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Fragrance Free Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent 32 Loads $1 Delivered @ Spacewhite


Introducing our NEW Spacewhite eco-friendly laundry sheets.

Zero-waste hypoallergenic laundry sheets containing concentrated, planet-friendly washing detergent that’s gentle on skin and fabric.

For only $1 you can try our awesome eco-friendly laundry alternatives. If you love them, choose to subscribe and never run out. Replace your everyday products with Spacewhite - changing the way you clean, while saving you money. The newer, kinder way to clean.

*Please select "Buy Once" for this deal
Standard Laundry Sheets - Fragrance Free - 32 loads
Code: TRYNEW35

Stain & Odour Laundry Sheets - Fragrance Free - 32 loads
Code: TRYNEW36

Terms & Conditions:
$1 offer applies to 1 unit only
1 purchase per customer
Offer expires Friday 21-08-2020

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  • Can you make the ordering so it’s a one time order, rather than a subscription?

    • +1

      Select the "Buy Once" button

    • +3

      I just ordered one and there's a "Buy Once" option below "Subscribe & Never Run Out!"

  • +1

    Cheers, happy to give these a go!

  • +31

    Also @spacewhite, you might want to change the delivery cause I somehow got free Express delivery on my order. Just wanted to let you know cause I know that'll cost a fair bit if everyone chooses it.

    • +9

      Thank you for that. We have disabled express shipping for now.

    • -20

      "Somehow" got free express shipping. Because you selected it.

      Would've been valiant if you hadn't exploited it yourself first.

      • +7

        I know you are simply trying to be a smart-ass but they couldn't have confirmed the bug without actually trying it.

    • Respek

    • 👍

  • Bought one of each product. Thanks.

    • says 1 purchase per customer.

    • +15

      All good. Welcome to buy one of each and see which one you like.

  • +3

    Thanks! If this is effective then it will really be a game changer :)

  • Bought one, it will be perfect when I can travel end of next year

  • Bought one of each product. Thanks!

    • Same, said 1 per person so hopefully that applies to each type.

  • +2

    paypal checkout doesn't work

    • Worked for me

      • +1

        i ended up using cc

    • Fixed. Please try again.

      • yes it just worked for me. Had to refresh the page once as the site is getting hammered.

  • Ozbargained

    Edit: working again now

  • +2

    bought to try.
    what's a typical load for 1 sheet? 8kg?

    • One laundry sheet is suitable for small washes. For extra cleaning power, add an extra sheet, for larger loads(like bedding), add a third sheet.

      • Thanks but an 8kg washer can fit multiple bedding sheets. Is there a recommended weight per space white sheet?

        • +1

          1-2 sheets are good enough for clothing, bedding always need to add another one.
          We recommend 1 sheet for 2.5 KG of clothings. 3 Sheets are strong enough for full 8kg washing machine.

  • Thanks, ordered, happy to try!

  • "You cannot use this voucher with these products"

    • +2

      Codes are specific to each product. Likely you have copied the code for one product, and opened the link for another - check the post.

    • Works with 32 sheets fragrance free - buy once

  • Thanks, will try.

  • bought to try this new tech

  • Thanks OP

  • TRYNEW36 doesn't work for the second link

  • +1

    Thanks - keen to try both. Have been looking for eco + animal friendly home products.

  • never seen that "verification" sms that was sent when i checked out

  • +1

    Thanks OP, order has been placed. Are these products made in Australia?

  • anyone got confirmation email?

    • +1

      Went to my junk folder.

    • Yes

    • Nooo

      • +1

        I still haven’t received the email. I checked my junk folder and it is not there … hope it is just a glitch on my order

    • +5

      Sorry we have received too many new orders. Our email server is queuing up to send. You will receive confirmation email very shortly.

      • thanks OP - I’ll wait

      • got the confirmation email! - looking forward to receiving the item and trying it out ^_^

  • Wow thanks OP. Very keen to try and recommend.

  • Code doesn't work for scented sheets, @OP is it meant to be that way?

    • Yes it clearly says the codes are only for the fragrance free sheets

  • Thanks OP, just bought one of each for $2. Eager to give it a go. Cheers!

  • Hi OP please correct me if I'm wrong. This is a washing detergent embedded in a sheet? What is your biggest size and how much is it?

  • Thanks got one of each

  • Thank you. If these work as described you have yourself a new subscription customer.

  • Thanks OP

  • thanks happy to give it a crack n if works may subscribe :)

  • Thanks, got a pack. Just Fyi, was getting an error because my last name has a space in it, might want to allow spaces on surnames.

    • More generally, it's preferred to just have a "name" field, unless you have a specific reason to seperate given and surnames. For that matter, it should be given name not first name, and surname not last name (some cultures use the family name as the first name).


    • +2

      Fixed. We allow spaces on surnames now =)

  • -1

    "You cannot use this voucher with these products" looks like Ozbargained.

    • Happened to me too, but I did it on my Laptop and it worked

    • +1

      The codes don't work on the scented ones.

  • Just ordered. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, I have ordered one of each. Excited to test it out :)

  • Thanks for this, much appreciated.
    Always keen to try out new ways to wash clothes without harsh chemicals going down the drain.

  • Happy to try out, would be good for camping too

  • thanks OP will try !

  • You cannot use this voucher with these products


    Trying to order Spacewhite®
    Standard Laundry Sheets

    • only fragrance free and buy once.

  • Thanks!
    Tried to pay with debit card, but it takes very long to load. But, Paypal works fine.

  • Thanks , ordered one of each :)

  • Hmm, how can it be more space saving to have powder embedded in sheets than pure powder? Is this a kind of "dehydrated water" trick?

    • I think these sheets work like breath strips, so the detergent ingredients are made into thin film sheets using binding agents. They are then stored in a what looks like a recyclable paper container.

    • Laundry powder may contains SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate), fillers, synthetic fragrances, bleaches, dyes, high sodium content and zeolites, those ingredients would cause skin irritants or harm our environment.

      However, our laundry sheet main ingredients are plant-derived, which means it’s vegan, planet-friendly and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, the manufacturing process makes our laundry sheet’s eco cleaning agent to be super concentrated, thus we can put 32 loads laundry sheet into a tiny box (18.3cm x 11.3cm x 1.9cm), which is much small than 30 loads laundry powder box (19.7cm x 18.2cm x 9.1cm).

  • Neither checkout method is working for me…

  • Thanks OP!

  • Purchased one of each. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Site crashed

    • +2

      Sorry, too much traffics. Fixed now.

      • Still down. Will try again tomorrow.

  • -1

    Just make sure to log out of paypal. The site keeps you logged in, so I went through the order process again just to log out, dumb.

    • why not just go to and log out rather than going through the order process again

      • Yeah well, didn't have my afternoon coffee.

  • Thank you. Purchased.

  • How does this compare cost per wash to something like aware? What size wash does each sheet support etc.

  • -1

    I get stuck at the end of the checkout process. Shame, I've been tempted to try this for a while.

    • What's the problem? We can fix that for you.

      • After I enter all the details and click submit, the yellow button turns into a spinning circle, and a green pulsing circle appears overlaid on the page…. forever.

        Tried 2 different browsers.

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