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SCA 5 Shelf Unit Powder Coated 350kg - 2 for $149.98 @ Supercheap Auto


These seem to be good solid shelves. Haven't bought them myself so can't vouch for them personally, however if their build quality is like Bunnings, they're a great price.

Edit Dimensions:
1220mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 1830mm (H)
350kg per shelf

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  • I bought 2 of these last year and they are solid. Heavy as but really well built.

    • Got some earlier this year, same promo. They are good. Just be sure to either let them air out, or build them somewhere with ventilation, as they have a 'factory' smell. Took a day with window open to dissipate.

      • I painted the MDF shelves which solved that. I don't wake up saying "I love the smell of formaldehyde in the morning…" I have several of these in my house and I don't want those fumes around the family.

  • Any idea on the size of these?

    • 1220mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 1830mm (H).

    • their website is so poor re details…. I found this in the reviews..

      As SCA have no sizes on the product page, and haven't done so after all the reviews…Here they are.
      1220mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 1830mm (H).

      350kg per shelf.

      You're welcome

  • Should I buy this for myself or is this 2 shelf-ish

    • I like it, I can't work out if it would have been funnier if you said myshelf first?

  • Thanks OP, got some, have these in the garden shed and they are great, getting for garage now. Taking the $14 one back I got from bunnings lastnight

  • 1 less shelf but you can get 4 of these for that price

    • So each one of those gets you 1m2 of shelf space, this one gets you 2.44m2 per 1
      That bunnings one $39m2, this SCA one $30.74m2
      Never mind the fact the SCA ones carry over twice the weight per shelf.

  • I have similar units with MDF shelves bought from Bunnings.

    I painted the MDF before assembly as I was concerned about moisture absorption. Despite sealing them the MDF has still sagged a bit over a 12 month period.

    I do have some weight on them but nowhere near the 50kg limit of the Bunnings unit.

    • Turn your shelves over periodically.

    • got a pic of the sagging?

      yeah not a fan of mdf, which if absorbs moisture or water
      then it is ruined

      • It's down about 5-10mm in 18 months. I've probably got 4 x 10kg buckets of scrap metal on them spread evenly. It isn't going to collapse soon but I regret not paying the extra for the wire shelves.

  • Bunnings:

    1500 x 810 x 310mm
    160kg per shelf


    1220mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 1830mm (H)
    350kg per shelf

    I bought these, thanks.

    I don't have any insurances with Suncorp anymore but I can still use them to buy 8% SCA giftcards.

    Plus 2.1% cashback from CR and 3% from my CRO card.

  • This one may be closer to match with for $120 at bunnings

    I think it was on sale before for $99 each.

  • Just get longspan shelving from gumtree or marketplace, either bunnings or sca shelves are garbage.

    • They are decently priced on Amazon, too late I already ordered the SCA ones.

      SCA ones had great reviews so oh well.

      I might grab one of those Longspan workbench to go with the SCA shelves.

    • Overkill for residential garages.

      • No such thing as overkill when it comes to storage

        • I don't know man, a comparable Longspan shelf is 2.6x the price. That's a lot just to hold my box of old Ralph magazines.

  • Also if you have Youi insurance extra 10% off gift cards so it would come down to $135

  • These wouldnt even fit two 50-60L tubs per shelf it seems.