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15% Off All Tyres @ Tyroola


I'm in the market for a new set of tyres. I've found Tyroola/SCA to have the cheapest prices, along with Tempe Tyres (depending on shipping costs). Hopefully I can get mycar to match their prices, and score their free Tyre Care Plan. And wishfully they also match CR's cashback and Youi's gift card discount =D

Update 1: Called SCA about paying for the tyres with SCA gift cards (10% off through Youi), and they're not even answering the phones. The recording blames it on covid.

Update 2: The coupon code also works on SCA's website.

Update 3: Got my new tyres today. Not from Tyroola, but using it as leverage to get a 4-for-3 deal from Bridgestone (unadvertised AFAIK, though no doubt authorised).

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  • Got a decent deal when there wasn't the 3 for 4 deals I was looking for. Got four Goodyear F1 Aysmetric 5 for just a hair under 700 delivered and installed by a mobile tyre guy

    • Through Tyroola, SCA or Tempe?

      • Tyroola. Same tyres for Tempe was about $744 installed.

        First time using Tyroola

        • Sounds like you didn't have as much trouble with them as others here…

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            @wisdomtooth: Well I might be getting ahead of myself. When I say installed, I mean it's paid for in the price; the tyres aren't on my car yet….

            So we'll see how they got but I'll leave a comment on my experience here either way

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      • Goodyear hate law enforcement and patriots.

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    Whenever I get a good price on Tyroola, I just call around the manufacturers and see what they can do. Often get cheaper. Also not a fan of Tyroola, twice they took money and then had to cancel, that and they don't budge at all once item is sold.

    • The manufacturers?? Or the tyre shops? (JAX, Bob Jane, mycar, etc)

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        All. I was trying to buy from Tryoola for the second time, and they cancelled my order after holding my money for 4 days and refund taking another 3 days, I called Jax/Bob/KTAS/Bridgestone, and for my tyre size bridgestone got me the best price, even better than Tyroola after I told them what I was going to get (Michelin)

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    If anyone is keen to order through tyroola, let me know, I'm ready to go so if we can get a few the mates rates thing makes it very favourable

    • Im interested

    • Me too

    • Keen, couldnt send a DM but someone message me their friends link and ill purchase tonight.

    • Im also interested :)

    • Can someone DM me their link?

      • Also after a link if there is another one going around. Thanks!!

    • mate rates only apply for full tyres price… if you got a discount or your mate use discount code too… they won't honor it.

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    Tyroola are horrible if something goes wrong with your order. Support is hard to reach as they never answer their phone

    • Would it be better through SCA?

      • What tyres are you after?

        • I need 245/55R19, so I'm down to these:

          • DUNLOP GRANDTREK PT3 ($183 @ SCA)
          • BRIDGESTONE DUELER H/L 400 ($195 @ Tempe)
          • MICHELIN PRIMACY SUV ($209 @ Tempe)
    • i agree , i had horrible experience with their support . Also their tyre delivery times are way off(~ 5 - 6 days) . So dont buy if you are in a hurry and refund took forever

  • I had my car service done yesterday and was told to replace my 3 year old rear tyres , so I am looking for tyres too but don't know where to look for best prices/brand as this is first time I am shopping for tyres , also if its a better deal to buy 4 tyres even though I need 2 ?

    I am looking for 225/45R18 tyres for my Camry

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      First timer too. It seems to me the best deal is checking the prices at Tyroola/SCA and Tempe Tyres (don't waste time with or other online "discount" tyre shops), and get better service shops—JAX, Bob Jane, Bridgestone, mycar, etc—to match them. Depending where you quote, they'll want to add Tyroola's shipping charge (which is free for metro areas). What you do miss in that case is the (up to) 50% cashback Tyroola/SCA offer for referrals (details in this post's footnotes). OTOH, mycar offers free puncture fixing and roadside assistance (in their vicinity).

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        @wisdomtooth Thanks a lot for your tyre wisdom, Will start. making some calls to these guys

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        Would've liked to go with mycar but I thought their selection was pretty limited. I couldn't be bothered to find out if they could source other tyres

        • The reps on the phone were pretty particular—wouldn't even match Kumho KL21, which is still included in their tyre tread guarantee—but the guy at the shop said they can get pretty much any tyre. So, idk

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      Don't put your new tyres on the rear, get them to rotate your old tyres to back and have your new tyres on the front.
      What tyres are you currently running?

      • Thanks for the tip @Reggienator, I wouldn't have known about this :-), I don't know what tyres Camry runs on. It's a new car bought in 2016

        • All tyre sites let you search by car make, model and year. Pretty soon you get the hang of the tyre specs.

  • I would avoid these guys have tried to purchase tyres from them a couple of times & on each occasion i have had to chase them up to see where tyres are as delivery date has passed - apparently they were out of stock of the tyres i purchased but nobody contacted me. You cant call them due to Covid & only contactable via email which they take 24hrs to reply to. Luckily the last time was via afterpay so i got them to cancel the order.
    Went to Tempe tyres in Granville/Parra & was looked after on the spot

    • i had similar experience , they delivered almost 10 days later than promised and i tried stopping the delivery as i bought tyres else where, and they wanted 50$ for restocking

      it's really hard to get support to resolve anything , its been more than two months i am still chasing for refund

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    Update 1: Called SCA about paying for the tyres with SCA gift cards (10% off through Youi), and they're not even answering the phones. The recording blames it on covid.

    Isn't the ability to purchase those gift cards temporarily suspended in the Youi app? In any case, let us know how you go, would like to know the answer too.

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      It is. I'm hoping it'll come back in the next few days. Regardless, just wanted to know if they accept them to use as leverage in negotiating with brick+mortar tyre stores.

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        SCA gift card wont work on tyres for some reason , i tried last time

        • Yeah, confirmed, just tried it myself, and they don't honour their gift cards on tyre sales bc "it's handled by a 3rd party" (Tyroola, of course). I don't remember seeing that exclusion anywhere on their site, so if anyone feels like picking up on them with AAAC, it seems a slam dunk.

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            @wisdomtooth: they have this in their terms

            3.2. You acknowledge that the Gift Card may not be used:
            3.2.5. for the purchase of tyres or any services supplied by outbound partners.

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    Hi All,

    We can certainly help with any stock requests. Occasionally due to us being an Australian wide online company our stock does sell out quickly. If this happens we contact the buyer as soon as possible and try to source an alternative or instantly refund the purchase if required.

    One of the perks we offer with our purchase is our 2 years Road Hazard Protection plan which you don't get in a lot of places! If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

    Unfortunately as per SCA gift card terms and conditions, tyre purchases are exempt. However we do offer Afterpay, Zippay, Bpay and credit card as other payment options!

    We hope we have answered everyone's queries, but if anyone has any concerns at all, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] Our phone lines will be back up and running as of next week and you will again be able to talk to one of our friendly agents.

    Regards, Tyroola!

  • Are there any buy 3 get one free deals on car tyres at the moment?
    They seemed to be quite regular at one stage.
    Doing a search all I found was some 4WD tyres & Kuhmo offering it at the moment.

    • Bob Jane Tmart has 25% of bridgestone , i think works out same as buy 3 get 1

    • Hi Gaz,

      We have some tyres on a BUY 4 PAY 3 deals at present, please check out our website for the brands available Cheers, Tyroola

      • Hi, Thanks for the message. This appears to be only on the Austone, Powertrac, Jinyu brands - is that correct?

  • would be a good deal if free shipping was included also ;) ;)

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      Hi Crazycat,

      Tyroola offers free shipping dependant on certain selections.

      1. The tyre you choose must be located and available for delivery in a warehouse in the same Metropolitan area as you are.
      2. You must have chosen to have your tyres delivered to one of our affiliated fitting stations for fitment.

      With our home shipping, we have reduced the shipping costs to only $5 a tyre when you are located in the same Metropolitan area as the tyre you have purchased. If the tyre, or your delivery address is not located within the same Metropolitan area, charges are calculated accordingly.

      For information relating to this promotion, please click the Learn More link underneath each tyre with free shipping advertised.

      Thank you for contacting us, and if we can be of further assistance with your tyre selection please let us know.
      Regards, Tyroola.

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    Can highly recommend the Winrun R330 for a great budget tyre. Have them on an FG Falcon and a VE SS :-)

    • I was tempted, but saw so much negative comments against cheap Chinese tyres from reviewers I follow that I ended up going for a big brand (Bridgestone).

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      if your preference is cheap tyres, I would suggest you go for brick and mortar store.

      if things gone south, at least you can get them to accountable for.

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    thanks ordered; used ref link; hope that helps someone.

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    I ordered a set of pirelli dragon sports when this deal was live. It arrived at the mobile tyre changers shop today and they came out same day to fit them. Against the other negative comments my experience with tyroola so far has been great.