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Bonus $50 eBay Voucher When You Sign up on eBay Plus $49/Year


Use of $50 Voucher

  • The Voucher is valid for 30 days from the time you signed up to eBay Plus (‘Validity Period’). The voucher will cease to be valid if it is not redeemed during the Validity Period.
  • By using or attempting to use the redemption code for the Voucher you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • The Voucher entitles you to $50 off the total purchase price of items on except on Excluded Items.
  • Excluded Items means all items listed in the following categories: Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Collectables (1), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730)
  • The Voucher applies to item cost only, and does not apply to postage costs.
  • To redeem the voucher, enter the code displayed in the sign-up confirmation page [or your My eBay page] into the redemption code box during the checkout process. The code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay Offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the code once during the Validity Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

Looks like this popular deal is back

Great time for $1 membership if you wish to win some amazing prizes at ebay plus sales

This Offer entitles you to a $50 eBay Voucher to spend on eBay if you sign up and pay for an eBay Plus membership during the Promotion Period (‘Offer’).
The Offer will only be available for the period that it is advertised on (‘Promotion Period’) and the Voucher is only valid for 30 days from sign up.
The Offer is only available to users who have an eBay account with a registration address in Australia, and who have an appropriate purchase history (‘Eligible Users’).
If you are an Eligible User and take up the Offer, you may sign up to the Offer by:
clicking on the promotional banner on or link found in the offer email; and
signing up for an eBay Plus membership through the sign-up flow.
Standard eBay Plus Terms and Conditions will apply when you accept the Offer and sign up for an eBay Plus membership.
The Voucher code will be displayed at the end of the eBay Plus sign-up flow to Eligible Users who successfully take up the Offer. The code will also be sent to the user’s ‘My eBay’ voucher section on desktop.
You can only redeem this Offer one (1) time during your eBay Plus membership year.

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  • +19

    A completely pointless membership…
    buttt…its "free"

    • +5

      idk that dan murphy's deal was pretty sweet

      • If you were one of the lucky few who could find anything that wasn't sold out.

        • -1

          wish i was targeted sooner, shilled out 50 just for PVoltage have yet to use

        • Yeah they even cancelled part of my order without notification and haven't refunded me yet :/ I only noticed because it says so on the tracking page

    • -2

      ebay plus exclusive deals come up every now and then

    • +3

      there are a few benefits, but the one i use mostly is the free coles delivery over $49; they have a limited selection, but there's enough for me to grab a few things every now and then

      • and 10% off till 30 June.You have to spend $200 at Coles online to get free delivery.

    • +2

      Maybe I've been lucky, but considering it's "free" if you buy things on eBay, it definitely has its perks outside of eBay Plus' June deals which seem to be quite controversial. For example, I thought guaranteed shipping was temporarily suspended, but without applying I just got a $10 voucher to spend due to late delivery. I also just ordered from Coles using the 10% off promo code and instantly got save $10 off a $50 or more spend for my next Coles order. While options are limited on Coles eBay, the $49 minimum spend for free delivery, extra discount (usually 5% off) stacked with discounted eBay cards has value. As does the free metreo express delivery (if applicable). I've also scored a number of eBay "competition" deals without the use of bots. I signed up when it was 99C for the year, so eBay giving you a dollar to sign up seems like an even better deal.

    • its not that bad. ebay plus gave me 20% of ebay coles with free shipping over $49

      also $30 if you click on cancel my membership so you can use the $30, then cancel:)

  • +6

    Sorry to say it is waste of Money i guess try for free you wont renew it for sure

    • +3

      How is it a waste of money when they are paying you to have the membership.

      • +4

        not when you forget to cancel the membership and get stung for another $49 at the end of 12 months …

        • +4

          Can you cancel ASAP and it stays active for the year?

          • +4

            @ryang: Yes, I did that last year.

          • +5

            @ryang: Yes, can cancel straight away and still last for 1 year.

          • @ryang: I'll confirm too. Yes, you can cancel straight away and it stays active for a year.

          • +1

            @ryang: Yeah that's right

      • +16


        Just for an example

        eBay is not paying me to have the membership

        I have to pay $49 first, then they will (hopefully) give a $50 voucher for shopping under lots of conditions set by eBay

        There is a very high chance I will end up buying something I don't need and not at desired price within that 30 days

        The total time and effort consumed will then be a waste

        Your mileage may vary

        • +3

          Spend it at Coles, always need food and delivered free.

      • That $50 voucher is use less working only on full Price items and ebay plus stuff which are more expensive always

        • no it is not a giftcard that can be used anywhere?

        • That's not true I used it on whatever I felt like…

      • +1

        well if you have something to buy from ebay then its free membership
        if you end up with the $50 gift card and have nothing to buy, and forced to buy something then its a waste

    • +16

      agreed.. amazon prime heaps better

      • I mean the membership is trash but they are paying you

      • -1

        can you explain how amazon is better? have both & both have disadvantages/advantages, really comes down to what you are shopping for, takes one eBay deal to way pay off the the $49 fee if you even pay that amount with regular $1 membership deals or the above deal, go to place for tv's whitegoods, computer parts, clothing "when codes stack with sale prices". where as amazon no consistent good deals on electricals, 90% of the time they are only price matching another retailer not making their own deals, no tv's/whitegoods, amazon is pretty much good for free delivery on food items, toiletries & other small amount items, hard drive deals, prime video (which is average) & the occasional big sale, eBay more consistent with codes each month that when stacked with sales bring you prices you won't get elsewhere but that's ruined at times when certain retailers price jacking, saying amazon is heaps better is total bull shit, both are very different memberships & depends what you're shopping for, both have disadvantages/advantages.

        • +3

          Can't believe you got negged for this. It's balanced and true.

        • I didn't neg but its not just Amazon's products in store for free shipping … You get streaming service, music app, kindle, online storage, twitch gaming, etc. For $60 a year that's amazing! Or Amazong lol

          • @Monstalova: You’re not wrong but end of day either membership you only buy if you’re regularly using the service, the whinging by some is just ridiculous like they are owned something by eBay lol

    • +1

      Yeah don’t do it, had a hard time cancelling

      • Really? you could just use their online chat, they have dedicated staff for ebayplus

        • +3

          Yes, it is quite easy to do it online. I just cancelled mine a couple of days ago. No need to contact their staff - you can do it in the plus membership page.

          • @sanowliu: Yes, I just cancelled online.

            • +1

              @Yola: What i'll say is make sure to have proof of that cancellation, my friend and I both had issues where after cancelling our trials they still billed us and said 'oops there was an error in our system, wait 2 months for a refund'.

              • @Captain-Danke: Yes, thank you I have heard that before and kept a sc. Also they sent me an email confirming cancellation.

        • +1

          Their online chat has a mofo of a retention process. It wasn't easy last year . That could have changed

      • +1

        Confirming that online cancellation is a breeze.

  • I really hope Amazon does this

    • +19

      Amazon doesn't need to. Unlike eBay plus, Prime is actually providing you something useful with many added perks such as Prime Video, Twitch Gaming, Amazon Music etc.

      I'd happily pay over $100 for Prime per year instead of only $60.

      • +19

        You can always send me the $40

      • +23

        Don't say it too loud. Amazon might hear your and actually increase the price.

        • Nah, he's busy with looking for new chic then file divorce after 2 months.

        • +1

          Mods take his comment down immediately lol

      • +12

        I'd happily pay over $100

        That is the real horror story.

      • +3

        I guess it depends on the person, i didnt use any of those services and cancelled my membership. All the items I wanted to buy were more expensive on Amazon than ebay or elsewhere without discount.

  • +7

    Can you extend your current membership with this deal?

    • keen to know as well.

    • Also keen to know answer to this - anyone get any clarity yet?

  • +2

    so it's targeted?

  • +4

    ebay? still alive?

    • +8

      Yes, it does. A place good for buyer and bad for seller.

      • I hear that's the case with Amazon, not eBay. Not true?

  • I use it heaps. If you are a regular ebayer then I recommend it.

    • +5

      Can you elaborate on it? How do you find it useful?

      • +1

        Not OP but I've gotten 2 or 3 64GB microSD cards and a USB-C cable for $1 each, that is already $50 worth. Some items have/had free shipping for Plus only & there are sometimes good coupons. You can cancel immediately so no risk really. I wouldn't pay for it though.

  • +4

    Do you put the code in after your card information? It feels like I'll be charged straight away without the opportunity to put the code in

    • +5

      No, this is a targeted promotion which you must have received an email for (or banner on homepage), the coupon isn't relevant and can't be entered anywhere during sign-up.

      • +2

        Oh crap thank you. Saved me!

  • +2


  • Can anybody comment if you get the voucher straight away?

    I've read stories of customers never actually getting the voucher.

    • +2

      Last time, it takes a few days before arriving in your email. It doesn’t appear anywhere on your account

      • +1

        This time the voucher was automatically available once I signed up

    • +1

      Yeah Usually within a week

    • I already got mine and I just signed up. It gave it to me as soon as I bought the membership

      • Mine came through straightaway too

        • Same here.

  • +1

    When I took up this offer previously, it was actually a $50 ebay gift card, not voucher, which meant I coukd stack it. Note, it may take a few weeks to receive and some chasing up.

    • Does that mean it wouldn't stack with say the Dan Murphy 20% off? I.e can only buy full priced items on eBay with this $50 voucher?

      • You should be able to stack it. I stacked my $50 Gift Card from joining eBay plus with the $250 Airpods Pro, bringing it down to 200.

        EDIT: If its a voucher you can't

        • Gift card and voucher is 2 totally different thing. You can stack the gift card but not a voucher.

  • Cannot be cancelled immediately? Need a step by step on how to secure the $50 without strings.

    • +3

      Step 1 Take up the offer
      Step 2 Wait for your voucher
      Step 3 Cancel your plus membership
      Step 4 Cut a hole in the box

      • Cancel plus membership will not get a refund
        It just means it will not auto renew on the next year onwards

        • Correct, it's not a free $50.

      • +1

        Step 3.5: Make sure to screenshot yourself cancelling the membership because they have had an issue in the past of 'accidentally' billing people who cancelled. I'd hope they've stopped doing it by now but I wouldn't be surprised if they still were.

        • +2

          If you pay by Paypal, just cancel the auto recur subscription for ebay, then they can't take the next payment no matter what.

        • They sent me an email confirming cancellation when I did it.

  • +1

    I just clicked on the link. Signed up and got the voucher instantly.

  • +3

    guessing its useless for anyone who did a trial first?

    • Thats is my question too

    • I had already done a free trial before, but still got the deal.

      • Hmmm ok thanks, still don’t trust eBay lol will look into the t n c

      • I had a free trial when it first started then got the yearly deal straight after. Obviously cancelled when the year was up. Finally got the $50 deal in an email a couple months ago. Didn't bother though. If there's something I know I'll buy on ebay then might get it next time

  • Does it work for returning subs?

    • +1

      It did for me. I canceled back in January

  • +8

    Not worth risking, they trap and scam you

  • +2

    This is pretty much the value of eBay Plus.

  • +4

    As others mentioned above, it is a voucher and NOT a gift card, and for eBay Plus items ONLY, so you won't be able to stack it with discount codes. Considering how often eBay Plus have 20% off items, this means it can easily have a potential loss of value up to 20%, with often eBay can have 5% discount gift cards, the voucher is more like $38 reality value.

    Still not a bad offer, but it has been better considering the $50 gift card, $1, $5 (and was there a $10?) membership offer before.

    • -1

      As long as there's no minimum purchase, $50 is $50.

  • My voucher showed up immediately after signing up

    • You did the trial before ?

      • Yes. Trial and a year of paid membership and then I canceled a few months ago

        • Was your membership still active?

          • +1
            • @Tdsr: Then how did u sign up. Did you use your existing account or created a new account. In the new account, did u use 30 day free trial?
              When I click the link it takes me to a page where it says you have already used free trial, and there is no space to input the code.

              • @shivaussie: I used my existing account and didn’t input a code. I clicked the link to sign up from the email

  • Received mail on my old account but said I'm ineligible due to lack of purchase history :(