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Inkbird 2400W ITC-308 Wi-Fi Digital Temperature Controller + BBQ Thermometer Pen $59.75 Delivered @ Inkbird eBay


Aug 17-Aug 20(Last 2 days Left! )
1.Buy ITC-308 WIFI,Get thermometer Pen 1cfor Free ! $59.75 Delivered 28%OFF
2.IBT-2X+thermometer pen 1c $44.25 Delivered 25%OFF
Aug 24-Aug 27(Not Start Yet )
1.Buy 1P,Get the case for free $33.5 Delivered 40%OFF
2.Buy WIFI Thermometer 4T,Get the case for Free $125 Delivered 24%OFF

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  • Do these work well with an oil heater? I would have thought the change in temp on those was too slow for a device like this


      It could work with oil heater.100~240Vac,50/60Hz

      • Yeah but the issue isn't the power input, it's how long after switching power on/off that the oil takes to adjust temperature. I thought it might confuse the inkbird to have such a long delay? Have you tried it?

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          It will turn on/off heater at once if temp is below the setting temp as long as you don't set delay protection value.

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          It'll work, but there's obviously going to be a little 'bounce' in the room temp because you aren't measuring the oil directly. Not a lot though.

          As the room temp changes (I reckon faster than the oil cools) the 'temp on' setting will come on and turn on the heater. It all depends on how insulated the room is, and what size your heater is (too big and you'll get more bounce due to overheating).

          The inkbird won't "get confused" because all its measuring is the room. It doesn't know what or how the heater is heating it.

  • The "1.Buy 1P,Get the case for free $33.5 Delivered 40%OFF" is only available shipped from China?