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2,000 Flybuys Points (worth $10) on $50 Ultimate Him/Kayo/Hoyts or $100 Coles Mastercard ($5 Purchase Fee) @ Coles In-Store


Ultimate for Him gift cards are redeemable at Supercheap Auto, Rebel, BCF, Drummond Golf, Oakley, and BBQs Galore. A $5 purchase fee applies to the Coles Mastercard, with a sweet $5 profit nothing to sneeze at. Starts Wed, Aug 26. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Collect 2,000 BONUS Points When You Buy a $50 or $100 Hoyts, Kayo, Ultimate for Him or a $100 Coles Gift Mastercard Gift Card and Swipe Your Flybuys Card at the Checkout

Offer valid only at Coles Supermarkets, (excludes Coles Online and Coles Express), subject to store availability. Valid for 3 years from purchase. To qualify for this offer you must present your flybuys card at the time of purchase. No rainchecks. Excludes $50 Coles Gift Mastercard and $30 Hoyts Gift Cards; Offer valid from 26/08/20 to 01/09/20. BONUS POINTS can only be collected once per Gift Card type and will not be awarded more than once for each Gift Card type including different denominations of the same Gift Card. flybuys’ privacy policy applies. Standard flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at flybuys.com.au. When purchasing COLES GIFT MASTERCARD, a $5 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card.

Offers valid until Tuesday 1 September 2020

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  • Can you get these points just once or once for each type of card. Thanks

  • Finally a decent flybuys gift card deal. My golly it’s been a while. Will be picking up a Hoyts one to use once we get out of this mess. Thanks OP

  • When can we go back to cinemas like normal..

    • Looks like cinemas across the country (except Victoria) were busy this weekend with advance screenings of Tenet.

  • Nice! Now waiting on Catch gift cards to be 20% off.. it’s been too long!

  • I'm REALLY hanging out for another promo on uber gift cards. I've been enjoying 25% off uber eats all year, but my balance is now getting very low!

    • How much is that so far?

      Does it actually save you money or are you spending more per meal compared to groceries, I'm curious.

      • ok I re-read my post, and it did sound like all I eat is ubereats. I think I bought around $700, almost all used, so still not much over the course of a year. Works out about once a week. When factoring in the 24% discount, frequently I would get ubereats delivered for cheaper than driving down and picking it up myself and paying directly.

        • I did the math

          $700 @ 25% off is $525

          Week 36

          525/36 = 14.58

          So roughly $14 per week

          Not bad. You can stack the promotions as well right?

  • Thanks TA.

  • Once I bought an eBay giftcard on this deals couple of years ago and while on my way back on train, I lost that card.

    Contacted Coles and eBay but didn't get anything back (quite rightly as it was completely my fault but I had to try)

    Anyway, instead of earning $5, I lost $40. Since then I have been a bit skeptical about these physical cards deal.

    • What's there to be skeptical about? Coles/eBay weren't the ones who made you lose the card.

    • Once you redeem part of an eBay GC, the total amount of the card remains on your eBay account for future use. You do not need the physical card any longer.

    • I could be wrong, but I think that, if you record your GC details, and you lose the card, then you can use the details to shop online. I always erase the PIN on the card and keep a record of it 'in code'. I code the PIN on Woolies GC's too and keep records of both at home.
      In these days of max.1.6% p.a. on savings accounts (UBank), 5% is Sweet!!

      • A spreadsheet for gift cards of all kinds is handy. Also to keep track of balance and refunds etc.
        I got separate tabs for eWish, ebay etc. I could still improve by more consistently adding the lower value eWish giftcards too.
        Anyway, I treat the physical gift cards the same, they do end up in the spreadsheet immediately.

        • Use the money app for wish gift cards.

          • @ATangk: Yeap, I got that too. But I ran into the max cards once that you can have in the app.
            And when I switched phones I had to re-add them.
            Anyway, I have all my giftcards combined in 1 place.

            • @johnmelb: How do you keep so many gift cards then haha. Buy something at dan murphys and add all the small denominations into their redemption.

              • @ATangk: I blame TA, posting deals to get $2 cashback with $10/$20 or $50 giftcard.
                Anyway, the amount of eWish gift cards has been reducing these days, but still keep my spreadsheet going. (It's more practical with the ebay giftcards.)

                Sorry, can't buy in DMs anymore, I was using my ebay gift cards (because I get free shipping). If I buy more, I'll become an alcoholic!
                At one point I was going to order from Dan Murphy and they added shipping twice (because 1 item was in 3rd party location). But via ebay with separate orders I got free shipping on both. I ended up with >$300 ewish cards that I'm yet to use.

                • @johnmelb: You can use ewish for petrol too. If Caltex is up to 6c more expensive, at 5% ewish cards it is still cheaper.

                  • @ATangk: I used to fly my helicopter to 7-11 ;-)
                    But android isn't working anymore, so I locked in the cheapest price in victoria recently. Don't need that much petrol these days.

  • I believe we can't use prepaid cards on Uber eats anymore right?

  • Oh ffs I just maxed out my 15k monthly spend cap MCO visa card or I would've been all over this!!!

  • What's the time frame on the Kayo cards? Won't want to use till next season .

    Will it be 12 months?

    • GC are supposed to be valid for 3 years by law.

    • How long do I have to redeem my Kayo gift card?

      ​​​​​You'll have 36 months from the date of purchase to redeem your Kayo gift card.

  • Is it just me, but for the past few coles flybuys mastercard deals, I've never been able to find stock

    Do these get ozbargained that quick or do they carry such little stock

    • No its the same at my local coles. I have yet to see any coles mastercard gift cards in store. Maybe the staff buy them up!

    • It is often still in stock on Wednesday morning and then run out of stock on Thursday evening. It happened to me a few times

    • I checked on Tuesday night at 3 coles. Nobody had $100 Mastercard.

      • I checked 2 local ones, 1 did have some (on Tues night)

        • My local coles also doesn't have any $100 Mastercard.
          I don't bother driving to 3 other ones, time and petrol will cost more.

      • I need to buy a couple. I have never had problems at my local Colesin the past, even on last day of the offer (usually more than 10 available). But I haven't checked this time. I hope they have them.

        • Last time a bought 2 - but now I didn't see any, just the $50 Mastercards.

          • @johnmelb: Shame. There are 2 Coles near us and one of them is big. I bought from both of them early May and June. On both occasions bought on Monday and Tuesday and there were plenty of $100. I also noticed once late Tuesday afternoon there were 4 left. Don't recall seeing $50. Didn't buy any early Jul when bonus offer was for $50 ones.

            I hope I can get a couple this time. Haven't got time dropping by Coles yet.

          • @johnmelb: I saw plenty of $50 Mastercards

            • @klownvandamn: Went yesterday. Local Coles (Brisbane northside) has a lot of $100 ones. But check out only allow me to buy 3.

              • @apple0604: it's one 2k bonus on Flybuys. You got more than 3 Flybuys?

                • @klownvandamn: Yes, I have 1 flybuys and I used my parents' to get them the giftcards too. I don't use giftcards myself. I only bought 2 with two flybuys accounts. Checkout lady just reminded me that max is 3.

                  • @apple0604: They just make this up. At my local in Melb they said max of 5 by legislation. I told them there is no such legislation and got 7 in the end despite being stood over buy 3 staff, literally. Went to another store next time, maybe 2 weeks later and problem at all.

                    • @Yola: I also think they just say whatever they like. Once I was told limit was 4 and you could buy as many as you like at the service centre. Again I only bought 2 that time.

                      Also this time the lady said the limit of 3 was because people using different flybuys card to buy them. She said usually people buy 2 or 3 Coles giftcards in ONE transaction, which was fine. Bottom line is Coles is aware of what people are doing and they want people buy as many as they like but don't like to give out bonus points for each giftcard.

              • @apple0604: I am also around there and never any issue with stock levels. I frequently buy 4 at once, using egift card, no questions. Sometimes they check to make sure I am not a victim of a scam, but I just say that I am a small business owner and buy them as rewards for employees.

  • In case there is anyone else as thick as me…………..
    At the time of purchasing I was thinking "right.. now there are no flybuys for gift cards." And so didn't scan my flybuys card.
    And 5 minutes later "Doh!" I had to buy another ColesGC and this time scan my flybuys.
    Net result $210 worth of spending for $210 :,(

  • I got the Coles Mastercard but I had to pay $5 for it, net $105, so is it really worth it for the points?

  • If you use your HSBC card you make another 2%

    • I don't think so, unless you ask split payment.
      I thought $100 does not qualify for the 2%, it needs to be less than $100: "2% cashback on tap & pay under $100."

      • of course, I pay $95 card and 10 cash

      • Choose cash, not split payments. Pay minimum $5.10 in cash first and then choose pay the rest ($99.90) in other way(card).

        I have not done this in Coles, but on other occasions. It could be similar. Try and tell us.

        • Doesn't it take 5c coins?

        • I have not done this in Coles, but on other occasions. It could be similar. Try and tell us.

          Yes, it works exactly like this.

          Go to the self-checkout machine which accepts cash. Scan the gift card & select 'Pay Now'. Wait for the Coles person to come & do their thing & then wait for them to go away. Insert cash to bring the total below $100. Then choose 'Back to Payment Options'. Now choose Card & then tap & pay the rest.

    • Instead, it's better to pay by GiftCard (4-5% disc) as Coles still accept giftcards for purchasing giftcards.
      I just did it yesterday.

  • How long does it take to get credited the points ?

    • This gets asked every time this sort of deal comes up … the following evening after your qualifying purchase

      • Didn't it use to be instant? I remember getting 2k points and using them for $10 in the very next transaction right then and there. May be 2-3 yrs back?

  • Thanks, OP!

  • Does anyone know if you have more than one FB card on an account can each card get the FB bonus points or is it once per account?