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[VIC] 6L Tubs of Premium Gelato $25 (RRP $48) - Free Delivery for Orders over $50 (Melbourne Metro Only) @ Zio Glens Mini Mart


Hi All

We are small ice cream manufacturer that is based in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on using top quality ingredients (Fresh Australian Cream, Other Ingredients from all over the world) and taking care to produce the best quality products.

As most of our customers are in the Melbourne food service industry, Covid-19 has really kicked us in the teeth.

We are offering the following Gelato, which is served in a 6 Litre Tub, but is churned up, so the actual quantity is closer to 7.5 Litres.

The following flavors are available;

Gelato - Activated Charcol 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Black Sesame 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Bounty - 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Boysenberry Twist 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Bubblegum 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Chocolate Lello 6Lire Up
Gelato - Coconut Getato 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Coffee 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Durian 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Golden Time 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Green Tea Matcha 6 litre Up
Gelato - Hazelnut 6L UP
Gelato - Honeycomb 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Mint Chocolate Chip 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Pomegranate Sorbet 6 Litre
Gelato - Rainbow 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Rocher 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Rum Rasin 6 Litre
Gelato - Salted Caramel 6 Litre
Gelato - Tim Tams 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Tiramisu 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Unicorn 6 Litre Up
Gelato - Vanilla Bean 6 Litre Up
Gelato -Strawberry Cheesecake 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Blood Orange 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Coconut Ash 6LUP
Sorbet - Dark Chocolate Sorbet 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Fruits of the Forest 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Kombucha 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Lemon 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Lemon and Lime 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Mango Sorbet 6 Litre
Sorbet - Passionfruit Sorbet 6 Litre Up
Sorbet - Raspberry Sorbet 6 Litre
Sorbet - Strawberry Sorbet 6 Litre Up

If you would like a flavour that is not listed on the website please call our office during business hours

Deliver to Melbourne & Suburbs

Pickup from Reservoir

Enquirers please call 03 9462 6422

EDIT - Guys the support has been amazing, please if you have any enquirers please call. Note because there are a large amount of deliveries we will endeavor to have these delivered by Friday week (4th of September 2020) If you order is urgent, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

**EDIT V2 - Guys we are pausing for the moment to make sure that everyone's orders are fulfilled properly - I will be back early next week hopefully with some more options **

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    • I will check tomorrow

  • Do you have a Sydney branch? Or is there any similar

    • +1

      We do, but do not have the resources there to deliver economically, I will try and think of a way around it

  • If you have durian back in stock could you let me know? I ordered 2 flavours any way and would love to add to that!

    • I will double check tomorrow

  • Which flavour tastes most similar to Nutella?

    • Peanut Butter has nutella running through it
      Otherwise Bacio has some resemblance

      • Which one is Bacio? I can't see it on the list.

        • Sorry, Rocher

      • Another question, do your durian flavour come in the smaller size?

        • Sorry mate, not at this time

  • If this is a deal for the next month will you restock at the end or gradually? I'm hoping for a freezer delivery in a month… Or at least 5km lockdown to end so I can store a tub at my parents!

    • +1

      Most likely - may be in a different size

  • Any chance of the lemon lime coming back in stock soon

    • I will have to check the stock tomorrow

  • Hope we have it in Sydney…damn.

  • Could you please check if you'll be restocking the Rocher flavour anytime soon?

    • Restocked mate

  • +1

    Hi there,

    Is Watermelon sorbet something you would have in stock in the near future?

    Just placed an order for 2 tubs but would also like to get some more!

  • +1

    Ordered 4 Tubs
    Shame mango out of stock :(

  • +3

    With 6L worth of activated charcoals, I don't think I'll have much nuclear radiation left in my body.

    • Should rename the flavour to 'RadAway'

  • Damn, Durian out of stock again. Please let me know if you restock!

    • Nooo, black sesame too. ):

    • restocked

  • Would love for the Lemon to come back in stock pls?

    • Stocked

      • just ordered - thanks again.

  • ETA for pistachio?

  • Green tea out of stock. Please let me know if you restock, thank you.

    • We only have in a 5 L, which is the equivalent of about 6L I will update now

  • Which is the most chocolatey tasting of the chocolates please?

    • +1

      Chocolate isnt bad, TT cookies is great

  • Ty very much for this amazing deal. I love the user name lol. I ordered Golden time and mint chockchip. Yummo. How long is the delivery window usually when u receive order is shipped. Ty once again.

    My suburb is bulleen 3105

    • End of next week is our target,

      • Thanks mate. I just saw your edit. So let's say I get a text Friday next week saying it shipped
        How long would the delivery window be like 1-4 hours or? Ty looking forward to eating some.

        • A couple of hours, our office will call on the way out

  • Thanks OP - Ordered - luckily the olds have a deep freezer to store these giant tubs. Would definitely buy more in smaller packages

  • +3

    I live in Reservoir and I just received 6kg of coffee gelato. Boy 6 kilos of gelato is a lot bigger in real life.

    Thank you @Bukkake for an amazing deal, service and delivery!

    • +4

      Appreciate it mate
      for everyone playing at home we are working very hard to fulfill and deliver as quickly as possible

    • awesome, can you share pics of the tub so we can get an idea of the size. thanks!

    • Photos please..

    • +1

      I meant litres btw. I did put on 6kgs of weight just looking at this much gelato.

    • How does it taste compared to, say, freshly churned coffee gelato?

      • +5

        For me the coffee flavour was a little muted but I'd just started on the beast and was eating from the outside, still good though but the coffee bean garnish was stale so I spit the beans out.

        Texturally it was great, creamy with no graininess or crystallization, great to blend into shakes or to add to a really indulgent affogato.

        Your experience might differ depending on manufacture date.

        • +2

          I got my coffee ice cream today it was pretty much what your described. The taste of coffee didn't taste cheap(coffee powder) or too bitter.
          Will be having in a ice coffee next.

  • Hey m8,

    Do you plan on restocking flavours anytime soon for this deal? For example black sesame.


    • +1

      next week when we consolidate some stock we will have some

      • cheers man,

        looking forward to it

  • +1

    Hi, Do you deliver in insulated packaging etc? I'm not sure what hours I'll be working next week and dont want to come home to a huge puddle.

    • +2

      we wont leave at home without you there, not really insulated, plastic tub in cardboard box

      • +1

        related: how do you package the tubs for delivery to suburbs further away from Reservoir, e.g. Flemington and Northern suburbs

        • +3

          Vans have freezers

  • +3

    Ordered 8pm last night
    Just delivered

    • Did u get any notifications ?

      • No, I didn't. The message I received after purchase indicated that I would, but prob got too busy from the amount of orders they may have received.

    • Sweet, what suburb?

      • Coburg North

        • Yummy

    • +4
  • I'd like to order at least 4 tubs but I live in Sydney. Is there any option for those of us who live in Sydney?

    • Sorry mate, not at this stage

      • Will there be an option for us Sydneysiders in the near future? Maybe for fewer than 4 tubs?

  • I need a freezer deal now..

    • Just bought one,.. Hmm the most expensive gelato…

  • when back to stock?

    • We have some more stock available now but are just wanting to fulfill current orders
      We should be back an running within the next few days or by the start of next week at the latest

      • Will Vanilla Bean and Durian be back in stock? Does Vanilla Bean has crushed bean in there or there is no black crushed bean in there just pure white creamy texture? Thank you.

        • I will come back to you in a couple of days

  • Keen to know when stock is back up. Any way to get an email about it?

    • next few days
      shoot me a DM & ill send you an email or leave a number I will text

  • +1

    Got my delivery today.

    Not sure if my batch of mint choc got a double dose of mint or something, but it's extremely minty. Bordering on bitter, at least to my tastebuds. I'm honestly not keen on it. :(

    Blood orange flavour is also strong, but that's expected in a sorbet. My vegan housemate is very happy with it.

    Other than the unexpected power of the flavours, it's good quality ice cream. So hopefully if you ordered a more mild/sweet flavour like Rainbow, you'll be very pleased.

    • +6

      Looks like I’ll have to order the mint when it’s in stock, I usually find them too mellow.

    • +3

      I just got my mint delivered now (and a coconut) - the mint tastes like a typical average to strong mint choc ice cream to me - nothing bitter or overly minty to it. Very happy with both flavours, but like others have said, you don't realise how much 12 Litres of ice cream is until you eyeball it and have to get it into your freezer! Gonna take quite a while to get through!

      Awesome service and a great deal and product from @Bukkake and the team. Thanks!

  • Missed out. Next time. :(

  • +4

    Will be ordering when back in stock, nice to see they have stopped taking orders while they catch up with demand.

    • +6

      Customer service is our priority

  • Just received my order. Got Durian and Hazelnut. Excellent quality!!
    The Durian tub looks like it's overfilled. Must be at least 7L

  • +3

    Just received my Rocher gelato and other stuff to make (pasta) to make up the $50. Taste like the chocolate hazelnut gelato variants you'd find in most gelato shops. Though Lavezzi might be slightly better in terms of richness of chocolate. But for the price point, definitely worth it.

    Great service, refunded the GST as promised and fast delivery.

    (Plastic cover that comes with it was taken off)

    • +4

      Thanks for the feedback

      Lavezzi is churned daily - impossible to match that quality with factory made gelato.

  • Missed out, hopefully will be back next week.

  • Received delivery of my durian gelato. Love it! Smooth, creamy and fluffy. Taste wise is good, on the sweet side and would prefer durian flavour to be stronger.

  • I missed the deal. Checking on the website daily basis. :)

  • +1

    Op are you guys planning the western suburbs deliveries anytime soon? It's getting harder to wait looking at all these pics 🙂.

    • +1

      I've been told western suburbs are Thursdays

      • I got mine yesterday.

        • +1

          Probably too many to do in one day, it's an awesome deal. I've finally made space in my freezer for some.

  • Received durian and coconut today, very happy with the two huge tubs, they just fit in the freezer.
    They are on the sweeter side and not as flavourful as I hoped, I guess makes sense if they are designed to be scooped and plated in a restaurant - in smaller quantities you don't get as sick of the sweet taste, also if served with something else. Given I just had a big bowl of it, no wonder!
    Very creamy, didn't taste any artificial flavouring, so pretty happy that these are good ice cream (unlike the supermarket ones that harden in the freezer).

  • +1

    Can someone that received the ice measure the box without the lid please? and is the container from plastic? Thanks

    • +2

      7.5cm (h) x 25.0cm (w) x 35.5cm (l)
      I think the advertised dimension of 15cm (h) x 27.5cm (w) x 38cm (l) is the outer cardboard box, the plastic black container with transparent lid is smaller.
      The plastic black container does have a small amount of edging (0.5-1cm) that can be cut with strong scissors, but that would significantly weaken the structure of the container (it is kilos of ice cream afterall).

  • +3

    My Coffee and Blood Orange arrived today. Happy with how quickly it came considering how many orders they had to run. Not much else in freezer now.


  • +3
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