what is sucking all that power.

  • 7.30kWh a day, couple, 3 bedroom house. But have gas heating, gas cooking, gas hotwater.
    Bill can double in the summer when the split system aircon is on.

  • -1

    5 person. Electric hot water, pool. Gas stove and heating. Rarely used AC. Around 28kwh per day until solar installed.

  • 10kWh in winter, 15kWh in Summer. 2 people in a small 4 bed 2 bath house, neither WFH. Gas stove and hotwater.

    House is full LED lights. Barely use heater in winter and split system A/C in the bedroom most nights in summer. Other than that the big regular users are fridge, bar fridge, chest freezer, oven, dish washer, dryer (winter only), washing machine (cold wash only), TV's, laptops, gaming PC.

    I recently installed 6.6kW solar (overkill I know) so keen to see how much lower my bill will be, especially in summer.

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    'leaving in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. We work mostly during the day. We use electricity for cooking, heating (only when very cold), fridge, large 6 foot fish tank, washing machine & hot water. Our consumption seemed really high to me at 33kwh'

    when are you leaving ? ;-)

    communication check - guess you meant 33kWh per day average consumption on your last quarterly bill.

    in which case, ours as a couple in an ideal thermal mass inner-city unit (bk/concrete, neighbours above/below/two sides, north window for winter sun) was 4kWh last bill (weird compared to 14kWh same time last year - maybe a mistake), and monster 20kWh Nov-Feb during heatwave when we were running the air-con flat-out 24 hours a day.

    my downstairs neighbour the other day asked how come her electricity bill was $500 compared to mine of $155

    I'm guesstimating that means she used an average of 15kWh per day more than me.

    straightaway I thought of her fancy new panel heater - with WiFi ! - and digital clock display in large numerals - looks like a flat-screen TV on the floor - how does it work - convection - a thin metal box - heat rises from the top - looks to me like fancy packaging for a bar radiator - the most expensive form of electric heating - the silent consumer of large amounts of electricity …

    e.g. 1500 Watts x 10 hours per day = 15kWh per day - Bingo !

    so - as others have suggested - something fishy here - probly your fish tank heater …

    • Ha yeah something fishy 🐟

      I am actually looking at a screen that connects to my smart meter so I could see the consumption live

  • On a Saturday (doesn't change much per day) I used just under 20kWh. 3 Bedroom with my wife and daughter (1 year old). Work from home, have 7 PCs with a security system running all the time, NAS and networking equipment. About $6 a day in usage.

    • +1

      why do you need 7 PCs running?

      • +2
        • Work PC
        • Laptop
        • Security Camera Stream and Download PC in Office
        • Ubuntu WireGuard Connector (for work VPN)
        • Security Stream Laptop in the living area
        • Steaming Laptop connected to living room TV
        • Computer in Garage

        That is on top of:
        - Work NAS
        - Switch
        - Wireless Router
        - Modem
        - Security System Unit

        I am working from home full time and running some work systems from home due to connectivity issues at the office and distance to the office.

  • We're a family of 8 (2 adults, 3 children, 2 toddlers and a baby) plus have a granny flat at the back with 2 occupants and the combined usage across both is around 40kw a day (one bill, what a pain that is to calculate). Both houses have instant gas hot water but the granny flat is electric heating whereas our place is gas.

    33kw for just two people does indeed seem quite high, that or we are extremely efficient. My solution to excessive usage was to buy a cheap smart plug which can read power usage, we'd just chuck it only an appliance and wait a bit for it to go into standby to work out it's cost just sitting there - you'd be amazed how much some things use, for instance a dryer uses per cycle (just over $1), TV in standby is around $6 per bill - very easy to make changes when you can establish best 'bang for buck' appliances.

  • 2 people in the house, I'm home throughout the day.Gas cooktop/hot water, all LED's throughout the house, washing 2-3 times a week, PC on 18 hours a day and we are consuming around 6.8-7.8KWh per day. No solar.

    This is with Amber electric/smart meter.

  • Similar situation; couple living in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom and we wfh during the day.

    Gas cooktop and gas hot water; but our average consumption is around 13kWh, with a max of ~20kWh but this is when we use heating or when my wife uses her portable heater (which burns electricity like crazy)

  • 4 adults 2 children
    all electric household, 2 fridge/freezers, electric stove, water pump (no mains water), 3 PCs
    Poorly insulated house in a very windy area we rely on a mix of firewood (though we've since used it all up now) and AC for heating, but only when it dips below 15C indoors, other than my mum using an electric heater we just wrap up warm
    around 40kwh per day this winter (trending down from previous years) though this winter i feel has been much warmer.

  • Heat pump for hot water, installed couple of days ago and I am quite impressed. 1kW per hour, it takes ~2-3 hours at night to heat 300L tank. We used to have old gravity hot water system which was using ~20kWh per night (winter).

  • I'm at about 4kWh/day for the last 2 months- single household, gas for cooking and heating and fully WFH.

  • Avg last quater May - July was 10.8 KW per day.

    Gas Water
    Gas Stove

    Elect Air/Heater
    Pool Pump
    Elec Oven.

    LED Smart Lighting.

  • Single person with gas hot water and cooking. Small solar setup.
    Average: 5.0KWH per day
    Low use days: 2.5 - 4.0 KWH

  • Two person household with Solar hot water and cooking.
    Average 10kW per day

    1-2 computers on all day
    70L fish tank with heater/filter/Co2 and LED light
    LED downlights

  • 6.7kWh peak
    3.6kWh controlled load (storage HWS)

    Single person, no solar, gas stovetop, rest is electric.

  • 3bed townhouse long side of the house is east facing with ducted a/c ,gas hw , no solar 2 adults 2 kids under 5. Everyone out of the house 8am-4pm 3 days a week, everyone at home the weekends . Daily average is under 10kwh measured over a 2 year period.

  • 11/day according my my powershop logs. We a couple, small inner city place. gas cooking, water, and heating. Electric everything else. No A/C. No significant difference after wfh.

  • It varies. Last summer 20kWh. Last year winter 28.5kWh. Other seasons around 15kWh

  • 4.6kwh/day for May to July here in Perth, 4x2, 2 adults WFH, 1 kid. Gas cooking, heating and instantaneous HWS.

    LED lights throughout, use my Woolies airfryer instead of the electric oven.

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