Dell G7 17 7700 i7-10750H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 2070 Max P 144hz Display

For all of us that have bought this amazing laptop, here are some points that can help you set it up:

  • Change RAID to AHCI to avoid reinstalling Windows in the future if we use a second drive:
    Completely recommended to reinstall Windows from scratch as it will boost your battery life from 2 hours to up to 5-7 hours compared with the factory Windows.
    Youtube tutorial to change to AHCI

  • Mounting bracket, screws, and heatsink for secondary SSD: Thanks @PediatricLemon

  • To measure heat and wattage, use HWiNFO64 and RivaTuner server: Thanks @kml22
    Tutorial measure temp

  • To check the hardware inside, you can use CPU-Z:

  • Undervolting GPU guide for the Dell G7 17 7700: Thanks @Dipaty!

For some reason Dell has set in the BIOS of the GPU to automatically overclock up to 1900mhz when gaming (despite the GPU being rated at 1450mhz). However, when it does this it pulls obscene voltages through it, causing a lot of unnecessary heat with little to no real performance gain.
The solution? Limit the voltage that can be pulled through the GPU and thus, the maximum clock that it can push up to.

  1. Open MSI Afterburner.

  2. Press Ctrl + F to open the Volatge Frequency curvegraphic.

3.1. To limit the maximum GPU voltage to 0.8 and maximum clock to 1560mhz double click in the point and a yellow dotted line should appear like this:

3.2. Select the point in the intersection of 1560 and 800 and click Ctrl + L, changing the curve to this shape:

A quick guide on how to use MSI Afterburner to limit the GPU voltage, view these video guides:

  • Undervolting CPU guide for the Dell G7 17 7700: Thanks again @Dipaty!

Thanks to reddit users VanGoghComplex and Snoozehead for finding the intial fix and their thorough troubleshooting.

Initially, the laptop has undervolting disabled in the BIOS, but there is a way to unlock it…

PLEASE NOTE: I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your system, this is an "Advanced" process so proceed with caution.

If you're using BIOS version 1.2 (or earlier) you can skip Step 1 and use the values 0x3e for CFG Lock and 0xda for OC Lock.
If you're using a different BIOS version (or a different Dell laptop altogether) please follow from Step 1.

Step 1: Finding the correct values to change in the BIOS.
a) Download this Python script to extract the BIOS files from the dell bios exe file.
You will need to also install Python for this section to work:

b) Download UEFITool from this link to search in the BIOS files for the location of the values we need to find.

c) Download the Dell BIOS file from the dell website that you currently have installed (if you're using an old bios version and would like to unlock undervolting then install that BIOS version first).

d) Download Universal IFR Extractor from this link to search for the names of the values we need to set to 0 in the BIOS to unlock the undervolt.

e) Place the Dell BIOS exe file in the same folder as the python script and then run the script. The script should open a command-prompt looking window, you'll need to type out the exact filepath to the DELL BIOS exe file. This will then create a new folder with the content files inside.

f) Launch UEFITool and then open (open image file) the first file that was extracted by the python script (in my case it's called "1 — 1 System BIOS with BiosGuard v1.2.0.bin").

g) Go to Action>Search and then go to the "Text" tab and type in "CFG Lock" (without the quotation marks). In the bottom section of the window it should find 1 result. Double-click the result to navigate to it (in my case it took me to a line that says "PE32 image section". Right click this line and press "Extract as is". Save the extracted file.

h) Launch Universal IFR Extractor and navigate to the file that you extract in "g)". This will save a text document with readable information. YAY! A document that we can actually read and isn't just code…

i) Open the file that was created in "h)"and search (CTRL+F) for "CFG Lock". This should take you to a line that will look something like this: "0x74FAC Setting: CFG Lock, Variable: 0x3E {0..". The section we are looking for is what it says after Variable: (in this case 0x3E).
This is your CFG Lock code. This is the name of the section that we need to set to 0 in your BIOS. A few lines under this section you should see a section that looks something like this: "0x74FCD Setting: Overclocking Lock, Variable: 0xDA {0.." This is the code for your OC Lock (in this case 0xDA).

Now that we've got our CFG Lock and OC Lock codes we can proceed to Step 2…

Step 2: Changing the values of your CFG Lock and OC Lock in your BIOS.
a)Format a spare USB drive to FAT32 on a GUID partition map.
If you're unsure whether your drive is GUID or not, go to Disk Manager in windows, right click the USB drive and go to Properties>Volumes and it'll say it next to partition style.
If you're unsure of how to change to a GUID partition map, please follow these instructions:

b) Make a folder in the root of the USB (the main folder of the USB) called EFI.

c) Make a folder in EFI called BOOT.

d) Download this file (the one called grubx64.efi) and place it in the BOOT folder.

e) Rename the file to bootx64.efi

f) Reboot to your BIOS (spam F2 on your keyboard when booting up the laptop).

g) Disable Secure Boot in your BIOS. Save/Apply Changes and Exit.

h) Spam F12 when booting to load the One Time Boot Menu and select your USB Drive from the list of options. This will boot into the USB.

i) Once it has loaded, type in the following command (be very sure you type it in correctly): setup_var CpuSetup 0x3e 0x0
PLEASE NOTE: If you did Step 1 of this guide, then replace "0x3e" with the code you got for your CFG Lock. Make sure to keep the 0x0 there though as this is the command that turns the lock off.

j) Type in the following command (be very sure you type it in correctly): setup_var CpuSetup 0xda 0x0
PLEASE NOTE: If you did Step 1 of this guide, then replace "0xda" with the code you got for your OC Lock. Make sure to keep the 0x0 there though as this is the command that turns the lock off.

NOTE: All of the 0 in the previous points are actual zeros (the number, not the letter).

k) Type in the following command: reboot

l) Spam F2 whilst booting to load back into your BIOS settings and re-enable Secure Boot. Save/Apply Changes and Exit.
PLEASE NOTE: Some people have reported that they need to also reset the BIOS back to Factory Settings (not default settings) to make the undervolt unlock, but I personally didn't need to.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've just unlocked undervolting on your laptop! Give yourself a pat on the back ;)
Now please feel free to pick your favourite undervolting program (Throttlestop or Intel XTU), I personally used Throttlestop.

Here's a guide for Throttlestop:
Here's a guide for Intel XTU:

Please remember to test your undervolts for stability using your favourite CPU intentive benchmarking software. I personally used Cinebench R20 and the built in tests of Throttlestop.

I personally have an undervolt of -100mv going right now, but I'm still in the testing stage.
You WILL have different results to me as this all relies on the good ol' silicone lottery - some people will be lucky and get laptops that can achieve a significant undervolt, and unfortunately some wont.

Good Luck!

PS: our eternal thanks to @kml22 for his efforts to clarify the 2070 Max P and all the info provided.



    Here we go

    Bios V1.3.0
    Fixes & Enhancements
    - Fixed the issue where the system stops responding or frames per second (FPS) drops while playing games.

    - Added Keyboard Backlight items in the BIOS setup.

    Hopefully this is the fix we've all been looking for!

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      If anyone tries it can you report back and let us know if it disables undervolting?


        I've applied the update, so far Throttlestop seems to be holding my undervolt of -89mv on the CPU and Cache, its not greyed out of anything, as far as i can confirm, it looks like undervolting is still possible

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          I also can confirm there are options in the BIOS now to change the keyboard light timeout, i personally changed my settings to never while plugged and set it to five minute timeout on battery!

          I'm really pleased with this change as the timeout of 60 seconds while plugged in was beyond ridiculous


            @clokeyyy: This is what I have being waiting for, a BIOS update that allow you to change the timeout of the Keyboard backlite, as before backlite turn on/off is a bit of a mystery.


      Has someone tested without undervolts to see if it has fixed the FPS dropping issue in itself?


        I'm still on bios 1.2 and haven't undervolted the CPU.

        This is what I've done thus far and it has been stable for over a week:
        1. Disabled CPU Turbo Boost in BIOS (this solved the issue initially then I think it came back)
        2. locked the GPU in MSI Afterburner as per the guides in this thread
        3. Use nvidia control panel; Manage 3D Settings and go to the "programme settings" tab, select each game individually and change the "power management mode" setting to "Prefer Maximum Performance".

        Ever since I did no.3 above I've had no issues.

        My CPU temps during gaming barely hits 70 deg.

        This new bios version may mean I can re-enable CPU Turbo Boost.

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      I had a few older games that wouldn't use the nvidia GPU despite any settings I tried and ran not great (Mass Effect Trilogy ALOT, Bayonetta, Alan Wake, Zombie Army Trilogy), and this update seems to have fixed that too - they all now use the nvidia GPU. Pretty happy!


    My GPU memory speed shows up as 5500mhz in Afterburner, shouldn't a full 2070 card be 7000mhz? Pretty sure 5500mhz is for the Max-Q.


      Looks like they updated the 2070 mobile this year and reduced the memory clock speed and voltage, they upped the core speed though.

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    32GB ram upgrade is working for me, ran 1 pass of Memtest with no errors; will run the 4 pass test overnight but looks fine.

    I run a lot of CAD etc at work and home, so it is useful to have similar memory specs to my proper workstations.


      How many memory slots does the laptop have? 2 or 4?


    Can anyone else confirm installing new BIOS does not disable undervolting again?

    • +3 votes

      Yeah, done here and undervolting still working


        Awesome! Thanks mate

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    TBH I had one such unit, I tried Far cry primal on it with GPU underclock, it still had the fps drop after 5 mins of gaming each time. So I just gave up and started a desktop build with the recent dell's monitors deal, and picked up a MSI 5700 XT Gaming X for $150! Ha! So all in all I will get a more potent machine for almost half the price paid for this laptop.

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      but it's not a laptop?

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    Does anyone know why BIOS 1.3.0 does not come up in my G7 Windows Updates nor Dell Updates? Shouldn't it be available to everyone?

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    Something strange happened with i installed msi afterburner, my cpu temps were hovering around 80-100 degrees all day with general office tasks :(

    Just uninstalled it and temps are back down to the 50s…Anyone else have this problem?

    Also I think I will follow the suggestions above and install a fresh windows for the extra battery life :D getting (5hrs atm but 7-9 sounds nice :D)

    • +1 vote

      I haven't had problems with MSI Afterburner, i can't see how it would of caused your temperature problems but who knows!
      what office tasks did you have running at the time and were the fans running?

      after attempting a fresh install of Windows 10, i had amazing battery life up to 6 hours originally, but now I've noticed its only lasting up to 3-4 hours, there must be something from dell, either Alienware's Command Center or a dodgy driver that sapping my laptop's battery life now

      • +1 vote

        Very strange, fans were full speed too, only had a few tabs of explorer, word, outlook and leap so nothing intensive at all.

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        Check if there's any background app running in settings > privacy > background apps and turn them off and it will increase the battery life etc.

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    So did bios 1.3.0 definitely that FPS drop issue?


      As far as I've seen so far, its definitely helped fixed the problem, i haven't experienced any issues gaming now even using the G button on the top left of the keyboard, some users have reported on other pages that they still experience some FPS dips down to 30-40 fps.

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    well just upgraded to bios 1.3.0 and my settings have all been kept (undervolt).
    having keyboard lights on all the time is nice too.

    havent noticed any difference in games though


      Same here, a nice BIOS update, now we have more control over the keyboard backlite, as before it's hard to know when it will turn on/off. Now I leave backlite On all the time when plugged in.


    I posted earlier with a potential solution to the SSD mounting issue, which got added to the main post. Unfortunately now that the mounting screws have arrived it doesn't work as I hoped it would, so I'm still searching for a solution. I currently have the SSD mounted with no screw, which works but obviously isn't ideal. Has anyone found any other solutions?


      Place an order on Dell on the bracket: part#: PXNWV.


        Thanks man. Any tips on where to get that? I searched the dell parts page but it said part not found, and a quick google search didn't lead to any joy either.


          Online chat and ask for spare part sales.


    Are these good upgrades for G7?

    I wonder what everyone else used to upgrade RAM? I think 32GB is the maximum that G7 can support.

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        Thanks. I am reading that G7 might have problem with high performance RAM. Some manufacturers even suggest to stick with standard 2666 RAM. Certainly, it’s not the case with you.


          Seems to be fine; ran it through memtest86 first which took about 10 hours and came back with no problems.

          Edit: Wasn't that the issue that it doesn't support XMP memory? And to just stick with one that does JEDEC?

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    I've decided to return mine, experiencing audio stuttering issues, really hot surface temperatures during sleep mode, disabling turbo boost to prevent overheating and the constant GPU throttling down to 10fps got to me in the end, its a real shame because the laptop had great potential, just plagued with a bad engineering design from the get go.


      What timeframe do you have with Dell to return for the above issues? I ask as I'm having the same problems as you and not happy with the G7

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        It could be up to 12 months after you purchased the laptop considering the 12 months warranty you get from dell by default, but don't quote me
        I believe you can request a refund or a replacement but you will have to contact dell's tech support and thoroughly explain your issues

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          Thanks for the reply. I installed the latest dell bios and other drivers and still seeing 100c cpu temp and fps drop in CSGO. Seeing as a toaster can run CSGO i think this is very poor value. The only way I can avoid this is by disabling turbo boost and locking gpu. I was hoping the latest bios would fix these issues but as you stated, it must be poor engineering.

          Clokeyyy would you mind letting me know how you go with the return as I'd like to do the same? Cheers

          • +1 vote

            @nataz6: Sure thing mate, I personally think disabling turbo boost just to prevent it from overheating is a deal breaker alone, my attempts at undervolting the CPU didn't have any noticeable impact on thermals in my unit

            Problems in manufacturing do occur and the latest bios update did make a noticeable difference to the frequency and extent of the GPU throttling in my unit too, however paying $2000 for a "gaming laptop" that performs like an Microsoft PowerPoint presentation constantly is too frustrating to wait for a fix


              @clokeyyy: Hi Clokeyyy, how did you go with the return, did Dell accept? Also did you contact sales or tech support to start return process?


                @nataz6: Hey mate, Dell did end up accepting my return request, Dell arranged star-track to collect my item from my doorstep yesterday afternoon,i emailed Dell back notifying them of the collection of goods,now im just waiting for the finance team to get in touch regarding the refund payment, i originally contacted Dell's tech support via Dell's website by looking up my laptop's service tag and then requesting support via email personally, you can call them directly too which will end up being a lot faster for you

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    This laptop shows some interesting behaviour under load (latest BIOS). The power limit (PL1) starts off at around 90W, and under load the CPU ramps up the boost clock (up to 4+GHz all cores if I recall correctly), and heats up to 99C where it starts thermal throttling (this is all normal Turbo Boost behaviour). Then, under sustained load, the power limit starts to slowly drop (under control of the BIOS), until it reaches a predetermined level, which appears to be 36W for High Performance, 30W for Balanced, and 10W for Quiet and Cool profiles. At 36W, the CPU temperature stabilizes at around 83C and the laptop can maintain this indefinitely @ around 3.1 GHz (all cores).

    The reason why turning on G mode or switching profile temporarily fixes stuttering for some people is likely because switching profile also resets the PL1 power limit back to 90W (then over time it starts dropping again).

    The GPU can be overclocked without increasing voltage, allowing it to boost to 1900MHz @ 8.75V up to 2100MHz @ 1.05V, where it hits the GPU power limit (115W) and can also maintain this indefinitely at around 74C. I didn't see any FPS drops.

    For the people having FPS drop issues, I suspect that the BIOS may not be setting the power limits correctly, causing something to suddenly drop (and also throttle the GPU at the same time). It could also be related to poorly applied thermal paste. Maybe someone could check HWiNFO and check what's limiting the CPU/GPU, and what the PL1 is doing? Maybe even try resetting the BIOS to factory settings.


    Anyone using this as a video editing machine with Davinci Resolve? Would similar issues also occur for this use case?


      Nop, but considering that it will be cpu intensive, you will have all the issues we have as well. In my exp, the turbo boost is one of the main reasons that makes the laptop a heater.

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    Its been back and forth with this laptop even after undervolting…my main issue is the stuttering I get from MSI afterburner after undervolting…all the steps in the guide work it's just that irritating stutter. Any ideas on how to get rid of the Afterburner issue?


      By stutter, you mean that Afterburner is almost unusable because the software UI is slow to display changes?
      I still have that problem, but what I have done is just leave the settings saved in the profile slots, and every time I game I just click on the profile


    How many memory RAM slot does this laptop have? 2 or 4?

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      2 as far as I know


    Have run into a very worrying issue. As of last night it looks like I'm getting a no post error. I press the power the button, screen turns on and blank. Battery light starts white and fades away.

    In this state laptop starts to heat up and fans have to kick in and it just gets progressively hotter and louder and never boots.

    I've followed the dell troubleshooting guide and all the test point to No post.

    Tapping F12 key doesn't work. Holding M and turning on makes the screen cycle white red green and blue and the charger light is solid white so doesn't look like the problem is the screen or the board.

    Holding fn and power does nothing.

    Next step as per troubleshooting I removed the wifi, ssd and ram to try and get induce a error code.

    With all the above removed I get the 2 amber 3 white which is the no memory detected code.

    Putting just one ram card back in and it goes back to the blank screen and no battery light.

    Called dell support and did all the same steps again. They seem to think it's an issue with the board… now they're sending a tech to pick it up I the next 3 business days..

    What really shits me is they might replace it with a refurbished part… So now my brand new laptop may now be a "used" laptop, do I have any grounds for some cash back for this?

    If anyone has any suggestions to try before it gets picked up.

    Massive drainer as I was expecting to absolutely flog this little beauty of a laptop over the long weekend :(


      An update if anyones interested, I went through the full troubleshoot with Dell support. They think it's the motherboard and are sending a tech out to fix it. This was two weeks ago. A week ago they said the tech wont have the part until the 15th of novmeber. At the moment I will be waiting 1 month for a service, not the most please experience, but honestly nothing beats this laptops specs for the price so ill grit me teeth and bear this one.

      Abit of googling around various product reviews on the 7700 and there is a few reviews/reports from owners of the July/August production run that are having motherboard issues.

      Something to keep an eye for all you guys that bought it in the July/August wave like I did. Would hate for the warranty to run out just before the motherboard carks it.


        Oh man, sorry to hear that. Hope they can fix yours soon.


        Spat the dummy with Tech support when they delayed the repair by another two weeks and made them send me out a new one, which just arrived a couple of days ago.

        I think there may have been serious motherboard or power issue with my original one which eventually made it give up the ghost, i do recall upon one startup with my orginal it showed a boot message saying power supply is insufficient.

        Anyway got bios, undervolted the GPU to 1590 @ 0.8V. Havent bother with undervolting the cpu as im hoping the new bios solves the cpu issue.

        Couple of consecutive runs of the gears tactics benchmark is giving me an average 82fps with cpu temps levelling out at 75C with some peaks to 80c. GPU sitting around 62C

        Note this is with game shift on & the laptop sitting on a book spine for abit of extra air flow.

        Played about 3 hours of gears tactics afterwards and temp never hit 80c and framerate never dropped below 80 in game.

        Fingers crossed the new one can maintain as i'm absolutely stoked with the performance at the price i got this. (Heartache not withstanding!!!!)

        My advice, if you are experienceing issues, push Dell hard for a replacment rather than repair as I think alot of the models built for the august shipment have motherboard or powerboard issues.


          I get power limit throttling quite often but not really any thermal throttling, reckon an exchange would be worthwhile? What did you say to them in order to get an exchange approved?

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            @schmuppet: So my laptop just completely stopped working would fail to get through post and wouldn't boot. If your laptop still works but has some throttling issues I imagine you will have a harder time getting a replacement. Maybe if you can force a Dell rep on the phone and keep them on until they exhaust every possible method of fixing you may have a chance to then demand a replacement.

            To my case specifically.

            What I did was go through a bunch of diagnostic steps with dell support on the phone. Pulling out and putting back in ram, ssd etc then turning it back on for every little configuration and telling them what was happening at each boot.

            Eventually the decided they'd need to send a tech out to repair it but have to wait for a new motherboard to come in stock.

            Sent this email after losing patience with support

            "I fully understand the circumstances.

            What I am struggling to accept however, is the complete lack of concession Dell is willing to provide me, given the scale of inconvenience I am experiencing.

            That I have been without the use of my very new laptop (arrived end of august) since October 15 when the issue first arose and the laptop no longer turns on. Assuming the tech will be able to fix it by the end of November this means I will have gone a month & a half without the use of my PC, this is costing me the ability to be efficient for my part time business and it is likely losing me paying work.

            What else can dell offer to rectify this other than an apology?

            The general expectation for a faulty consumer good is that it is refunded or replaced with a new product."

            They responded pretty quick and offered me a refund or to send me a new one and collect the broken one.


    Bought a Samsung 860 evo 2tb for it, installed on the second M.2 slot, can't be recognize by the bios, swap slot with the original ssd, both can be recognized this time, seems the second slot can't see M.2 SATA. wondering if anyone esle has the same problem.

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    does anyone have problems with their G-Mode button only lighting up for a second and turning off?


      do you have the alienware command center program open? should fix that once that is open


        unfortunately, even with it open., it goes into high performance mode, but the G light flashes on then turns off.
        i can live with it, but its just a little annoying that you have to open alienware oc centre to check if its on G mode


          Happens to me sometimes, it's just the Alienware Command Centre being a piece of crap.


            @schmuppet: i didnt have it on super cooling setting, just high performance.

            gotta run it on 'rapid cool'


    the kioxa SSD that came iwth this is overheating majoriy now, leaving lots of BIOS errors and crashes during gaming.

    gonna replace it with th at samsung evo 970 deal, hopefully it solves my overheating problems.


      did you take out the bracket and heatspreader that was sitting on top of it?
      it does run hot, but i haven't seen mine hit 70 degrees. but then again, not running it too hard either.


        i left it with the heatspreader, without it was hitting 90/crashing windows doing nothing


    my overheating SSD


    1.5.0 bios update is showing as available in windows update - I am remote at the moment though so can't download.


      eh i dont see any 1.5.0 bios update?


          some reason not coming up in windows update for me

          Now published on the dell website

          'Fixes & Enhancements
          - Improved the stability of the system during power-on self-test (POST).
          - Enhanced the thermal stability of the system.'

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            @Gifwonder: installed the new bios, no side effects yet.

            • +1 vote

              @Gifwonder: Does the new bios 1.5.0 leave undervolting enabled? I have undervolted my system so am reluctant to update bios.

              • +1 vote

                @convictedweirdo: I'm Running bios 1.5.0 , Didn't effect my undervolting so all seems fine.

                The score of Cinebench R15 went from 1291 —-> 1363. With the G button on. Wonder if its related to the update.

                By the way, anyone have any idea on ordering the SSD bracket? Went throught Dell Chat for 2 times trying to order PXNWV, but they keep saying they would get back to me but never did.

                • +1 vote

                  @tkcrule: Update: I updated by bios to 1.5.0, but was getting errors in TS Bench with my current undervolt in throttlestop. Not sure if the new bios changed cpu voltage, but I was previously at -90 stable, but had to trim it down to -79.


                    @convictedweirdo: Same for me.I was previously running -112.3mV with a 55°c idle (1.3.0) and had to pull back to -107.4mV and now runs at 58°c idle with the 1.5.0 bios update.

                    On a positive note the performance is improved, so I suppose the compromise is justified. I look forward to seeing how everything holds together in the weeks ahead.

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                  @tkcrule: nope .. couldnt get they wouldnt do it for me…


    Question for anyone who hasn't undervolted/tweaked the laptop but updated to the latest BIOS: How's the laptop's performance now? Obviously the prices on this model look tempting but I can't help but feel like it's a cursed one lol.

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      Just had a three-hour session of Battlefield V last night, not one frame drop. Much better now.


    I just noticed there is a firmware update for the original SSD, posted in November. Under the notes "This update enhances the thermal stability of the drive."

    Might be useful for those that still have it fitted and were getting superhot drive temps and corresponding issues?


    Anyone playing cyberpunk 2077 in this? I don't get more than 58 fps with rtx on medium. Tbh, the smoke effect looks pretty bad.
    Rtx ultra on yields around 48-50fps. Any personal experience to get the best settings? Thanks!


      I played about an hour with mine. Maxed out settings at 1080p with RTX off and it ran very smooth. Didn't check frame rate but it felt like it was comfortably running 60fps.

      Enabling RTX with same settings it was playable but looked worse due to the frame rate drop. I tinkered with RTX settings a bit but felt it ultimately looked and played best maxed out with RTX off.

      I was very shocked at how well it played as it's a game which hasn't been optimised for performance very well

      I also noticed some funky issues with smoke..big arrows in the middle at times. Like a placeholder effect.


        Nice, I ended up doing the same. The gameplay and graphics are ok. Fps are around 60, as you said, they haven't optimized it much.

        Funny thing, now I can see gosh trees everywhere when I do scans, haha. Hope they release a patch soon.


          What temps are you getting in Cyberpunk? Mine hovers near 100c even with a -105mv undervolt.


            @schmuppet: around 90 degrees in a 27-degree room. Limit the gpu and you'll get better results.

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    Summer Australian country room temps! no Air con etc so hot ambient!!!

    Currently sitting in the top 5% in 3dmark for 10750H and RTX 2070 (notebook refresh)

    My Fixes, that work and are easy for those not wanting to do the bios undervolt, ! also have everything enabled in bios (all C States turbo etc).

    So I bought this laptop, applied kyronaut and got it 90 degrees, still had 300hz issue occasionally (
    this was the only fix at that point it'd probably be ok using it again with other fixes).

    Sent it back got refund then bought another, applied conductonaut - good times
    now live at 75 degree's and still pull past 100fps @1440 even with an OC graphics. (ran the Nvidia OC scanner in MSI and kept the Ram safely at +900MHZ it goes to the full 7000mhz (desktopRTX) but the +900 is a sweet spot until I replace with thermal grizzly pads)

    Fix 1. Applying conductonaut: Now my Laptop travels, don't be scared by reviews etc, aside from my desk laptop is in backpacks and stored every which way, the way the boards are it is brilliant for applying very safely, just take your time if you aren't used to it.

    Remove main back panel (front two corner screws just lift the panel)
    Unplug main battery
    Then two screws on the rear of the laptop (small and black near exhausts)
    Then that same panel there are 3 screws inside.
    Then lift that out of the way
    Then There is a black plastic piece covering the outputs has 4 screws remove that
    Then follow the Numbers in order to remove heatsink and lift out
    You don't need to remove the Fans but after reinstalling heatsink you will need to undo the far two screws and lightly lift the GPU side fan so the velvet "duct"
    sits back on top.
    Then reverse order put it back together on the very back piece need to hold up the hinge spring when re inserting.

    1. Get circuit board lacquer (jaycar $12) and iso alcohol (jaycar like $8)
    2. grab some q tips/ cotton ear cleaners
    3. Spray lacquer into lid then dip cotton bud in liquid and dab around the CPU and GPU (watch some YouTube vids of conductonaut)
      I do a couple of coats to be 110% sure that worst case It is fully safe, although still no leakage or drops etc and its had a bouncy life so far)
    4. apply conductonaut and its sweet from there.

    Fix 2. I also enabled the max CPU frequency in the power settings
    just use the registry key (think its option 2 just download and run)
    I have ran this from 3.5 to 4.3 with stability

    Fix 3. I also In the registry changed IntelPPM value to 1 so it will throttle down when idle but hold frequency under load (google intelPPM registry and change the 4 to a 1 (plenty of guides)

    This works, no bios, no throttlestop (although I'd love and undervolt still)

    Fix 4. - Battery
    I Sorted a Disable/Enable Script for the RTX so I can get max battery when I'm not on power, just for web and movies etc
    Instructions: just extract it to it's folder, dump the folder in C drive then cut shortcut to start menu folders then pin and easy switching, open once to disable open again to reenable the RTX on the fly.

    TBH: you might be able to get away without the conductonaut however the thermal paste used is rubbish, and if you aren't confident opening the laptop then probably really research it before doing so, it isn't hard though or do other fixes and use Kryonaut paste

    PCcasegear has both the Kyronaut and Conductonaut and think they are like $15 ea.

    In short this Laptop replaced my dedicated gaming PC (as I wanted portability) but something that didn't look fully gamer spec, and could handle what I use it for, it now does all of that with ease and get massive battery life for movies/web with Fix 4.

    Ohh I also uninstalled everything Dell/ Alienware except the update tool, I use HWinfo to monitor and all games full 115W on the RTX 2070.

    Cheers all bit big for my first post.


      Great post mate, cheers. What were your temps before applying the conductonaut? Did you notice any difference between your first laptop and the replacement one you bought?


        2nd one literally never got booted without conductonaut, first one was 100 (stock paste) and lived there and took forever to go down (hence kryo got it to 90) but other fixes werent done

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          I now have the 93rd fastest result!!!.

          Once the heatsink finishes absorbing the conductonaut it will really open up thermals!
          Average temps on test was CPU 61, GPU 66.


      I assume the heatsink is either nickel or copper?


        copper so redo after some time then its settled.

        I've thought about hitting dell up for a cooler to then send off and get nickel plated.

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    Hey guys, I've found a fix for the 2nd SSD bracket if you have access to a 3D printer (or just find someone on facebook marketplace to 3d print it for you, cost me $7 to do so).

    Here's a link to the SLT file:!Al3tEhDOqMNGr4UgZk7lU7eZh_Arlw?e=Y9sVlE

    Works perfectly for me, just make sure it's printed using a relatively thermal resistant material (I used ABS).

    Here's a few pics:


    About 6 weeks ago the lights on my keyboard stopped working, and I can't get them back….any ideas? The light underneath at the front still works, and I can change it's colour etc… in the Alienware Command Center, but nothing happens when I try to change things with the keyboard in the Alienware Command Center. Anyone else had this problem or heard of somebody else having this issue? Anything I could try to get the lights back?