This was posted 1 year 11 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Roku Japanese Gin 700ml $54.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU (EXP)/Catch (EXP); + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ Dan Murphy's


Has been slightly cheaper before but still a great price for a cracking bottle of gin. Recently finished the bottle from the BWS deal so this came at a good time!

Same delivered price at Amazon and at BoozeBud via Catch, or C&C and in-store at Dan Murphys.

Edit: Thanks to Justuser, currently available on Dan Murphys eBay store for $49.90 delivered with PBOTTLE code. Limited stock at the moment.

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    Uncle Dan is doing the same price online. Perhaps faster pick up in store than waiting for delivery, if you can't wait. Good deal OP.

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    It's $49.60 if you have ebay plus with PBOTTLE code!4018!AU!-1

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      At that price, I'd be silly NOT to buy it. The one time I've found an ebay plus item over $50 in a few months and they give me a PBOTTLE $5 code anyway… Hmm…

      Thanks OP

    • Bought it from eBay. Thanks guys.

    • Nice work OP and Justuser (sorry i dont know how to tag).
      Bought from eBay :)

    • Thanks, just ordered from eBay! Almost finished my Roku from the 20% Dan's eBay Plus deal, perfect time to restock :D

    • If I buy it from Dan's eBay, am I able to designate my local as a pickup point and get it today?

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        Yes, most of the time, as long as the stores has stock. Click and collect options will show stores with stock.

        • Done and done! Thanks, gonna try it tonight! No fresh ginger on hand though, sadly.

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      Ebay soldout now

    • does dan murphy ebay always has free shipping for plus members?

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    $49.14 delivered with Club Catch code CATCHVIP48H

    • that code doesnt work for me.. do you need to be a member of club catch?

    • Does that code apply storewide or only for alcohol??

      • Storewide, club catch - got an email this morning about it.

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    what's the price if we just go into the store to buy it? need. it. now. lol.

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    I'm not a big gin drinker but this one is pretty good. I love the smell of it.

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      Same - I was turned around by Antipodes which remains my favourite, but for an affordable drop Roku is great. Soda water and freshly sliced ginger, heavenly.

      • Ooh I've not tried that combo yet!! Must try tonight

      • That is the best way to enjoy it. No more tonic for me.

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    I can vouch that this is a really nice and high quality gin.

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    Amazon shows $59.90 for me.

  • Has anyone been able to convince a Dan Murphy employee to match the online offer in-store?

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      Nope, they just told me to order online for pickup and I waited around a minute or two for it to pop up on their end.

  • This is a good gin. Better than four pillars imo.

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    Roku? Can I stream Netflix on this?

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      You can Binge on it.

    • You have to be sideloaded for it to work

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    Correct link on Catch:

    $58.88, no free delivery

  • ebay link is telling me "Please enter a quantity of 0 or less". Out of stock?

    • Good now, just placed an order, thanks!

      • I get the same issue - no matter what quantity i enter it won't allow me to add to my cart or even do a "buy now".
        Doesn't work in Firefox, Chrome or Edge - must be something wrong with the page or they are indeed out of stock.
        Pi$$ed off as I'm a big gin fan yet I've never tried Roku :-(

  • What's does EXP mean?

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      experience points. you have to have enough experience points to purchase from those sellers

      • Is that a video game reference?

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      Means the deals have expired from those vendors (Amazon and Catch).

  • just got the shipping notification from ebay, nice!

  • How does this compare to Bombay Sapphire gin? I usually make Gin & Tonics at home.

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      Much nicer. Well worth the extra $10 / 20%

  • haha, just after my ebay plus account expired, oh well the price at Amazon wasn't too far off.

    • I just resigned back up to get the $50 voucher. Was tossing up whether to do it. This made me cave.

      • Thanks for that but it looks like you have to spend the $50 in 30 days so might not be beneficial for me personally. ;) (might have been 30 minutes ago though. :) )

  • Thanks just user. Ebay and invoices show it as 61$. But I paid only 49.60$. Checked the credit card and it’s 49.60$. Not sure why invoice from Dan’s show it as 61$! It’s calculating freight and the discounted amount I suppose

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      Can you return it for a $61 refund?! Profit! :D

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        I did this with a ps4 from big w. Returned in-store and made money.

      • It was never posted for some reason. They refunded themselves :) Scored 10$..

  • Apparently they are still selling 23rd Street at Broadway Liquorland for $40 a bottle as of today. A mate snapped up a couple.

  • Thanks OP. Got one, no actually got three.

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