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Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker $240.08 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


EDIT 2 - Unfortunately the price has reverted back to the original $399.00. It was a bargain at $240.08 for the incredible sound quality and features.

EDIT - Not much interest in this post but the price has slowly crept up in true Amazon style. Currently $247.19 which is still a bargain.


  • 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge
  • utilises Blumlein Stereo Sound construction for a multi-directional experience
  • silicone exterior, steel metal grille and an IPX4 water-resistant rating, making it rugged and durable (not roadworthy though, don't believe the Amazon description)
  • USB-C charging (cable included)

Free expedited international delivery with Amazon Prime.

Cheaper than:

  • Surf Stitch - $399.99 (free delivery)
  • Expansys - $279.99 + delivery (cheapest is 58.96; you have several options: https://www.expansys.com.au/delivery/)
  • JB Hi-Fi - $399 + delivery (free Click & Collect)
  • Domayne - $499 + (expect free delivery and a hug at this price)
  • TechCart - $290.94 + delivery
  • B&H Photo Video - US$199.99 + taxes (possibly) + international delivery

Is this the right speaker for you? How does it compare to the other speakers from brands like UE (Ultimate Ears), JBL, Sony, BOSE etc? These reviews might help you:

There are countless more reviews on the internet including other YouTube reviewers if you want to delve further.

As this is Ozbargain, I looked into cheaper prices and made this discovery.

There are two websites where the speaker is cheaper but I decided not to buy from them. I've never heard of either.

IWOOT is a UK website, which is fine, but I've never purchased anything from them and I felt more comfortable buying through Amazon. Further to that, the website lists both the Stockwell 1 and Stockwell 2 for the same price which doesn't make sense.

Zavvi AU appears to sell toys, comic books and collectibles so again, I felt more comfortable buying through Amazon. Further to that, Ozbargain says "This store is currently BANNED from store representative posts" which makes me more skeptical. And further to that again, the website lists both the Stockwell 1 and Stockwell 2 for the same price which doesn't make sense.

As you can see, these two websites have a lot of similarities. Are they the same company?

If people can vouch for these two websites, please comment below and I'll happily modify my post to remove Amazon and add these websites instead.


A$208.99 + delivery which is either:
* Standard Delivery £3.99 (5-9 Working Days), or
* Tracked Delivery £9.99 (4-8 Working Days).

Zavvi AU

A$208.99 + delivery which is either:
* Standard Delivery A$7.99 (5-10 Business Days), or
* Tracked Delivery A$18.99 (4-9 Business Days).

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  • Volume goes to 11?

  • what about the warranty in Australia as it is an UK Product?

    • That's definitely an issue and a risk, but I feel like it's low on both accounts. I've bought stuff off Amazon US and Amazon UK before and rarely had issues. The few issues I had were resolved very quickly and satisfactorily. I had no hesitation buying this gem when the price was right.

      International warranty issues are also discussed in another post that shows the Google Pixel 4a on sale from Amazon US. Yeah I know US is not the same as UK but both are Amazon International purchases via AU. The discussion might interest you. Keep scrolling to the end.