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Staub Cast Iron Cocotte 28cm (Graphite) $256.45 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


EDIT: $261.14$256.45 → ? (Fluctuates daily)

Lots of Staub cast iron items on sale from Amazon (UK for some reason).

Been watching the price of the larger cocottes for more than a year and $260 delivered is a ripper. I got the 28cm black one for $20 more so look around if you don't like the colour.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • An amazing price for a cast iron pot with lid.

  • The price is good, but bigger does not mean better. For me 28cm is too big. I dont have such a big family.

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    I have both a Staub and a Le Creuset and, I think, I prefer the Staub. I would look at the 26cm.

    • What features make it more preferable for you? I've been keen on getting an enameled cast iron pot but waiting on Le Creuset to go on sale (as I heard they were the best).

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        I prefer the internal black cooking surface than the LC white, it is probably just a perception but it does seem to sear better. I d like the self basting nubs as well. They are both pretty good so I would just go with whatever you can get cheaper :).

        • The internal enamel coating is a big no from me. As much as I like LC colours, I've seen some used LC pots and the enamel coating inside has started to fall appart. The internal should be cast iron like the way Staub does for most of their items.

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      26cm with steamer for $255 seems like a good choice

      • For black one Shipping is not free for Amazon prime members. I'm getting +$80.25 for shipping :(

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      Yep. I have cast iron and enameled… cast iron any day. Love my Staub cocotte, it's awesome.
      edit: just to be clear, both this and LC are both cast iron, both enameled. However the Staub's have pits in their enamel that allow flavour and oil to seep in. Like a BBQ, they get better over time.

  • If anyone is looking for a cheaper alternative, the Lodge dutch ovens are available on Amazon for a bit over $100 and are also very good.

    We bought one recently and so far very happy with it.

    • I bought the Lodge one for roughly 95AUD a few weeks ago - It absolutly does the job! Can highly recommend it

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        Nice! Loving ours too for such a good price. Chose the Lodge one for the price and after looking at the Wirecutter review.

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      (Edit: this only applies to the Lodge seasoned cast iron pieces, not the enamelled ones!)

      For anyone planning on cooking pasta sauces, chilis or stews with a lot of tomato in them, be aware that apparently you can destroy the seasoning of non-enamelled cast iron by cooking acidic stuff for a long time. I use my lodge skillet for most things (only cooking for 1-2 so it's normally big enough), but enamelled cast iron for anything with a couple of tins of tomato in it which is going into the oven at 150 for a couple of hours.

      I've never actually tried the tomato in the skillet, but i've seen enough facebook / reddit posts to believe it's not just an urban legend, happy to be corrected though!

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        My Lodge dutch oven is enamel coated, but sounds like not all are.

  • Sorry, a dumb question really
    Does this requires seasoning like most cast irons cookware does?

    • No, it doesn't. The enamel coating is basically a thin glass layer. It also won't rust as long as the enamel isn't badly damaged. Your main concern with stuff like this is chipping the enamel, so don't tap a metal handled utensil on the rim, be a little careful when putting the lid on and when washing the thing, since it'll be just heavy enough to be annoying in the sink when you're rinsing it.

    • Whilst it doesn't require seasoning they do recommend you maintain a coating of vegetable oil on it before first use and after you wash it.


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    I have bought a 28cm from Myer and I agree it is too big, even for a family of 5.
    Staub quality is as good as LC but in general slightly cheaper.
    It is very well made and can go from stove / oven to table and it retains liquid in your stew very well with the dimple design underneath the lid so make sure you don't add too much liquid before you cook. They are hand made and if you appreciate craftsmanship, you would appreciate it and willing to pay the premium price for them.
    Only thing I don't like about them is the knob of the lid is very small and not comfortable for big hands, I paid $320 when it was on sale so this price is excellent if anyone want a premium cast iron pot.

  • My only regret in buying one of these was not getting one with a light coloured interior. You can't really see the fond darkening when the inside of the black ones - which isn't a big issue, but I figured I'd mention it.

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    Hi, if it comes from Amazon UK, does warranty still apply in Australia? who do we contact to get in contact with any warranty issues here? Thanks!

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      I was wondering the same, and I dont really understand their lifetime warranty but I bought it anyway since amazon has good return policy if the product came damaged. FYI, I bought the lodge 5qt combo cookers and they came damaged due to insufficient padding for such heavy items.

  • Thanks picked up a 28cm braiser style pot instead of the normal dutch oven.

  • Are 26 cm Staub dutch ovens still available from Costco?

    • Didn't see any in my local last Friday

    • I'm guessing that once the link to the product no longer works, all stock has been sold out.

      (PS I've expired that deal.)

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    Thanks for the deal OP. For those wondering what size to get I recommend using the detailed dimensions listed here: https://uk.zwilling-shop.com/Kitchen-World/Cookware/Cocottes...

    I know a number of people recommend getting the 26cm but if you have an existing pot (stock pot or otherwise) the dimensions on the site might help you decide if you want a bigger/smaller one - conscious bigger when talking about cast iron also means potentially a lot heavier as well.

    I bought the 28cm one for reference :)

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    Got my Staub with the steamer delivered already.. It is beautiful!!!

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