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Bendigo Low Rate Mastercard - $0 Annual Fee for The First Year + $150 Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card ($1000 Spend in 60 Days)


First post , please be gentle. Saw this online. Thought to share the love around.

Low interest rate of 11.99% p.a.

Annual fee of $45 waived for the first year.*

Up to 55 days interest free

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Bendigo Bank

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      true..true..but then how much unsecured credit are you able to borrow at the RBA official rate, mate?

      • but then how much unsecured credit are you able to borrow at the RBA official rate

        I don't borrow off the RBA, but getting 6% on my AMEX.

      • Indeed. I don't care if this card has a 99.99% interest rate or 5%, a True OzBargainer never pays interest on credit cards, full stop.

        People who don't pay their card in full every month either have a 0% BT/purchase rate going on, or are just desperate/can't live within their means.

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    $1000 spend in 60 days.

    Not bad.

  • Thanks OP, decent return on hopefully an easy to apply for card.

  • Annual fee of $45 waived for the first year.*

  • What's the minimum credit limit?

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    From the terms:
    "Offer is not available"…"if you have held a Bendigo Bank credit card product in the last 12 months."

  • wondering if there's any balance transfer fees. Anyone applied for it yet?

    • Asked the staff on the website live chat: No, there isn't.

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    Say you put the full $1000 spend requirement on Woolworths eGift Cards at 5% discount… You'd get $1,202.64 face value = ~16.85% discount.

    • Big Family Christmas Party sorted.

  • It is a good deal. Thanks OP!
    However, after clicking on Apply now on their website, couldn't go beyond providing the credit limit. Continue button didn't work for me. Huh.

    Edit: if update credit limit to 10k then it works. Thanks.

  • Commbank and westpac also have similar spend $1000 and get cashback offers for those interested. :)

    • You're right. Now if only you could pair up a Westpac credit card with this:

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      Looks like neither have their annual fees waived off, but then their cashback is 200 instead of 150, so same same

      • That's true. The others are broader on what you can spend your bonus cash on tho, and you get longer to meet the requirements too, hence I'll probably go the westpac out of these two.
        If you had high outgoings though I guess you could easily run both

        • Why Westpac? Nothing against either, just wondering maybe you saw something or some feature I missed.

          • @dealmaker: Nah only what i touched on above. Bonuses paid in Cash and on your credit card are just more flexible if you want to spend your promo funds elsewhere :)

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    Nothing has really come close to the kogan credit card $500 spend on kogan.com deal. I know not everyone likes kogan, but it has been really good for some people I know who got that offer.
    It is still giving $300 which is decent.

    • I love that deal but I got rejected

  • Keep getting knocked back despite a good credit rating and employment.

  • Do credit card knockbacks go on your credit history?

    • Everytime you apply for a credit card, the credit card provider does a credit check which gets added to your credit history.

  • Thanks OP for the deal, I'll consider it, I would prefer cash rather than a gift card thou for my trouble.

  • What is the minimum income?

  • Comments re-opened by request.

  • anyone received the gift card so far ?

  • Not yet. I hit the min spend in a week or two and have received my first statement already. Still waiting…

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