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[Woolworths Rewards] Wine Bundle 6pks: Sauvignon Blanc $10 (Was $59), Shiraz $20 (Was $85) @ Woolworths Online (Select Stores)


You must have a ,Woolworths Reward Card linked to your account, and logged in to Woolworths to enjoy this bundle special that retails at $59 for $10 . Price changes from $59 to $10 once added to the cart . That is right $1.67 a bottle being 3 X Te Rua Bay Sauvignon Blanc 750ml + 3 X Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90002479/s...

Others I have successfully bought during the week $85 to $20 3 X Krondorf Shiraz Barossa 750ml + 3 X William Light Clare Valley Shiraz 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90002481/s...

$75 to $22 2 X Cat Amongst The Pigeons Shiraz Fat Cat 750ml bottle + 2 X Isabel Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90001734/p...

Max is 3 of each bundle and I recommend Click and Collect .
Use a Wish card to save 5% more .
Anyway I bought enough wine from Tuesday on wards to sink a battleship , time for you guys to enjoy :)

Ooh be fast the cats out of the bag this is a crazy price !

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  • +1

    Entire order also cancelled for pick up this morning.

    • …same here. order cancelled, paypal refund…no joy

      • Same here entire order cancelled, got refunded with Woolworths online code but paid with gift card…anyone know is the Woolworths online code can be used for BWS or Dan Murphy? Or Only can be used for Woolworths Online?

        • Doesn't work for Dan Murphy's + BWS - just checked

  • Received email earlier this morning about OOS and they will deliver my groceries only. And i've received a coupon code with full refund straight away, no need to wait. Ehhhh.. worth a shot

  • Ordered 2 lots of 6 shiraz. One lot cancelled this morning with woolies online code refund. Went to pick up the other 6 and they only supplied 1. Asked for a refund and they said to contact woolworths online.

    • Similar, got only 1 bottle out of order of 6 Shiraz which was only 79c less than all six. 😢

      They seemed to honour but told me was pricing error.

  • -2

    My charge says pending. I'll wait till it posts before kicking up a fuss, I'm sure they'll partially refund me the correct amount in due course.

    If your charge says pending and you have your receipt, why bother them?

    Yes the invoice is kind of messed up, but it should clearly show how much you paid, and what you got and didn't get.

  • Just picked up my 2 bundles this morning… Received 10/10 bottles.

  • +1

    Just picked up my 54 bottles. Some were substituted for Peter Lehmann Barossa, Take It To The Grave and Jacobs Creek Reserve. Thanks OP & thanks Woolworths, that's Christmas sorted if the mrs hasn't finished it all by then

  • Can already tell only supplying parts of the bundles is going to make this call with their Contact Centre very painful - happy to keep what they provided, but at the price point offered. The refund amounts mentioned do not match what was paid.

  • I got 20/24 bottles - I split it into 2 transactions of 12 (12) + 12 (8) and picked up over 2 days
    They said I will get a refund on the 4 missing. So not too bad, will wait to see how the refund plays out

  • Mine got refunded entirely. What a waste of time taking out rewards card and linking it up.

  • Just got 9/12 bottles delivered. Technically should be refunded $5 but invoice has different amounts allocated to it.

    Will see what customer service says

  • +1

    I got 8 out of 12 bottles with same charge and will see what happens though I cannot complain these deals…

  • +1

    Got 17 bottles in VIC delivered. They substituted 6 out of stock bottles for 5 more expensive bottles. Cant complain.

  • Ordered my 18 yesterday for click N collect only to receive a text this morning saying due to low stock in your area your order has been canceled and a refund will be given to you and yet when I login into my woolies account and it comes up with the order saying ready for pick up?

    Has anyone else had this come up and were able to pick up anything or I shouldn't bother?

    • -2

      Hi MackJ20,
      I have had the same sms x 5! Not happy at all and taking the matter up with the ACCC as it is totally false advertising….especially since I haven't received my refunds yet either!!

      • What I don't understand is why can't they transfer my click N collect order to the nearest store that does have stock. I looked up online and the there's a store 10 mins away from the original store with 32 kinds of one white and 26 of the other white and I only needed 9 of each to complete my order. I got an email from paypal to say $30 has been credited into my account and yet I checked and it hasn't. Not happy at all.

  • Picked up 22/24 bottles. The woman said next time I should note down what I want the substitutes to be because she “don’t know anything about wine”. I didn’t know you were allowed to specify. Oh well I am happy with what I got. Hope they give me a refund for the 2 bottles but it’s not really a loss so I didn’t mention it to her…

    • I’d be more than happy if they just gave me a “rain check” to pickup four replacement ones of some sort. However, given the prices I’m just glad they didn’t cancel the whole order.

  • Email saying full refund. Oh well

  • Thank you OP! Got 21 out of 24 bottles. Will see apparently will get a refund for the bottles not available.
    I ordered on 24/08/ and picked up on 25/08/between 6PM and 7PM.

  • Got 8/12, however the amount for oos items is literally marked at $0, not sure how the refund will be. So I chatted with the online customer service, and was told, because of the price error, oos items will not be further supplied, neither will the refund.

    • +4

      This is not what I was told (twice in fact). I was assured that refunds will be processed accordingly based on the proportionate price of each unit. They can't just refuse to issue a refund because they haven't supplied all bottles and they can't come up with whatever pricing they like after the order was processed. It seriously concerns me how some people here seem almost okay with it.

      *I'd highly recommend to give them a call over using the chat. The call centre team is much more competent.

      • Which number did you call?
        I called 1800 000 610 but unable to find a real person to chat with…

      • So if I wait and do nothing, I won't be issued with a partial refund automatically?

        I'm going to wait it out.

      • +3

        Hi Polstralian,
        I have written to the ACCC about this issue and just speaking with Woolworths about it now. They are very "oh well" about this matter and said "the units were quoted at a much lower price than they should have."
        That is not my issue, Woolworths! That is your problem!! Woolworths has a contract of sale that they should adhere to.
        I'll keep you all informed!

        • +1

          Don’t think there was any need to contact the ACCC yet - Woolworths are working on calculating the right refund amounts. I was told they should have it sorted in 3-5 business days, IT are working on creating a process to perform the calcs.

    • did you pay by paypal?

  • I got refunded in full but with Woolworths online coupon code and only can shop online with Woolworths. I have called the call Centre to convert my Woolworths online coupon code to e-gift card code and pin. They are very helpful and friendly.

  • +1

    Hi, Thanks so much for posting this. I ordered 4 of the shiraz bundles altogether. Received 24 bottles… 16 that I ordered and 8 substitutions. The replacements look as though they should be pretty good too. Thanks again.

  • This order was total disaster. They were OOS on Shiraz x2 and only got 5 of the 6 white bottles. So paid $50, got refunded $5, for the missing 13 bottles….
    Struggled to get through to a real person as well. They are escalating this to the "CEO" and IT, to figure out my refund. Will never use them again for online orders! O and the substituted the pears, with some inedible green things…

  • +1

    Got my pro-rata refund today after raising a PayPal dispute

    • So they refunded you the difference of the invoice? Do you mind me asking if that’s the deal/bundle price or single bottle RRP price?

      • I was in the same boat. Raised a dispute stating I only got x% of what I had ordered and that I deserve a refund of x% totaling $x. They refunded me what I requested no issues.

      • +3

        I paid $40 for 2 bundles of Reds. I only got one of them.

        I asked to be refunded $20 and they honoured it. That is fair

    • this. thank you for suggestion! I paid with PayPal. opened dispute yesterday, got my refunds today. was partial fulfilled with no refund given initially

  • Just called Online Customer Service - they said I would get a call in the next day or two. Apparently, I won’t be able to take it to my local Woolies for a refund? I’m disappointed with this and thinking of opening a case with PayPal.

    Has anyone tried to go to their local store to see if they would honour the orders or at least refund?

    • +1

      Open the PayPal dispute. It'll be sorted by tomorrow

      • Yeah thanks, I just opened the case with PayPal then. Hopefully it gets sorted tomorrow.

      • Hey edrift, how did you open the case with paypal? On my resolution centre I have to wait for Woolworths' response which they haven't yet. Is there a way to escalate it to Paypal?

  • +4

    Folks, give them time to sort out the mess.

    • +1

      I give them time so they can sort it out. If no email from them I will claim with Paypal for refund. I got about half of my order.

    • +7

      Yep, people took advantage of an obvious price error (I certainly did), they’re working through sorting it out. Should be thankful they honoured orders to begin with.

  • +1

    Picked up my second order today, 2 of the red bundles. Got exactly what was ordered.

    Thank you so much OP, this is the best deal for me this year and probably longer :-)

  • +2

    Picked up 19/24 yesterday arvo for $60, 4 bottles were upgraded to similar wine. I was told I would get a refund for the 5 missing, i told the lovely Woolworths lady not to worry :)

  • -1

    I have tried everyday but I keep getting unavailable since Monday :( switched different stores, switched between pickup and delivery, refreshed few times in a day but nothing :( I just want 6 bottles to prepare as gifts. Anyone else getting this unavailable thing?

    • It was a pricing error long since fixed.

  • +1

    I got 8 delivered from 20 ordered last night. The total came to $72 or something, and I added $30 worth of groceries to get free delivery (I subscribe to their monthly delivery service).

    When I went online to refund the missing bottles, it was done through the chatbot who calculated the missing bottles as individually priced, and refunded me $109…. It hasn't cleared yet so maybe a human will intercept, but could be a good result

  • -1

    Picked up 1/12 yesterday. Had a refund of $20.79 for 6 already. Called to get a refund on the other 5, they said they couldn't do anything as part of their T&Cs it was a price error. Asked for it to be esclated, as it's not what I ordered but they still didn't budge. Then said I would report it to the ACCC as I have the order and the confirmation of what was received, and i ordered 12 bottles for $40, not 1 bottle for $19.21. They ended up agreeing to refund another $12.54, 3-5 business days via egift card. Not keen to order from them ever again.

    • +1

      Honestly, you got a great deal on the wine. It was always going to be a Hail Mary if they were going to fulfil it. I, suspect, if this happens again they will just cancel everyone’s orders and be done with it. Threatening the ACCC for this was an overreaction. I sent them follow up feedback but I’m not going to get sniffy if they tell me “no dice”.

      • +4

        This guy paid for 12 bottles of wine (albeit at a price error rate) and received 1 for $40. How is that a great deal?

    • +1

      Their Ts&Cs for price errors indicate that they reserve the right to cancel an order (after it has been placed) if they identify that the listed price was an error. It doesn't state that they can partially fulfill the order and charge the total value.

      • Thanks for clarifying. They said to me $19.21 was the correct price for 1 bottle so that's why they wouldn't do anything about refunding the other 5 that weren't fullfilled. If only they cancelled the order, wouldn't have had to waste time picking it up and the hour on the phone with them this morning.

        • Agreed. Their Ts&Cs don't allow them to fulfill the order at "the correct price" - this is illegal, because who knows what the correct price was, and it wasn't the agreed price when the purchase was made.

          The only options within both their Ts&Cs and the law, are to fulfill or cancel. For orders they have partially fulfilled they should be refunding on a pro-rata basis.

  • Struggling with a refund for this one. They supplied 40% of my order but charged the full amount.

    The guy on the phone said if you paid by PayPal you'd get a refund but if you paid with a credit card you get nothing. Apparently it's been escalated to the IT Dept. and they will contact me back with a solution. Essentially they've accepted the order at the price listed but are only supplying what they see fit for the amount paid.

    • I thought they were fixing things for everyone based on previous comments.

      Doesn't make sense for them to charge the full amount and not supply you with everything, irrespective of whether or not there was a 'glitch' in the system.

      I wish I had screenshots of my order before submitting.

  • +2

    I just called Woolworths online and Woolworths Neutral bay and BWS and nothing just lies. Text message 30min before saying no stock, called store and they have plenty of stock. I have screen shotted the stock and will be submitting a report to the ACCC for fraudulent activities.

    Their T&Cs say nothing about lying blatantly to their customers.

    • My Neutral Bay order was totally cancelled yesterday about 3 hours prior to pick-up. I ordered 3 of the sav blanc bundles. Good luck with the ACCC.

      • Same for me just now

      • +1

        So i spent an hour with the store manager on the phone and in person. I went to the store and they were going to give me a 'special discount' of 10% off for being a rewards member….. $162 all up. Thanks for wasting my time again i vented. But in a nice way. I can understand it from BWS pov as its their stock that Woolies 'purchases' and then on sells.

        So the manager made a few calls and i was lucky, in the end i got x2 bundles for the sale price. Another dude was there with a trolley full and he wanted the rest (he has about 7 bundles). I think they honoured his entire lot also.

        So, no need for ACCC now, but i think they earn my time for the bargain.

        • +1

          I do have to thank you. I was that dude with the trolley and I turned up not really hopeful but I think I kind of got lucky after all your hard work so thanks very much! :)

          I ended up with 6 bundles.. 3 for me.. 3 for mum & dad

          • @cramjo: Hey that’s awesome! I actually feel so happy for those that all got their bundles. Some guy was planning his wedding and bought a bunch, a mega Company like Woolworths should honour these circumstances

  • +1

    Woolies should be thankful I only posted 3 of the 5 price error bundles :)
    The 2 red bundles not posted were hard to find on their site but were just as juicy in value .
    They could have been hit much harder .

    It appears now Woolies has no appetite for wine bundles as I can't find any listed lol

    • Or just hidden while IT resolves the error

    • They were posted in the thread, I got them too. Had much more luck getting those bundles fulfilled then the first 3.

      Pays to read the comments!

      • good on you!

    • popsiee , how did you even discover it ? Just wanted it and added to cart and realised it went down ?

      • There was a Woolies spend $120 get $20 offer posted here and I was out of red wine trying to balance my order when I stumbled on it .
        Code worked first order but not any others ( including different a/c's ) .
        It didn't of course didn't stop me from firing .

  • I got my second order for Saturday. What’s the chance of actually getting it?

    • I just picked up my 3rd order today and had no problems , same place …., "oh your back" .
      Thought I would wait a few days from first one to let them restock , did have my 2nd one cancel though.
      good luck

      • My first was canceled so fingers crossed.

      • Just picked it up yay. I wish I picked this store for my first order.

  • Just got off the phone with customer service, was told my partial refund (for a partially fulfilled order at the full price) had been processed and would take 7-10 business days to receive.

    Given the mixed messages many people in this thread have received from WW customer service, I won't hold my breath.

    • Hold your breathe about what? Just credit back if you don’t get your refund or products

  • +1

    Just collected my order from Port Macquarie Woolworths

    Ordered 3 experience the Barossa bundles, 18 bottles collected.

    What a deal

  • Still waiting to hear what the refund will be. in my case i received 7 of 18 bottles at a price of $50. would hope to receive 11/18ths of $50 refunded, but even at $7.12 a bottle it's still a good price so i wont be too upset if i get nothing

  • For anyone still dealing with a refund…

    Woolworths initially said they wouldn't offer any refund at all after only 4 of 12 bottles were supplied C&C. After telling them I was happy if they either fully cancelled or fully supplied the order but that I wouldn't accept 1/3rd fulfilment of the order based on a notional value, they gave a pro-rata 2/3rds refund and a good-will free delivery coupon. Seems to be a lot of different info floating about customer service on how they're supposed to handle this, not necessarily easy for the staff taking the calls.

  • No deal for me either. Got an SMS this morning saying all of my bundles were out of stock, then got an email with an online coupon code as the full refund amount. Yes, should have done Click & Collect ASAP.

  • I was very pleasantly surprised this evening when Woolworths delivered all 36 bottles that I'd ordered. Super deal!

  • +1

    online chat:

    i have check with a manager. This is a known issue that is currently being corrected.
    I have been advised that this will be processed in the next 3 - 5 business days.

    • I got the same response but when I enquire further what will be final refund amount.

      They told me it'll be the same as what is invoiced and if I'm not happy

      "If you are unhappy with the charged price, unfortunately you will need to return the wine received for a full refund."


      • +1

        Tell them you already drank them at your party, but are willing to return the empties.

  • +1

    Very surprised to receive SMS this morning advising my order was ready for pickup. All 42 bottles. Thanks again OP, fantastic deal!

  • Isabel estate is so good, by the way.

  • +2

    Massive thanks to "popsiee" & Ozbargains
    Purchased 40 bottles on Tuesday for $107. Delivery Saturday afternoon
    Waiting all week for the "out of stock" message & refund
    But all 40 bottles delivered this afternoon. Very very happy

    • Wow maybe should have picked delivery then!

  • How long do we have to raise a PayPal dispute? I'm happy to let WW sort this out but I don't want to run out of time with PayPal.
    Received 28/48 for $141

  • What the sweet f***, how are people getting shit delivered still whilst I was told none of my bottles were fulfillable? Should I call customer support and ask them to try and fulfill my original order?

    • Different stores/states/distribution centres

  • Was a stellar deal. I picked up 16 bottles for $52. The service lady even brought a trolley over for me. Ordered on the 24, collected next day by 11am. No idea what they'd taste like but no disappointments so far.

  • got 4 out of 10 bottles, woolworths refusing to refund. Abysmal
    Edit:tried another chat rep and got pro rata refund.

    • How are you getting through to a human on chat? I need to do the same

      • Just type in the chat "talk to real person" and it will give you one. As I said below though they are quite useless.

      • Under contact us, and just type speak to someone to get rid of the bot