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4K/60Hz HDMI Switch 5in/1out (HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, UHD, CEC, HDR, Full HD/3D) $59.99 Delivered @ FiveHome Amazon AU


Normally $129 so this makes it basically half price, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I do want a switcher.

EDIT: Sorry guys, not so much of a deal tbh. There's a similar one sold by Amazon itself for the same price that I didn't pick up on. (Thanks @bdl)

EDIT 2: User @jonathonsunshine found a similar one at Jaycar for slightly cheaper but 1 less HDMI port. Now discontinued. The replacement product has the full 5 input ports and is significantly cheaper at $47.97. However, it's Out of Stock online and there's only limited quantities available in-store.

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  • Good find man.

    • I wasnt sure tbh, I saw the camelcamelcamel trends and was a bit iffy about the "listed" vs "discounted" price, but the reviews are quite solid apart from the power adapter. Hopefully people find this helpful.

  • The charger included with this product does not comply with AS/NZS 3112: 2000 Clause 2.2.4 - Insulation of plug pins, and is therefore dangerous and illegal to be sold in Australia. As of 3 April 2005, pins of electrical plugs need to be part-insulated. DO NOT PURCHASE.


  • What do you need a switcher for? Maybe time to get an audio amp and switch input that way?

    • +3 votes

      For my home computer setup.

      Personal PC, PS4 Pro, My Work PC, Nintendo Switch.

      I kind of dont see the appeal in Audio Amps tbh so big and expensive to achieve a small thing like hdmi Switching.

    • They’re needed for soundbars.

      • Is it a lot better for quality or just to get all audio into the bar? I have mine set up so everything heads to either switch or the other hdmi in tv. All sound through optical to sound bar.

  • +2 votes

    Looks like their normal price, from same store: https://www.amazon.com.au/HDMI-Switch-FiveHome-Switcher-Supp...

    • True!!!! I feel like a dunce now. Sorry for posting this. Should I delete this?

      • No stress, just didn't want you to make the decision to buy thinking it was a time limited bargain price :)

      • Not really (neither a dunce nor deleting).

        If you check out the two camel³ price histories you'll see that whilst they are this price a lot (and never cheaper) they were more expensive recently and have only just dropped back down again in price.

  • wonder if this does passthrough for Dolby Vision

  • I had a previous version of this and the equipment is dodgy as hell, I had endless problems getting the Apple TV 4K and others to work over it reliably. Avoid.

  • Does anybody know any HDMI switch which Logitech database recognizes?
    Looking to buy one but don't wanna add another remote. One logitech remote is more than enough and does the job perfectly.

  • Isn't the Australian standard 50Hz? 60Hz is the US standard and can cause video frame drops.

    • That has not been the case since like 2002

    • All TVs sold in the last 15 years or so have been 60Hz/120Hz/240Hz panels, even if marketed as 50Hz/100Hz/200Hz on the box. They just auto framerate switch to any supported mode now to avoid judder.

      The fact our broadcast standard didn't update to 60Hz at the same time, and still isn't today is bullshit.

  • There are variants of this around with the same board in it with slightly different remotes.

    This price is a total rip though - I got one more recently for around half that?

  • My thoughts:
    - $59.99 is decent deal, so go for it if you need one
    - It's handy if you have multiple devices that needs to go to one TV / display unit, without the need to press physical button on the tv to switch hdmi (ie press remote control to switch hdmi)
    - 4k is a bonus, support for 4k devices
    - I've got one, the same model that op has posted, it worked with [email protected] Remote control is working fine.
    - make sure you check all the port. A few of my ports gave me glitch/lost hdmi connection, other hdmi are working as intended.
    - if you do get a product with issue, amazon will ask you to return it, as it is sold by third party
    (Note, consider if returning during lockdown is essential, depending on your situation, returning may something that anyone want to avoid)

  • This may be of interest to some: I don't use 4K, but I have one that looks like this and it works fine for me at 1080p:


    I note the heading says 2160P.

    No power input on the one I have, it's just powered by the HDMI.

  • I certainly don't recommend the one from Jaycar. Purchased it, was using it today and it's just the same cheap Chinese rubbish you could get on eBay.

    Even though it proudly proclaims itself a "UHD Switcher" the only 4K it could output was a dodgy sub-24hz signal. Useless to me, will definitely be taking it back. I'm very annoyed. Bloody Digitech.

    • That's slightly disappointing to here thank you or the info, I wonder what would be a good brand hdmi switcher that does everything…

      • Yeah, tell me about it.

        Someone in the comments above mentioned one on Amazon, might be giving that a go. Had to sift through the reviews to actually find ones for the actual device.

        Surely gotta be one that works out there…