This was posted 1 year 9 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Segway Ninebot Go Kart Kit $849 (RRP $999) + Delivery @ PCByte


This is an attachment for the Ninebot S Pro

Ninebot S Pro required:
$1099 -> $849 Shipping included

Ahmm, father's Day gift?

Shipping to me was $9.99 metro BNE for Go Kart.

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    Chaps laps

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    Lamborghini version is out soon which does 40km/h claimed.

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      Damn, but only supports 100kg. Not for dads? :(

      • +34

        im very offended by this.

        not all dads are 100kg ok.

        im 99kg thank you very much.

        • So you mean I can't be a 100kg dad?

        • +1

          You must be new to OzBargain.

        • With shoes on?

        • +3

          Same here, if I hold my breath and suck my tummy in.

        • 99kg…post burrito cleanse

      • SuPpoRts Up tO 100kg***

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      Ninebot belongs to SEGWAY, which is a different company from XIAOMI. Is this Lambo a XIAOMI or SEGWAY product?

      • +12

        xiaomi owns segway. Bought the brand a few years back.

        • +12

          A couple of years after their owner passed away, after riding his Segway in to a river exploring his property.

          • +4

            @rekabkram: Thanks for bringing this up, I didn't know. It was actually a cliff though.

            "In 2010, he bought Segway Inc., maker of the Segway personal transport system. Heselden died in 2010 from injuries apparently sustained falling from a cliff while riding his own product."


            • +2

              @alcadive: Wow, how is this not more common knowledge? Surely some memes should have circulated from this!

        • +4

          I learned something new today.

      • -8

        Why does a question get a downvote???? It's just a QUESTION.

        • +3

          I guess because the "fact" he started with was wrong.. Plus I'm sure the downvotes aren't personal, just a way to let others know it's incorrect

        • maybe because he was too lazy to use google.

        • I don't understand why I have downvotes either. Many people get it wrong. It's like BMW owns MINI. When you bought a new MINI cooper, you don't call it BMW cooper, you still call it MINI cooper. That's why the article in the link above is confusing. It's okay to say it cooperates with XIAOMI, but it's weird to see XIAOMI ninebot……

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    This seems to be only a conversion kit - Requires separate purchase of Segway Ninebot S-PRO Electric Transporter

    • +5

      Yes, attached to the post if you read it :)

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    Rather than looking like a tool standing, you can now do it seated.

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    Comparing I would need to pay $849 + buy the segway, would just be cheaper to buy a Hyundai Excel

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      Apples and oranges. But fair enough. It's cheaper to buy a push bike for that matter…

      • +4

        Except it’s legal to ride the push bike on the road or footpath unlike this thing.

    • +3

      both probably have the same safety rating.

  • legal in victoria?

    • +13

      No, essential in Victoria

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    Skycomp has this for under $600 plus shipping which is $70 to Adelaide metro area. Still cheaper all up.

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      The main Segway is more expensive. JB has it for $1799 (combined)

      • yeah just noticed JB have the combo deal, would make returns a lot easier for ozbargainers in regional areas that only have a JB.

        • Not sure how their policies are for returns ATM.

          • @Metre: That is true, I was thinking of the regional areas more so which aren't in Stage 4 so can go into the stores. But yes, maybe even then they aren't accepting

        • When I look at the ad, it said Ninebot S (pictured) but said Ninebot S Pro sold seaparately. I know there are 2 version, S and S Pro so the deal may only be S

    • SOOOO SOOOO Good Ordered from Skycomp, Thank you. I've been waiting for this to come up. We already have the Segway Ninebot MiniPro for the past 4 years and still going strong. Sons birthday is coming up. Perfect timing

    • +1

      So we can buy the kit for under $600 from skycomp and the pro s from pcbyte for $849. About $1500 for the bundle… am I missing anything?

      • +6

        Not yet… will be missing about $1500 after tonight I think lol

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    where do we drive this thing in vic?

    • +4

      Private land or racetrack.

      AFAIK you cannot ride this on roads / footpaths anywhere in Aus

      • +2

        Honest question… what about empty train station carparks on weekends? I drive remote control cars there. This would be a bigger version maybe? It's not like it'll make a lot of noise.

        • +2

          Would be pretty fun to set out some cones and mess around, as long as you have someone to watch out for cars

          • @Merlict: Great. All I have to do now is sell a kidney and lung and I'll be able to afford one.

        • +2

          Gonna head down to Lidcombe station and do max doughies in the carpark

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        I think they might be legal in Queensland because max speed is less than 25km/h. In other states it would be illegal on the basis that it cannot be registered and cannot be exempt because the output is more than 200W

        Of course, legal everywhere when on private property.

        • +1

          Pretty sure it legal in act too

        • +3

          I don’t think it is, even in QLD. Its dimensions exceed those allowed for a rideable.

  • Buy it if u have a huge farmland

    • +2

      Looks like a lawnmower too if you squint

    • +8

      Gonna assume this is pretty crap on anything that isn't concrete

      • +1

        Yep flat hard surfaces without "obstacles". From the manual:

        The Gokart is designed to be driven on a dry, flat, hard-surface, free of obstacles, bumps, holes, and other hazards.

        Do not ride over obstacles (including, but not limited to, sand, loose gravel, or sticks).

  • JB had it bundled with the Segway for $1799 - very tempting!

    • +1

      How the hell are they allowed to sell it when it's basically guaranteed to be illegal in all of Australia except the NT

      • +1

        They're not illegal - they're illegal to ride on public land. You can still enjoy it on private property.

    • +3

      You mean one that won't turn over?

      • "it was a great car mechanically in its day and I never had a problem with it"

        • "If someone wants to spend some time and money on this car…"

          It's going to cost more than $500 to run

    • +1

      haha i have the same car…i would swap it for this.

    • Gotta be the SSS…2L power.

  • +1

    Can I ride this in the city?

    • +3

      If you want to look like a tool and get a fine. Yes.

    • +1

      Just do it!

  • Any Ninebot Max deals?

  • Genuine question from a newbie: Do you ride this at a track? I assume it is not legal on the road

    • +1

      Maybe on a go-cart track, or on your private property if it's large enough.

    • Correct. This is illegal for road use for many, many reasons.

      • Yet bicycles are legal? :)

        • This would be very hard to see in traffic, has no lights and puts your head right at bumper height.

          Tbh those super low recumbent bikes make me nervous on the roads too.

  • Great product! Love it. Wish I have the money to afford it. If this is Made In China would be more affordable?

    • +1

      Gonna assume it is made in China already..

    • -1

      1) Already going to be made in China, lol
      2) Would you trust a knockoff product for something with a battery + 25km/hr ?

  • -2

    Fun deal, personally I don't find Segway appealing (even if it's now Segway Ninebot) ever since the boss of Segway died riding a Segway off a cliff.

    Maybe they're not fundamentally unsafe, but it's a very bad sign when the boss dies using the product.

    • +1

      He rode a Segway, off a cliff.
      If you drive a car off a cliff you would die too. Does that make every model of a car that's been driven off a cliff unsafe?

      • I didn't claim they were necessarily unsafe, just that it's a bad sign.

    • I'd be more worried about snakes and red backs jumping out of the bushes, but that's just my phobia.

  • Is it legal to ride in parks in nsw please?

    My son wants one.

    • +1

      “Motorised or electric scooters do not comply with vehicle safety standards and are not exempt from registration and therefore must not be used on a road or road related area.

      “Motorised or electric scooters can only be used on private property or other areas not covered by road transport law,” the spokesperson said.

      “Before the regulations could be changed to allow electric scooters to be used on roads and footpaths, TfNSW must be satisfied that they do not pose a risk to their operators or other road users, especially pedestrians.

      From this, not on footpaths, but grass areas seems to be okay?

  • A kid around where I live has one of these. Looks Hella fun, exactly what I wish I had when I was a kid…. Rides it up and down the footpaths, into the park and does burnouts all the time.

    I'd love to get one for my kids but the idea they'd just sit in this thing doing burn outs all day irks me (ignoring the fights they'd have over who's turn it is). They need to be active (I'd rather them riding their bikes) and I don't trust my eldest not to drive it onto the road and under someone's car… Also, the neighbourhood kid looks pretty spoilt driving his $1700 go cart around town.

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