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[Switch] Hori Split Pad Pro $66.64 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Got this on the last deal. This is a bit more expensive but includes free shipping.

Great alternative to joycons.

Normal retails at EB games for $99.95

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Oh gosh!!

    I just bought another controller..

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    Great price and a great controller!

    Light, large and comfortable.

    No wireless, no NFC, no IR, no rumble, no motion controls.

    • So these only work in handheld mode then?

  • was actually considering this controller but decided not as no rumble, motion controls.

    I saw a post there are new versions going to be release but not sure if have extra features.

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      I don't miss the rumble and no, the new version is just a new skin. It's the same controller otherwise.

  • CHEAP !!!

  • Says shipped from UK and charges a $10 delivery fee even with Prime membership?

    • +1

      No extra charge here prime member.

  • Already bought satisfye grip 😕… it’s great deal

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    I play exclusively handheld and with these for Overwatch and NBA 2K, recommend

  • Anyone tried these with Rocket League? Is the lack of rumble jarring?

    • I seriously love the HD rumble, but admittedly barely noticed it was missing.

      Swapping back to something with the HD rumble afterwards is more jarring than it's absence.

      • It's just because in Rocket League, the rumble is a big part of the gameplay. They patched the game once where they heavily reduced the frequency and intensity of rumble and it majorly threw me off.

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          Ah fair enough, admittedly I don't have Rocket League so it is a bit more of a generalized comment.

          I've been playing Daemon X Machina a lot, and it offers some great feedback through rumble, for hit detection, as well as gunfire from your own weapons - but still didn't really notice it was absent.

          I guess the easiest way to test would be disable rumble completely from the Switch system menu and play a bit of Rocket League to see how it feels before pulling the trigger on the Split Pad Pro.

          The full sized analogues make a world of difference to handheld play though.

          • @Benbenbenben: Thanks for the info 👍

            • @Ninternet: No worries, sorry to only go generalized after you asked for specifically Rocket League feedback!

              I am genuinely curious and started googling to find out about the implementation in Rocket League now however couldn't find much.

              Can I ask how it is used in Rocket League that makes such a big difference? Many thanks!

              • @Benbenbenben: For anyone curious I did a bit more googling and swapping 'rumble' to 'vibration' as my search word and found the main gripe for folks is in relation to boosting. Rumble gives you more instantaneous feedback as to when you've run out of boost, as well as when you hit the boost pads around the arena.

                Fair enough in that regard, if you can just feel when you've run out of boost rather than have to dart your eyes down to the boost meter I can see how that would make a difference in a competitive game.

    • Not related to this controller, I recently started playing RL on PC instead of switch, there is a world of difference. I never noticed it when I played switch but after playing on PC it is like driving a boat, you press buttons and the car reacts a long time later. I can't go back now.

      • Just out of curiosity, do you ever power down or restart your switch? I tend to build up input lag over time on switch, then upon a restart notice no input lag at all. Granted, I have not played on PC, but I'm curious if this would make a difference for you

        • Only when I run into an actual issue that forces me to restart it, maybe once every few months.

          The most noticeable difference is the loading times - I'm always first in waiting for everyone else to join, where as switch can take 15-20 secs just to load a map. I didn't play ranked on Switch but I would have been a B3/S1, I'm now a G3/P1 on PC and can just do things so much better, although also practicing a bit rather than just playing.

  • +1

    Odd, it's popping up as postage on top for me as well just from looking at the product page. I also got one last time though so didn't bother to dummy up an order this time to see if it disappears.

    Last time the only carrying case I was aware of was that DJ controller case, but thought it worth mentioning there is a carrying case from Butterfox that specifically accommodates to the Split Pad Pro now:


    Also for posterity this is the DJ case I referred to:


    • Are you using the app or logging onto from your PC.

      I tried using the app and it charged me shipping but when i used my PC to log on it worked.

      • Ya through the app on my phone, forced it to load in Google chrome (still on my phone) and unfortunately same deal.

        Awesome/odd if it gets removed on a PC browser, I'll have a look later on out of curiosity if it's the same on the PC for me to try and help/give a bit more clarity, saving $10 on postage is great.

    • Which case did u get Ben. I like the butterfox case personally but the shipping kills the price.

      Edit - oh can get it with free international shipping over $49 now… Now to find something for $20.

      • I never ended up purchasing one in the end hehe!

        I almost went with the DJ case (before I saw the Butterfox one), but much like yourself I was struggling justify the postage cost.. or to otherwise find anything else I needed from the US Amazon to make it all qualify for free postage.

        I usually throw my Switch with regular joycon + current case into a bigger bag when I'm heading out anyways. So it's no big deal to just chuck my split pad pro into a compartment of the bag and bring them too.

        I am heavily leaving towards the Butterfox case at the moment though, since it's a bit more purpose built for the Switch with cable/pouch and game card slots.

      • Hey, just an FYI, I realised that even though the controller is UK and the case is US buying them together activates the free shipping so no need to find something else.

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    Does not include Motion Controls, HD Rumble, NFC, or IR camera.

    • +1

      What's the point then?

  • +1

    I just tried again via Amazon app and no shipping charge.

    • Yes. For unknown reason even orders over $49 from Amazon US + Delivery fee through web browser but free delivery via Amazon app.

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    No battery inside, no HD Rumble or rumble at all, No NFC. Yet it’s so expensive? How about no?

    • +4

      It's built for a specific use case - hand-held gameplay. It's definitely more comfortable then normal joy cons but yes, not for everyone. Still cheaper then joycons.

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      It has programmable buttons at the rear in case you didn’t know.

    1. They have no battery.
    2. They have no wireless function.
    3. They have no motion.
    4. They have no rumble.
    5. They have no IR or Amiibo support.
    • +4

      Yep. I always play handheld. Hd rumble is usually implemented so poorly I actually find it annoying to have on. I don't need amiibo, they are useless or nearly useless for 95% of the games I own. Not being able to detach when lying in bed injured sucks though.

      These have better analogue and buttons.
      They probably don't get joycon drift.
      They are cheaper.

      So the pros outweigh the cons to me.

      Prob doesn't fit in my slim tomtoc though.

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    Was super keen on these until I realised that they could only be used while in handheld mode.

  • +1

    Bought one. Thanks. The original split controllers are too small and hands get tired in less than 30 mins

  • I have this controller purchased it day 1 for $100. Love it haven't used my joycons not even once after. At this special price it's worth it.

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    Just a heads up that these controllers are not compatible with firmware 10+ remapping button feature as discussed in this subreddit…


    - …
    - HORI Split Pad Pro Daemon X Machina….

    So if you like setting up your Switch controllers to mimick your PS or Xbox configuration, no cigar unfortunately.

    • Thanks so up to 9 only…

  • -2

    Honest question, I've got a Switch V1 with 4 games, what is a reasonable price I can sell them for ?

    • Do your research here - depending on the serial number of your console, it may be worth significantly more than a new one. Older consoles can be modified with custom firmware, newer ones can't - people are selling just the console itself (no joycons, dock etc) for $400+. Full kits (charger, dock, joycons etc) are sometimes going in the $600-800 range.

      If you system has never been modified, hasn't been banned by Nintendo, then you have an asset that many people will find very valuable.

  • How much was this last time and since people are saying it has no battery, how do you charge it? Will the new version release here?

    • It was about 53 but $10 shipping. So about $63 delivered. It draws the power from the switch that it is connected to. Just means u can't use it like individual joycons.

  • What's good about these controllers compare to normal Nintendo ones?

    • +1

      Comfort. Larger analogue sticks and bigger face buttons and a D pad.

    • +2

      Makes switch bigger but not heavier.

      Much more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

      This is the closest you are going to get having a switch pro controller built in the switch.

      No rumble.

  • +1

    if you are into shooting and action games on the go, you will love this controller.

  • +1

    Personally if I had regular Switch, I would go for Zacro Controller Handle since it has rumble support and better grip then Hori Split Pad Pro.

    • I bought the split pad the other week for $75 ( which I thought was a good price until now!) But the slope of the grip still isn't quite what I need still compared to x1/PS controllers. Maybe I'll check this one out next.

      Split pad is still miles ahead of regular joy cons for comfort. The sticks are a little too big for some games that require quick flicks in succession like beat em ups, but much better for like rocket league or doom. And the d pad is much more comfortable for the other style of games anyway now it's not 4 hard little buttons.

      My only regret is not reading about the PAC man themed one coming out in a few months before I bought it lol.

    • would that fit if switch has a clear plastic case on it?

  • +1

    Have had these for about 6 months now, they're so much more comfortable in the hands playing handheld compared to the standard joycons. I actually prefer them to not have batteries either, so no need to worry about charging them! But then again, I don't care that there is no rumble, motion controls, amiibo support etc. so it was always a no brainer for me.

  • No motion and no rubble is too much of a trade off. A shame really, they look good

  • The pro controller appears to be on sale again too for $79 with free shipping:

  • The price has increased a few cents