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PPSR/REVS Vehicle Check $2 @ PPSR


Here's another OzReminder, previously posted here thanks to spackbace

The PPS Register is a notice board which allows individuals and organisations to search and register security interests in personal property. Use of the PPS Register is subject to the PPS Register Conditions of Use and the appropriate fees. Learn more about the PPS Register.

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  • This isn't a bargain, it's always been like this

  • If people don't already know this they aren't prepared for the other challenges of buying a car privately

  • It was always $2 lol, I am checking this even before going to see a car.

  • Yes, it's an extremely important part of buying a used car but these "reminder" posts aren't a bargain.

    Whatever. It's going to get upvoted anway.

  • The real saving is not paying those scammers that charge $20+ for the same thing in an auto-filled template with their logo on it >(

    • This is why I will always vote up this "omg not a deal" post.

      As long as scammers continue on the front page of google results, this needs to be promoted

    • Some of those 'scammers' have invested significant time and effort in building out platforms that may provide better front-ends (the PPSR website was never initially mobile friendly) that can query the PPSR's API (SOAP based), and may provide additional functionality (PayPal or crypto integration) or add additional data from other data sources such as Glasses (which itself costs $$$).

      The largest providers (Veda etc) who integrate with major car selling websites have a fairly captive market and charge large fees, there are some smaller providers who attempted to capture some of that market share, and there are also the site that target SEO optimisation to get the top results in Google. There is no legislature in this area that provides a fair and equal market for businesses to offer services into.

  • This is not a bargain, it's always been this price

  • Where's the bargain?

  • I personally think paying $2 for what's essentially an SQL query in a database is a bit of a rip off. Not sure why the government thinks they can charge for this? Don't they want people to use this service? and if so why isn't it free?

    • no one else has this information and since it's a government database, they want to make money… I wonder if they pay gst

    • I’m guessing you’ve never built a database of this type before. Size, usage, traffic, interface - that all needs to be taken into consideration during planning even before it’s built. Then there’s ongoing maintenance of the server, ensuring public access for 99.9% uptime, multiple layers of security, monitoring and tweaking of performance, the inevitable manual access requests, after-hours work if it goes offline outside business hours…that all comes at a cost. Government or not, I’m willing to guess that $2 per transaction doesn’t even come close to covering all these costs.

      • The PPSR operates a cost recovery model, detailed here - https://www.ppsr.gov.au/cost-recovery-impact-statement-%E2%8...

        You need to consider that the database is actually a representation of whether or not an asset (car, boat, plane, trailer, plants genome etc) has a legal encumbrance over it (e.g the leasing entity (bank) is the owner of asset and can repossess etc), in addition it also sources data from NEVDIS who maintain details of the written off status. PPSR allows entities to input data, as well as query it.

      • Funnily enough I actually do maintain massive databases as part of my day job. The government has costs for maintaining all kinds of IT systems. My point about this is that you actually want people to do it. If you want to stop people doing something then you attach a cost (just like medicare bulk billing vs $7 doctor tax discussion). Don't see why the costs of running this thing can't be built into rego. I know I would pay for it just the same either way but if someone is advertising a car for example it makes sense to just be able to link to the ppsr website directly so you can just pull up the details straight off, can't do that if there's a cost involved.

        If they absolutely want to recover their costs then they should be charging the finance companies (they probably are) for entering information as they're the ones that need to make buyers aware of this.

        • I hear you and yes imho it should be free. IN fact it was free in Victoria when it was managed by vicroads, but this lead to people buying written off cars interstate and registering it locally in a different state and selling it off as normal car.

          Since PPSR is national those issues are gone away.

          Also, Whenever I advertise a car, I offer a current date PPSR certificate in the listing as proof, basically pay myself and attach a PPSR so all teh inspectors don't have to bother, making it easier for you.

  • I honestly don’t understand why this gets upvoted every time. It’s now almost it’s own meme perhaps?

    • It's free upvotes (if that's what we call them) to whoever remembers to repost this every 6 months.

    • Its the ozbargain community. I've seen many pointless posts like this and even expired deals get upvotes 🤦

  • whats this for? and no i haven't bought or sold car privately but planning to sell in future

    • Basically tells a buyer whether there's a security interest associated with a car, whether it's been written off or is stolen. Looks like this - I always get a report before buying.

    • LR deals

      It’s the standard price. The only price it ever is.

      Why are the mods encouraging this sort of post? Shall we encourage “milk is still $2” posts every 3 months.

      This just makes a mockery of this whole website.

      • It's similar to the Paypal Refunded Returns posts which pop up occasionally - OzB has a lot of new visitors who may not know about it and it's a very useful service. They aren't very invasive - these sort of posts are quite infrequent.

      • ozrrp.com

    • simply click the hide button…

      How about no?

      Why should I hide something based on not wanting to see RRP posts about it? What if they do have a deal or a price drop? I miss out because I have them hidden, all because the mods don’t want to move a RRP point whoring post to the forums and pin it at the top where it belongs.

  • Belongs in the forums. This is the normal price.

    • Kind of like the aldi “special buys”. Most are not deals, they’re just the price aldi sells the product for (which has no brand comparison elsewhere)

      • It’s slowly becoming “OzAdvertising” here. Between this, the PPSR check and RRP “iN sToCk mAkEz iT a BaRgAiN” Nintendo Switch posts…

  • +23 votes

    But it's free from budget direct website?


    • Now that is actually a real deal… whats the catch

      • The catch is that you have to give them your phone number and opt into receiving marketing calls from them.

        I provide consent to Budget Direct to contact me occasionally about their products and services.*

    • so why are people still posting the $2 one here and not this one? They're going on about spreading awareness blah blah but this is ozbargains and ultimately free is the best bargain…

    • Wow nice, now this is a deal!

    • Based on this fact, then we have to neg the deal. This is ozbargain and free is a bargain, not paying $2 cos I’m scared some corporation might collect my data (stop using the internet if that’s your issue).
      Second, it’s poor form to just keep rehashing old deals every 6 months cos you want some free votes. LR deals should be reposted when they again become appropriate or relevant. (eg. It becomes in season, it relates to a current news topic etc.)

    • Yep negging this deal as cheaper elsewhere

      Pretty funny the scramble to post these PSAs as soon as the rules say they can be posted again… Especially when they're not even the cheapest 😂

  • Ozbargain not 6 monthly ozcalendar

  • I wish they'd tell us international students about PPSR in the airport when we land. Lost a lot of money.

  • Well done, new ozbargainers will appreciate this.

  • Why is this posted when early cheaper in other deal

  • Now that is a bargain!

    • Currently 122 votes on thread and counting as I'm sure it will go up , but your comment which is an actual deal will stay where it is. Man there's plenty of bots/sheep here 🤦

  • It’s not a deal. This is the same $2 it was last time. It’s nothing more than a point whoring dupe.

    InB4: Mod refers me back to scrimshaw’s post about hiding deals from PPSR. No, I don’t want to hide PPSR, because when they DO have a deal, I will not be notified of it. At the moment, this is nothing but a reminder notice. If anything, this needs to be knocked on the head and would be better served as a sticky/pinned topic in the automotive forum.

    Also: “cheaper elsewhere” (which is a post that deserved the upvotes.)

  • This old chestnut…

  • I have to say it is the first time I am disappointed of Ozbargain. My negative vote was revoked because I was negged too many times. I still think this is not a deal and that it should be in the forums.

    Not that the admins care anyway.