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$50 eBay Voucher When You Sign up to eBay Plus ($49/Year)


This deal appears to be back
Previously posted here.
I know eBay has been getting a ton of hate lately but seems like a decent deal for a years worth of plus perks.

Full Disclosure - The voucher is valid for 30 days only.

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    I mean, if you going to spend 50 dollars on ebay regardless it decent deal.

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      I'd struggle. I would contest "free ebay plus" should not be in title.

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        Just get a coles ebay delivery. Bonus thing is you get free 15c bags haha. Only shop 1/2 price items.

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          Coles eBay coverage is limited :(

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          x3 times coles have failed to fulfill my order trying to buy their specials on ebay. The are one of the two biggest supermarket chains and they haven't figured out how to make the internet work by 2020! Australia 2020… where retail dinosaurs still walk the earth and snuff out all local challengers, yay!

          • @Appleboat: I just did my first Coles order, cos they gave me 4000 Flybuys points and free delivery if I spent $100. Aaand worst thing ever… have had my Connoisseur mint ice cream substituted with cookies and cream! It was my only treat in there too. Damn you Coles!

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              @Lucky13: Complain on eBay and they’ll give you your money back.

              • @ATangk: Oh really? Mine was ordered on the Coles Online website, not through Ebay. I only just got the devastating email regarding the ice cream not long ago and replied asap, but no response as yet. The order's coming later today, so not sure if I can change the product before delivery. Guess I could try for money back?? Whatever, really wanted that mint ice cream though lol :D

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                  @Lucky13: You can state you do not want any substitutes during the final stages.

                  • @Yola: Thanks yeah I forgot about that being a thing. I've ordered on the Woolworths site and the brand substitution thing stood out, so I deselected it. Definitely know for next time though.

            • @Lucky13: Tell me….how do they keep one cream frozen??

              If I was not home to accept….do they leave it out and let it melt….

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            @Appleboat: They take longer to fulfil now, trick might be to order Monday or Tuesday as they’ll restock with the changeover of specials. Or anything that doesn’t get restocked, refunds :S

            • @ATangk: Thanks for the tip but I,ve sworn off Coles eBay now

  • Notice the ad says there are monthly $5 vouchers. Is this new? Never heard of it before.

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      No it’s not new and you require a minimum spend of $50 to apply $5 off.

      • Thanks

      • Thanks for mentioning that re $5. $50 is a lot to spend on Ebay to get the $5 off. I guess if you shop at Coles it's maybe ok as you're going to need groceries. Had a quick look then though at Coles Ebay and those 1/2 price specials I feel don't look as good as the normal 1/2 price specials on Coles Online/in store?? Can't say for certain though.

    • Not that new been around for a while .. though I can never find them. they aren't worth much with the minimum spend ($100 from memory) but can be applied to anything so if there are no other discounts possible its better then nothing. so max 5% discount.

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        the $5 monthly vouchers only work with a plus item in cart and minimum of $50 spend, so you can add a $40 non plus item and a $10 plus item to get the discount

        • Thanks didn't know about this

        • Ahh OK my bad memory then.

    • No, but I find it useless.

  • Clicking through the link was enough for me, as soon as I signed up I was given the voucher code. Have no email offering the voucher. Cheers OP.

    • Have you had ebay plus before

      • Yes, it's been several months since subscription ended

        • How many times/often can we trial?

        • (profanity) my eBay plus just auto subscribed 2 days ago.

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            @V003: you can get a refund by asking them (they did it to me 2 times on first go live chat - if you get a no just move to next chat) (you also get to keep the membership somehow it doesn't disappear)

  • So you get $50 voucher + 12 x $5 voucher? That's not bad actually.

    • The $5 vouchers are for Ebay plus items only with a $50 minimum spend…better than nothing I guess

    • Looks like you do get both! Might sign up again.

    • my guess would be the vouchers run out after 30 days so you can't stack them.

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      I've been an ebay plus member for about 2 years and never received these $5 vouchers - how do you get them?

      • Look in your My eBay Summary under Vouchers.

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          Not there. Checked into it and boo - this is what you get for loyalty…

          Paid members who joined after 5 November 2019 receive an exclusive $5 voucher every month to spend on eBay Plus items (min. spend $50 – see full T&Cs)

  • Thanks, my ebay plus was running out!

    • How did you rejoin using this?

      • I just used the deal link. I'm not sure if it will work for everyone, but my account has been offered it previously which may play a role.

        After I clicked sign up with my selected payment method, it provided the voucher code on screen.

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          doesn't work for me :(

          • @RobBoss: What part?

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              @singingwolf: When I press join now, it just takes me to my eBay Plus page. I still have 2 months left, maybe that's why?

              • @RobBoss: You need to cancel first. It will still give you the benefits until the original ends date. After you cancel it should work

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                  @singingwolf: I cancelled mine already and it doesn't offer me the $50 voucher.

                  • @knight321: did mine a few days ago and got the voucher as part of the purchase.

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    $50 voucher has 30 days to be used, meh ill struggle spending $50 on eBay in a month. No deal

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      Yeah agreed. I accidentally and regretfully copped an annual subscription as I didn't cancel my trial. eBay Plus is shockingly terrible - the few times I've bought from eBay I can't find what I'm looking for from "Plus" sellers. For a $49 yearly fee, I really struggle to see where the value is supposed to be…

      eBay is in this really weird place right now. The whole private/auction listings has basically died off, it's riddled with fake/cheap Chinese products (which isn't exactly a bad thing, but loses out to AliExpress, Banggood etc), they don't care about sellers misrepresenting their location or using other dodgy tactics, and there's usually very little (if any) incentive to shop on eBay vs a stores own website.

    • I went to sign up last time, choose an old credit card by mistake so didn't go through. Went to join again but said i had already used the trial meaning no $50 voucher. Emailed their support and eventually noticed a code there. Worked and applied it to a multicooker.
      Was checking my account, never ended up getting charged but don't have the subscription either.
      Sometimes wouldn't mind it, not that hard to find something to apply it to if you are after an item, some of their specials are good.

  • Targeted to only New Customers.

    • with a purchase history

    • Mine was a renewed membership (but lapsed), had a year before

  • not for existing/non-targeted member or maybe I'm missing something. I guess my money goes to Amazon then.

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      It worked for me using this link, never got an email for the offer. My eBay plus had expired and I didn't accept the 30 dollar offer to stay. Straight after payment the voucher appears. There won't be any signs that you qualify so you have to accept the risk I suppose.

      • hmmm maybe I have to wait till it expires then :(

      • Ok that was what I was worried about

      • I was looking for some kind of confirmation before rejoining as well. Thanks for clarifying that there is no sign that you qualify. Took a gamble anyway, clicked the link above, signed up again and luckily got the voucher straight away.

        I guess maybe the key is to click through the deal link above.

        Perhaps if more people could confirm?

  • Anyone knows whether monthly $5 voucher is still on for eBay Plus. I haven't seen it for a while.

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      Still on, but pretty useless due to $50 minimum spent requirement to use it. Let me know if it is transferable. I haven't used mine for months. Current one expiring in 7 days, I am not going to use it.

      • I did not get it till this month after I requested cancellation. For 7-8 months of this year, I did not get it due to eBay's error.

  • Worked for me with a membership that has been lapsed for a few months.

    • Worked for me too. I cancelled few weeks ago.

    • Worked for me with a membership that has been lapsed for a few months.

      Do you have to cancel existing one?

      My one renews in October..

  • Not available for WA.

  • +3

    Doubt many would join if not for the voucher.

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    I don’t like eBay

    • Your right, it's not what it used to be.

      I only use it for little gimmicks like temper glass etc. Other than that eBay is crap

  • How would you know you are in 'Eligible Users' list?

    When I click the Join Now link I get to page which says nothing about $50 coupon, only that

    By signing up now, you agree to the eBay Plus Terms and Conditions and understand that you'll be charged a membership fee of AU $49.00 per year. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year, unless you cancel it. You may cancel at any time.

    You have already tested eBay Plus for free. If you sign up now, the annual membership fee is due immediately.

    • You don't. There is no indication whether you are eligible or not until you pay and you get presented with the voucher. For me, I was not a current subscriber having let my eBay plus lapse for a month or so and also never got an email with this offer. Unfortunately, there will be an element of risk here

      • Thanks, that's what I suspected.

    • I spoke to ebay chat representative, who said that you have to have to have a purchase history and at least a 3 score on your account. I have only ever bought from ebay once, so I wasn't eligible. Despite this, they have sent me emails like 3 times in the last 12 months promoting this to me… The rep could only offer a $20 voucher on sign up, so I guess they still aren't really that desperate to sign people up.

    • I got the exact page as yours after clicking on JOIN NOW. However, I can just confirm signing up for Ebay Plus using the link given in this post and after I made the payment, I got the voucher code on the final screen. I was on chat with Ebay customer service while I was doing that and made him confirm that I will get $50 so that just in case I had not received I would have a proof. As soon as I got the code, I thanked him for waiting and ended the chat.

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    reminded me to check and cancel my membership, runs out 20th this month. thankyou

    • I am in the same boat - Ebay plus expires in the next month - looking for them to sweeten the pot with something for a renewal..

    • You would have got the 99c deal then haha.

    • Mine too. I set a reminder and cancelled it just this morning. When I click on this offer it just keeps rerouting back to the same page. I'll try again later to see what happens.

    • me too lol

    • I bought the yearly membership and then cancelled. I still have a full membership until next year and i don't have to remember to cancel next year

  • I see this eBay plus is pretty useless for WA, TAS and NT given you don't get half the benefits.

    Just another reason for WA to secede :)

    • +3


  • I choose the $20 coupon with free trial over this

    • I would too if i could get it to show

      • +1
        • +1

          Cheers, Could not get it to work no matter what. Done this and worked a treat.. Better remember to cancel it.
          and now my partner and I both have a $10 off $20 spend coupon and i cant find anything to buy :/

    • If you don't want ebay plus make sure you cancel your trial a day or 2 early, they don't remind you they are taking it out. I signed up for the trial, without any bonuses mind you, I was going to cancel because I didn't use it, they took payment for the year 1 day early. I feel cheated.

      • You can cancel anytime and keep the benefits until the expiry.

  • lol what the hell? I quit eBay plus this month and right before confirming, eBay offered me a $25 or a $29 voucher (can't remember exact amount) if I stayed.
    Glad I clicked 'no'. Seeing this $49 voucher is like an insult if I accepted the $25 voucher to stay.
    Good for me, I didn't get sucked in! I'm thinking of subscribing to Amazon prime in the future.

    • +2

      Prime is good. Prime Video has some great stuff.

      • +1

        Not exactly. I barely are able to find anything worthwhile to watch on prime. Netflix is just so much more well catalogued. Why offer a video service here if its not at all comparable to the one offered in US

        • But you are not comparing the same thing. A US Amazon Prime membership is $119USD ($167.28 AUD) a year. We only pay $59 AUD a year, which is slightly more than a third of the US price. Netflix is a dedicated service, whereas Prime Video is more like something you get for free on top of your discounted/faster shipping (eBay Plus gets you nothing extra apart from a voucher with restrictions).

          Prime Video in Australia does not have as many movies, but it does have the occasional recent highly-rated movie. I am also impressed by some of the series, like "Picard" and "Good Omens", both of which are really well made.

  • +2

    Found that the coupon doesn't stack with other Ebay plus coupons like PIX10, very annoying…

    • $50 ebay gift card would have been better. The voucher is also non-refundable so if the seller cancels the transaction then you are screwed.

  • My eBay Plus membership expired 5 weeks ago and I did not get this targeted offer. I tried this link and got the $50 voucher!

    • You think membership is worth it?

      • If you are a frequent eBay shopper you can save a lot in the long run.

      • +1

        Essentially you are getting a free membership and pocket $1.
        From time to time eBay have some good deals where your eBay Plus membership will give you free shipping, saving you quite a few $.
        I think, it's a no brainer.

  • Some eBay vouchers can be used to buy gift cards.

    Last month I did a price guarantee from eBay and got a $50+ voucher. I was surprised that I was able to buy gift card with it. By doing so, there is no expiry for the voucher.

    However, I'm not sure if this is the case for all vouchers.

  • mine is ending 20th this month., When I chose to cancel, they gave me an option of $30. Maybe I should keep waiting for the $1 deal to come back