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5x Rewards Points + 1,000 Rewards Points @ BWS Online (No Minimum Spend, Activation Required)


Saw this in my rewards app, pretty good deal considering no minimum spend. 1000 points = $5. Don't forget cashback

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  • Thanks, I've ordered online and received 5x rewards points + 1000 additional points, WOW great deal…..

  • Nice OP, just checked my app and I got $60 min spend for $5 off + the 1000 points.

    Lucky you!

  • Can anyone confirm if this works with ShopBack?

    • +1

      Yea, it will work as no coupon required. Don't use bws app

  • Too bad they're overpriced to begin with.

    • Pretty odd that Dan Murphy's and BWS are both owned by woollies, but DM is always much cheaper.

      • +2

        Dan murphys is wharehouse sort of buy in bulk etc etc ( cheaper rent ) bws is retail prime location ( more rent eg westfield / major traffic / shopping areas ) small retail quantities

    • +1

      Can get a free $5 bottle of wine 🤷‍♂️

      • Be my guest, ;)

      • You can use this multiple times too 🤷‍♂️

        • The 5x offer is for multiple purchases, the 1000 points is only once per account according to the t&cs.. However it's still saying I'll get 1000 points when adding something to my cart, doubt they would honour that though!

  • Does this count if I buy say a $2 pourer?

    • +1

      There is no minimum purchase….

      • I figured there'd probably be some hidden thing to say alcohol only.. apparently not says I'll collect 1002 points

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          don't forget 5x points so that'd be 1010 points in your case ;)

          • @RobinWyt: The 5x points doesn't seem to show up when placing an order.. Not really worth chasing up I think.

  • my email said spend $40 get $5 back

    for some reason my order got $10 off a $60 order, plus 1160 points!

    lockdown has its benefits