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[Woolworths Rewards] Wine Bundle 6pks: Sauvignon Blanc $10 (Was $59), Shiraz $20 (Was $85) @ Woolworths Online (Select Stores)


You must have a ,Woolworths Reward Card linked to your account, and logged in to Woolworths to enjoy this bundle special that retails at $59 for $10 . Price changes from $59 to $10 once added to the cart . That is right $1.67 a bottle being 3 X Te Rua Bay Sauvignon Blanc 750ml + 3 X Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90002479/s...

Others I have successfully bought during the week $85 to $20 3 X Krondorf Shiraz Barossa 750ml + 3 X William Light Clare Valley Shiraz 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90002481/s...

$75 to $22 2 X Cat Amongst The Pigeons Shiraz Fat Cat 750ml bottle + 2 X Isabel Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90001734/p...

Max is 3 of each bundle and I recommend Click and Collect .
Use a Wish card to save 5% more .
Anyway I bought enough wine from Tuesday on wards to sink a battleship , time for you guys to enjoy :)

Ooh be fast the cats out of the bag this is a crazy price !

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  • +1

    Still works for me

  • Just ordered! Thanks op!

  • Let’s see if orders get honoured or will we get a “Out of Stock“ notification tomorrow

  • 54 bottles for 135 bucks. Thanks op!

  • +2

    it is still working. i dont even have the storage for all those bottles haha.

  • Bought 18 bottles - thanks OP!

  • Out of 6 stores around me only 3 showed those price, 2 didn't have any pickup windows, leaving out the only one, but I don't hold my hope very high.

  • After I made my order, I checked the stock level of the BWS I'm going to pick up tomorrow.
    Stock level is very low, not even enough for fulfilling my order.

    Also BWS is enforcing purchase limit of 12 bottles of wine per person in VIC
    I believe they are not going to honor it…
    Let's see how it goes tomorrow :(

  • Yay worked for me - thanks OP

  • Thanks. Ordered two Shiraz bundles.

    Don’t forget, minimum $30 order for online orders.

  • Glitch fixed :(

    Edit: If you select a store with stock not available, it changes the price. Was able to select the correct store and place an order, fingers crossed!

  • Party's over :(

  • Missed out. Price has changed.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for posting. Fingers crossed!

  • +2

    Wow. Damn good value.
    Krondorf Winemakers Shiraz $13 ea
    William Light Clare Valley Shiraz $40 ea (but strangely exclusive to BWS/Woolworths)

  • +1

    Wow incredible, picked up 12 bottles for $30!!

  • thanks op just ordered

  • +1

    For those in QLD anyone successful at ordering?

    Was able to switch store for pick up to one in VIC with available stock. Able to add to cart but once change back to delivery options for an address in QLD, stock became unavailable again.

    Guess it's not for QLD, where woolworths doesn't sell alcohol, only through BWS.

    • Similar to how there’s no liquor at Aldi, Queensland has funny rules.

  • Worked for me just now. Thanks OP ordered 20 bottles. Cheers .

  • Worked for me - god bless you, OP!

  • They just killed this deal by the look of it

  • Just saved a bundle at Windsor NSW Woolies (●'◡'●)

  • shows $10 for delivery but full price for pick up for me

  • +1

    VIC just made the order! It still working..

    I bought Krondorf Winemakers Shiraz(danmurphys.com.au) $13 ea a few weeks ago, taste good, it is for sure worth at $13, but now it is 3.33, no brain, just buy

  • thanks OP
    just ordered 12 bottles for $30

  • Still works for me in VIC as well. Just stick to 12 bottles (VIC temporary limit) to give them less of an excuse to cancel it. All the locations closest to me have stock, but I guess everyone in Melbourne has only 5km to play with.

  • Yay I got it Sunshine 3020 Vic

  • Wow thanks OP, I ordered a bundle each and saved $167 for 16 bottles! Some of them are priced at $40 each!

  • Thank you OP. Ordered 48 bottles for about $140. 3 of each bundle.
    Now fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow.

  • not in tasmania =(

  • +4
    • Best out of the bunch

    • Real MVP, just updated my order to include this bundle

  • Anyone want to split a purchase with me? Don't need 24 bottles myself and don't have a car. Happy to pay you a bit extra if you can deliver it to my place (in Melbourne near Moonee Ponds/Parkville area). Say if we get 4 bundles of the Shiraz https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90001730/e... and say I pay $30 for half and can offer say $10 for delivery to my home.

    • Otherwise if anyone is able to deliver to my home I could pay $30 for the two bundles and $10 for the delivery

    • +1

      Delivery requires minimum purchase of $50
      so why not just get another $30 of groceries and pay $15 for delivery

  • +1

    Got myself 6 bottles but had to get some groceries as well to bring it up to the click and collect minimum…Thanks OP!

    • Second this way of order. It is too easy for Woolies to cancel orders with all price error wine bundle.

  • No matter what I do it does not work for me…..:(

    Edit: it worked, I just couldn't figure out how to change stores…..lol

  • Thanks OP, just ordered some, will see how it goes tomorrow when i try to pick it up.
    Looking forward to a blast with gelato and wine!

  • Worked for the first few links but not for the links further down - out of stock notice. Pickup sched for Wed, I have no chance do I?!

  • Ordered no problem. Thanks OP! Might be "Deal of the Year"!

  • Thanks OP worked for me in Vic, hopefully picking up this afternoon

  • Will they not honour it if I order more than 12? (in VIC)

  • Not available in qld in title.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just ordered 72 bottles!

  • Just ordered 3 * sav blanc bundle - 18 bottles for $30. I will be amazed if they are not cancelled.

  • Worked for me, I was at checkout (Kogarah, Sydney) but I cancelled since we don't drink white wine only red. At that price it would seem to be a system error. Shame I don't want it!!!

    • There are plenty of red bundles too..

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just ordered 42 bottles. I was also able to use SHOPNOW20 promo code (minimum spend $120) for a further $20 off the price as I haven't shopped with them for a while.

  • +1

    Ordered a few bottles myself but looks like a pricing error, I had a look at BWS and it seems that a single bottle has the "Rewards Exclusive" price and looks like that price went through to the bundle. I get mine delivered tomorrow but my guess is it will get cancelled.

  • THANKS OP and all others who recommended other bundles.
    Orders were taken, lets hope W.W. honour them, when I go to pick up. GREAT deal.
    Will put me in the wifies good book for a few weeks. Thanks again

  • ….looks like multiple errors across multiple products…will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    a lot of cancellations & refunds id guess

  • Lots of orders placed, let's see how many gets them! At less then $3 a bottle this is great

  • It's unavailable in Queensland because the law doesn't allow supermarkets to sell alcohol.

  • +1

    Got a cancelation due to all products being out of stock (3160).

  • +2

    Probably should've ordered them for shipping

    Almost no chance these will be honoured either way.

    • you mean order enough for free shipping?

  • Order was cancelled :(

  • Just ordered in VIC but didn't get an email receipt so I suspect it will get cancelled

  • +2

    Just got a refund. No other information given.

    Got a text message saying no stock but when I log into my account online it says order is ready for pickup. Interesting.

  • Make sure you select Allow Substitution in case they sell out, which is extremely likely given the popularity of this deal! You should get something equivalent or better.

  • Thanks OP. On my way to pick up order.
    Ordered 12 (Vic) and first thing in morning. Didn't get cancelled woohoo.

    Also made a second order of 12 bottles for Thursday pick up. Fingers crossed doesn't get cancelled

  • +1

    Just ordered from two different stores in Perth. Surprised this offer is still alive!

  • Ordered a lot… Thanks OP!!!

  • Anyone picked up yet?

  • Game is all over!

  • as I was checking out it suddenly became unavailable! ah well….

  • just got pickup confirmation that its ready….wish me luck

    • Nice. Good luck!

      I think if you get a pickup confirmation, you'll actually get it

      • +1

        picked up 12 no issues…however i was told they WAY over sold…so anyone picking up later today or tomorrow will miss out…

        • +2

          Regrets now for choosing a later pickup time 😭

  • +7

    Picked it up just then. No issues. Thanks OP

    • How many bottles?

      I need to change my down vote

      • Got 12 total
        Edit: 12 bottles or 2 bundles

        • +1

          Got mine as well. 12 bottles. VIC.

  • +1

    picked up my order, only 6 bottles supplied, the rest is out of stock. another 2 bundles cancelled. oh well

    I almost managed to savour it while it lasted

    an error narrowly avoided then

    • +1

      Got refunds for OOS?

      • +1

        that's what I need to follow up on. their paperwork is damn right confusing

        • Let me know how it went. Cheers

  • Got my pickup confirmation SMS. Sweet.

    • May not be so sweet when you get t here and find 2 bottles waiting.

      • Haha, I got 8 out of 10, 2 OOS, not that bad.

  • Picked up 24 bottles

    Some are out of stock

    Invoice is complicate

    Will see what happened for oos items.

  • Order canceled :'(

  • +3

    Collected successfully
    They gave me all they've got.
    Some OOS thou

    • +1

      ahah nice buy. I picked up 5 boxes.

    • Lucky
      What state are you in?

  • hmmm, my pick up window is 10-11am but order still "being prepared" and no confirmation, are delays like this common ?

    • +1

      yes my last online order was only already 50 mins past the hour

  • +2

    Do we have to phone up and argue for refunds?
    I received 7/20 bottles, and an invoice for more than I paid.

    • A friend had the same thing happen, went to get there 6 bottles and got given 2 and was told there offer was for a buy one get one free…

  • +3

    Thinking I should have picked an earlier pickup window than 1-2pm…

    • I picked 10am and was still cancelled. Probably depends if the store is busy :(

    • Same - but I chose 2-3pm…

  • +1

    I just received an SMS saying my order has been cancelled due to increased demand and no stock.

  • Picked up the order. Win.

  • +3

    Picked up 36 bottles in Vic

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