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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum 700ml $89.77 + Free Shipping @ Catch


Offered on Catch.com.au by BoozeBud. Qualifies for 3% cashback with both CashRewards and ShopBack. Note: the free shipping T&Cs say “May exclude certain postcodes”, but doesn’t specify which ones are excluded.

I’ve always wanted to try this seemingly-well-regarded rum, and this seems like a pretty good price compared to the likes of Dan Murphys, Amazon and Kogan/Dick Smith, which are currently charging $99.75.

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  • It's a decent drop if you like Venezuelan style rum, but angostura 1824 is a great drop in my opinion but I'm a definite fannof Caribbean styles

    • I look forward to exploring rum one day, only ever had Bundy and never liked it one bit.

      How do you drink it?

      • I’m a relative newcomer to the world of rum, but from what I’ve read, DRE is considered a “sipping rum”, best enjoyed straight or on the rocks. It’s probably too good to mix with Coke and the like, though it’s been said that DRE can elevate certain cocktails to another level.

      • Depends on the run, Caribbean, Mexican and Venezuelan generally neat but that being said I can drink Bundy black label neat so.

        Really comes down to personal preference I'm not much of a cola drinker unless it's Bourbon, but mostly some soda water and lime if I want to keep things simple.

      • These are nothing like bundy, bundy is rubbish even the expensive ones compared to this, if you want a good intro to good rums try Ron Zaccapa as well.

    • @BenMHarvey: Thanks for the feedback, and the tip on Angostura 1824 - I’ll check it out one day. I need to look into rum tasting events once/if we get through this Covid-19 business. I’d love to sample a range of styles and brands in one sitting, just to work out what I like and what to buy next. It gets frustrating and expensive spending $40+ on a bottle you’ve never tried before, only to discover it’s not to your liking…

      • I'm a member at the oak barrel in Sydney that puts on some great tasting nights but yeah it's a tough ask putting up $100+ for a bottle. But I'll generally hunt a bar down that has a bottle and try prior.

        I know alot of my mates come to mine just to have a sample ahahah, just managed to get my hands on a 20 year old Mexican rum that definitely gets alot of my friends wanting to get into more rum!

  • Imo this is the best rum on the market. I find angostura too softly sweet, though it is nice. This is a strong, bold, sugar cane tasting rum. Drink it straight.

    • You had the 1824 or the No.1 barrel range from Angostura at all? But I agree the carribean and french styles are generally lighter than most but full of flavour in my mind.

      Big love of agricole though definitely something else when it comes to rhum.

  • this will be my next after i finish the remainder of my zacapa (which also punches well above its price bracket).

  • You won't be disappointed by this.. sip it neat over ice .. lush.

  • Fantastic with an old fash.

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