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5% off Harvey Norman and The Good Guys eGift Cards @ Suncorp Benefits


The updated retailers are already reflected on the Wiki https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/discounted_egift_cards

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  • Do Good Guys GC's work at Good Guys Commercial?

    • no, but you can ask TGGC to email u a quote then match with TGG and use the gift card(s)

      • Thanks for suggestion. But could you please tell how to match TGGC quote with TGG? Would appreciate your help if you could detail the process.

          • @queer dog geyfrog: I went to buy a fridge and asked the retail price, I checked price on TGGC in front on the guy. Then I asked him if I order from their TGGC website, when is the earliest I could pick it up, he then offered me a lower rate.

            fridge was $1150 retail
            TGGC price was $900 i think
            they offered me $850

            I forgot to use giftcards even though I have suncorp benefits. Could have saved me the $55 shipping.

  • TGG gift cards been there for a long time, Harvey Norman is new added. there is limit of 5K max per year with TGG gift cards, 1K max per week and per month, so I reckon Harvey Norman's would be same and you can find out with T&C

  • does suncorp savings account has these benefits?

  • great find. also 4% on woolworth (5% via shopback)

    • I always buy the 5% woolworth caltex cards, works the same, and the 3% Amazon, the only two type I get now.

  • Suncorp benefits isn’t as good anymore with the 1.9% credit card surcharge.

    • No they don't, $100 ww card. pay $95 by visa. simple as that

    • They had an error in the system and charged credit card fees. I bought Amazon recently, had to raise a support inquiry to get refund.

      • Good to know. I’ll raise a ticket. Thanks.

      • never happed to me, I bought amazon yesterday and last week and every month previously. other cards were all without cc fees too

        • It is a pre-authorization charge for 1st time purchase on a new card. But they thought as a card fee.

          • @Neoika: Nah, it was a card fee. It showed up on the receipt as a card fee. It wasn't listed on the payment screen which I thought was odd. Anyway, they refunded it.

  • How to become suncorp benefits member?

  • You may also become a member by buying their insurance products such as AAMI.

  • Anyone know where to get discounted Coles vouchers at the moment? They haven't been available on Suncorp Benefits since sometime in March or April, and from asking around friends and family, sounds like they're not currently available through RACQ either.

  • Does anyone else keep getting this message when they try to buy a gift card on Suncorp benefits all of a sudden “To start shopping, you need to add an active product into your App or your website account. Note that it may take up to 48 hours for your access to be updated once you have added your product.” ? I’ve purchased gift cards before and have emailed Suncorp about it.

    • Call Suncorp Benefits. The app sometimes has random issues and I've had to call up before.

  • Also available in AAMI Lucky Club

  • You can register for Suncorp Benefits with any Insurance policy provided by the Suncorp Group. Each policy allows you to create one Suncorp Benefits membership which may allow a way around the weekly/monthly limits for gift card purchases (Good Guys is $1,000 per month per membership). The Suncorp Group includes Suncorp, GIO, AAMI, Bingle, APIA, Shannons, Terri Sheer, CIL, Vero, Essentials, AA Insurance, Asteron Life. The gift cards can be purchased in fractional amounts and they are supplied immediately. This means you can literally take goods to the register, get a final amount and then buy a gift card for the exact amount which is delivered immediately.

    • Only problem is sometimes there is delays. Be mindful. Most do come instantly ,however ive had some take 20mins plus to generate

  • Man… I just bought a mattress a week before Harvey Norman released their giftcard…

  • everytime i load up the suncorp app and try to go to reward I get error: no redirect url found. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Just saw the email come through for this… wonder if there will be any surprise limitations down the track.

  • PSA: You can only use 2 eGift Cards during The Good Guy's online checkout.

  • Anyone had issues buying gift cards lately? I've gotten failed payments on 2 of my Visa cards that were previously working. I was advised by my bank's fraud team that the transactions blocked because they were flagged as "Suspicious" by Visa. Not sure what Suncorp has done but they must have changed something with their payments.