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[PS4, XB1] PGA Tour 2K21 for $68 @ Harvey Norman / Amazon AU


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    No deals on the switch version?


      Good one


        I am hurtin

        Edit: turns out the Switch version is $69 on Amazon

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    Marge: Now I know you love video games, and I asked the clerk which is
    the one every boy wants —
    Bart: [opening it] [gasps] You got me —
    ["Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge"]
    [Bart sees Marge is smiling]
    [with forced enthusiasm] Oh, yeah! Thanks, Mom.

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      Would you like to play again?

      You have selected no

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    Look I never cared about golf, but seeing PGA Tour without Tiger Woods attached to it was weird enough, seeing it with a giant 2K logo makes me sad. Sorry for your loss, golf fans.


      You could say they're out of the woods.


    If it’s better than The Golf Club 2019 (its predecessor), it’s going to be some game.

    Off to get it now.


    I've been left scorn on every golf game on the PS4. will have to wait and see how this one plays out

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      Rory McIlroy PGA Tour was quite the let down wasn't it


    Just purchased this with click and collect through JB for a dollar more as i want to play on the weekend. Should be fun.


    2K is asking for $99.95 for Steam version…. hard pass for now

    Also hoping its not like their NBA & WWE pathetic cash grabs.


    Here are the reviews, for anyone interested in having a quick look.


    (For GameSpot to give the game an 8/10, it must be something special!)

    Licencing is a bit meh. 12 pro male golfers, you can only verse them not play as them. You can create a female player, but no female pros to verse. Watching IGN's video review, career mode is lacking a fair bit.

    I think $68 is great for the game, especially if you're a fan of the sport.

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    Picked this up yesterday from jb the girl behind the counter said they were sold out i asked her which versions were sold out and she had a look in the draw and there was 1 copy for xbox which was what I wanted anyway. I have started a career and am liking the controls better than previous versions chipping and putting are easier and being able to adjust spin and shape of shots is nice. It would have been nice to have real pga players as playable characters as opposed to having to create your own though.