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Any 4 Baseus USB Cables $19.96 ($4.99 Each) Delivered @ Shopping Square

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  • These are great cables.

    I got a few that have been sitting as spares in my bag never used for almost a year.

    And they still are in excellent condition !!

  • last time this was offered, took AGES for shipping

  • The ones I want are not in stock.


    I added 4 of the ones in stock and it's charging me:

    TOTAL Payable: $69.08

  • are these mfi certified? no mention of it other than "no popup"

  • Can’t mix and match, must be 4 of the same.

  • urgh shoppingsquare

  • +3 votes

    Latest USB-C spec is 10Gbps transmission speed. These cables look good for charging - nominally 60W - but data is only 480Mbps.

  • Just be warned it took a long time to arrive. I messaged them and they said they have "processing time" of like 10 days, wtf.

    Ordered 17th July, arrived in Melbourne Parcel Locker 11th of August.

  • Agree with the others, great cables well worth the ~$20 but take ages to reach you. I would think SS have a dropship type of arrangement through which stuff comes to you directly from China. Also they seem to have some sort of relation with Zapals, as that's what shows on your Paypal invoice.

    • Hmm website says Shipped from Australia but all the stories of delayed post does sound like drop shipping.

    • Personally all they order arrive fine and within a week but this was before covid.

    • Yes, drop-shipping from China and they're the same business as Zapals (had lots of issues with them). They don't ship anything from Australia.
      You should also wonder why they're now using their own site and not eBay (probably kicked out due to complaints). Also, note that they don't allow Paypal for payments: probably due to number of claims they had to pay.

      Their Domain is registered by Apus Corporation Pty Ltd - ABN 11109351877

      Business names that Zapals has registered in Australia:
      Apus Auction External site
      Apus Auction Express External site
      Shopping Square External site
      Shopping Square Australia External site
      SHOPPING SQUARE.COM.AU External site
      APUS AUCTION External site

      • Thanks for those details. However, they do allow PayPal. The PayPal transaction info told me that these guys are the same as Zapals.

  • I want the 100W 10Gbps baseus cable, not the 60W 480mbps cable!

    • I ordered that one in April from Aliexpress. Just received it last week. I had given up all hope.

      • I ordered some 2 weeks ago. Glad to hear they turned up. Shipping information for mine says they arrived in Aus 8 days ago, went through customs and now are sitting in a pile at a postal facility.

        Any chance your shipping tracking was accurate?

        Edit: I looked up the info manually through UBI and it says they are to be delivered today, so I guess I'll find out soon if its accurate.

        • yea, tracking was quite accurate. Initially I thought they're just not updating it, however, after the "landed in Australia" email it matched to the actual day when it was delivered

    • Are you sure that the 100w cable is 10Gbps??

      The description for 100w cable still says 480 Mbps

  • I have the 2m red usbc-usbc and 2 of the 1m black/grey usbc-usbc from a previous deal from SE ebay store. Only thing I have ever ordered from them and they arrived to Canberra in the same week (ordered on the weekend, arrived Thursday), though this was from their ebay store and over a year ago - service/shipping may have become much poorer since then.

    The cables themselves worked well and felt quality and the velcro "tie" is a nice inclusion - though gathers hair extremely easy as one would expect from velcro.
    I wasn't able to test them with a 60W load as I don't own any type-c devices with that level of draw, or on data transmission rates as I don't own any type-c devices that actually implement more than USB2.0 spec, but I was able to power my docked switch playing a game outputting to my tv over hdmi with each cable (and a 65W p.d. adaptor capable of 15V 3A), so their power delivery seems stable.

    For 5 bucks, if they don't take forever to arrive, this isn't a bad price.

    • My tip for using velcro ties: roll it so the loop side (soft) is on the outside, and the hook side (hard) is inside - that way hair/dust/threads etc don't stick to it.
      Interestingly, the velcro seems to always come the other way around in the package!

  • 2M iphone cables out of stock

  • nice and cheap, not expecting much from shipping

  • So it’s not any 4, it’s 4 of the same type. Can someone change the title, bit misleading.

  • would not recommend to waste 20$ as bought and used for while all types of cable from BASEUS. not good quality, instead buy some good branded cable from local shops. bought from same items from same supplier from Ebay not their anymore.

  • ugh… anyone had any luck paying with PAYPAL?

    • I don't see a Paypal option. Credit card is the way to go. Chargeback if need be. Bank transfer and Bpay you'll be out of luck

  • @op Please add "Not MFi" to descriptions… Important for people who don't know

    Details here: http://www.baseus.com/product-233?lang=en-us

  • LOL the $160 express delivery that was listed for a Brisbane suburb.

  • My previous Baseus cables not recognized after an apple update. Contacted them to complain and they never responded. Won’t b wasting my money again.

  • bought 1 baseus cable not mfi certified what a shame
    i would recommend ugreen cables they are mfi certified 1 year going strong, bought it off ebay, not cheap but well worth it

  • Anyone had their cables shipped?