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[Free with Registration] AWS Builders Online Series Webinar @ Amazon


Seems a great way to spend 5 hours on August 27. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Jumpstart your cloud journey. AWS Builders Online Series is designed to enable you with core AWS concepts, step-by-step architectural best practices, and demonstrations to help you get started and accelerate your success on AWS. Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you can learn something new and explore techniques to build, secure, and deploy your first workload on AWS. Learn the fundamentals and start building on AWS today!

Agenda here. FAQs here. Registration here.

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  • Is it releated to BWS?

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    The Azure AZ-900 course was only 4 hours and came with a free exam entitlement, is this worthwhile for someone already reasonably familiar? I tried to do AWSome day but just couldn't get into it, and this would probably be even more sales pitch-y?

    A belated thanks to TA for this and the AZ-900 deal - got the certificate last week and am tempted to tack his name on it too :)

  • Can someone recommend me a good online course for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate? Thanks

    • A Cloud Guru - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02
      You may prefer to get the Udemy version of it, which is often on sale.

      • I found:

        I will give it a try. Not sure how long take me to get this certificate.Is this course enough? Thanks

        • Yeah, that's the one. Beware that once you started buying certain courses, Udemy will stop offering best deals to you. So, either wait or try Incognito mode to compare.

          You need to study / prepare though. Ryan made it easier to follow. Looks like he now has another instructor helping him with topics covered in the 2020 version of the exam.

          • @netsurfer: Thank you very much!. I am a bit of nervous if one course will be sufficient to pass the exam.

            • @HappyBargainer: It probably won't be enough, unless you have AWS experience (and/or you actually practice with an AWS free tier account). Real work experience really helps, but you can get away with trying it out with an AWS free tier account. My work mate lent me a book, but that book is dated (I think it was for the 2018-2019 version of the exam). The good thing is it is more in depth, but the down side is it didn't cover some of the newer AWS products and some of the information is out of date.

              You can use practice exam 1 to determine whether you are ready, and save the practice exam 2 for the final prep. There are other practice exams available on Udemy, but make sure you get the ones which are up to date as Amazon refreshes this exam regularly (don't get junk or free ones - your time is more valuable).

              • @netsurfer: Do you know if the Stephane Maarek version is better or worse for SAA? Thank you https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-solutions-archite...

                • @Crepes1626: It depends. There are a few reasons I prefer Ryan's course (these are subjective / biased):

                  • He's more straight to the points (because AWS has so many products). If you lost interest and cannot finish the course, then it is pointless.
                  • Native speaker and he makes you feel that he is passionate about training you.
                  • 2 full size practice exams, instead of 1 + bonus questions.

                  Honestly, you need to decide, because it is you doing the course(s). The courses are tax deductible so is the exam. It's an expensive exam so choose the best course you like. For me, if I don't like the instructor, I simply won't take his/her course.

    • You will need this two…
      1) udemy course from Stephen Marek
      2) udemy Practice test from TutorialsDojo(John Bonso is the guy who runs TutorialsDojo).

    • Try https://www.freecodecamp.org/. They have a YouTube channel and it's really easy straight forward to follow.
      I get AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certified by following this workshop.

    • I got my AWS CSAA certification with the help of:
      - A Cloud Guru (Udemy version, same content for a lot less $$$);
      - https://www.aws.training/ = Amazon's official training website, handy to look up specific topics;
      - Udemy practice exams by Jon Bonso = these are an absolute must IMO! I would have failed without these practice exams, and they are only $11.

      The ACG course is good, Ryan is a nice bloke, but IMHO there are quite a few gaps in exam coverage. ECS containers for example, I got 4 questions in the exam, with zero coverage in the ACG course.

      • Looks like AWS CSAA is getting more up to date nowadays. I had 3 Beanstalk questions in my exams, my colleague had zero. However, one of the questions was quite in depth (basically CloudWatch + LoadBalancer + Beanstalk). I have work experience on Beanstalk and that question wasn't easy.

        ECS is something an architect definitely has to know. ECS did come up in my exam as well, but not in depth ECS questions.

        • Same, I must say 3 out of 4 ECS questions weren't in depth, but I was really happy I didn't solely rely on A Cloud Guru.

  • Come with credits?

  • Thanks OP, registered!

  • What's everyone's job that this would be useful for?

    • For IT people working at a medium or large size organisation, they would probably be using or at least know one of the three cloud providers: AWS, Azure (Microsoft), GCP (Google). Amazon is the number 1 cloud provider.

      Some examples Web sites running on AWS: Netflix, Twitch, Facebook, ESPN.

    • Any decent company that wants to save money on their IT infrastructure really. I worked for a web hosting company 12 years ago, we spend tons on equipment that you can now get in the cloud for way less.

  • Thanks TA,this will come in handy

  • Waiting for someone to post something like "Can I get a job as Amazon CEO with this?" or "If I put this on my resume will I impress my mum?" ;-)

  • When I see AWS I think it is All Wheel Steering. Old man…

  • booked and thanks for sharing.