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Blueskysea B1W Wi-Fi Mini Dash Cam $67.99 Delivered @ AUBaiklov via Amazon AU


Hi Ozbargain,

Deals up again for the next hour or so for anyone that missed out last time;

Decent Dash cam

Super capacitor, good for Aussie heat
Full HD
Wifi so you can download your footage straight to your phone without messing with SD cards

Bought one for the wife 1 year ago and still going strong, pretty happy at the price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • A few reviews say can’t read number plates.

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      Won't expect too much for a $67 dollar unit, as long as it runs fine and records most of the routes, then it is ok to use for most drivers. If you look for more detail and better quality, blackvue, viofo is the choice to go, but of course with higher price tag.

  • Gone. I can only waitlisted. How do we pay for it? Paid it now

  • Great price

  • Not available

  • Already 100% claimed.

  • One thing that annoys me with this dashcam is that its time and date sometimes goes out of sync and you have to connect via your mobile to resync it.

    Not ideal if you have to use a footage as evidence but time and date stamp isn't correct.

    • Did you manually check footage timestamp and compare? I never thought it would be an issue but now I would sync with phone just to make sure

      • I rarely check footages and one time I went to copy recorded footages of the usual idiots on the road and date stamp showed some ridiculous year.

    • Happens all the time and I can never work out what triggers it. I'm hoping there can be a firmware update to correct this.


        It was solved in the newer batches, which comes with a small RTC cell battery on its PCB!

    • Yup , mine now showing a 2015 date. Thought it could have been something you set in the app

      • Interestingly, mine was also showing Sep-2015 date couple of days back, before I reset it to the right date.

  • Prices of these certainly have gone up. I bought 2 for $120 a few years ago.

    Very happy with them, from memory they read number plates fine?

  • dammit all gone.

  • Gone in few mins. Didn't last long. She will be disappointed.

  • For those that missed out try Ali express. I paid $62 with hardware kit last week.

    • That is a great price. Aliexpress shipping is a bit of a concern atm. My mate just received his Mi band after 3.5 months that is how bad it is

      • Still considering lucky. Mine has never arrived.

      • Yes it took ages for me to get some other stuff I ordered Abt 3 months ago from another seller but it's now getting back to normal. I just received another order I bought 3 weeks ago..

  • I got one a few deals ago but it doesnt seem to like recording more than a day. Its set to over record etc but after a day or two it just has blank squares instead of playback videos , - any ideas ???


      How about it when you playback it on a computer?

    • Might be faulty. I've had mine for over a year and it has been working okay.. Have you tried ruling out the SD card?

  • Any other similar priced and performance dash cams?
    Annoyed I missed out for a car I just bought😂
    Or anyone tell me if this is going on special again…

  • I just got it and install with. Anyone knows why it keeps making beep beep… beep beep noise constantly?


      It indicates that it cannot read your card. You should format the card in the app after WiFi connection with your phone!

      • Thanks, I have replaced it with new card and works fine. But it is now interferes with FM radio signal when I drive in regional area though I have turned off the wifi. Not so bad comparing when wifi is on but still annoying. I checked google and apperantly an issue that is not easy to fix. I don't know if it happens with other brand. I have Xiaomi 70 and no issue.


          Might RF tape be an ideal solution for Radio interference. You can wrap its cable with this RF Cable and give it a try!