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5 in 1 Charging Station with Quick Charge USB Ports $10.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Vastafa Amazon AU


I was looking for an inexpensive USB charger and came across this one. Its currently 50% off with coupon code.

  • QC 3.0 USB Port : 5-12V 18W, fast charging function like Galaxy Note 4, iphone 8/8s and other devices
  • USB Output : 5V 12W, supports all the devices with USB ports
  • Wireless Charging : 5-9V 10W, can be used for iPhone XS/XR/XS Max/8/8 Plus,Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/ S8+/S7 and all Qi-enabled devices listed
  • USB Type-C PD Output : 5-20V 45W, can charge the Macbook and iPhone8
  • Laptop Output : 19V 60W, support for charging the Thinkpad.
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks bought one. Sadly can only be used once.

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      That's not a very good charger if you can only use it once.

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    Thanks OP, bought one, cant go wrong for $11 delivered for a 5 in 1 charging brick.

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      as long as you don't plug anything in it that is.

      • What are you implying?

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          I haven't seen this particular unit so this is anecdotal.

          A no name charger is not something I personally would trust.

          What's the cheapest wireless charger you've ever seen?
          What come back is there on this supplier if this decides to put 240v down any of these outlets or does catch fire.
          A phone, tablet or laptop is something I would rather not have blow up, and I like my house not on fire.

          So I'm not saying don't buy it, but if you do I'd recommend not having anything on it or plugged into it.

          EDIT see richardnau comment.

  • Grabbed one! Thanks heaps!

  • Thanks

  • i bought the 6 in 1… seems to be a better deal for $2 more.

    • Bought one but I didn't even see what are those 6 ports.

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        Wireless, USB-A, USB-A-QC3, USB-C, 19vDC, 240v

        • thanks

    • I haven't got 5 friends to charge our phones with so 5 in 1 will do me.

      • +1

        I just buy extra devices to charge so I feel like I have friends.

  • Got 6 in 1 for $13. Thanks

  • Thanks OP just grabbed 6 in 1 with additional power plug

  • looks thicc

  • Picked it up. Will see how it performs later.

  • +3

    Yeah, I too went with the black 6-in-1. I didn't even know such devices existed… but what an excellent idea and only $13ea!!

    • Seems the 6 in 1 is unavailable now…?

  • got the 6 in 1 white with wireless charging for 13 bucks - good deal thanks OP

  • Got one. Thank you!

    Bought the 5 in 1 before realising you could get the 6 in 1 with the same code. Code can only be used once


    • Similar :(

    • Same here

  • +1

    Thanks OP
    6 in 1 is gone.

    Got the 5 in 1 instead.

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    Just missed the 6 in 1 dammit

  • Even the 5 in 1 is out of stock it seems!

  • 6 in 1 appears to be sold out, went with 5 in 1

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    5 in 1 and 6 in 1 look the same except the 6 in 1 has a pass-through for 240v. Id probably stay away from the 6 in 1 and you need a fair bit of clearance between mains and 5v outputs. Plus if you did have a phone charging wireless you couldn't use the 240v socket no space.

    • can you please explain why the pass-through and clearance is an issue? i was gonna use it to power my xps13 so i can have some more sockets on my desk.

      • probably just clearance on the circuit board. think he's speculating considering the slightly compact design.

      • +1

        Yea i can't be certain but if you don't need the extra socket the 5 in 1 is a safer bet. You need to have AC mains isolated from the DC output. Its hard in a small design like this. If its a using multiple PCBs stacked it should be okay.
        Insulation tester would be the best bet to test if its safe.

    • Thinking how would I charge my HP OMEN(Compatible?) using this at the same time charging my iPhone 7?

  • "
    We're sorry. This item is no longer available from the seller you selected. We'll move it to the Saved Items section of your Shopping Cart. From there, you can click the item to return to its product information page and try another seller.”

    Sold out

    Would be keen to get this if there’s more stock

    • +1

      There is still other 5 in 1. Without the wireless charging

      • -1

        This one still appears in stock

        • Tried to buy.. no longer in stock it seems

        • Nope i get that error above when going to pay.

        • you have to checkout to see what people are talking about when they say its sold out.

        • No, there will be an error when you check it out.

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    Those with MS Surface Pros who managed to get one of these chargers may find this cable handy.

    • +1

      More expensive than the charger lol.

  • +33

    Buyer beware…

    1) product does not carry the Australian compliance mark, so there's no evidence (or even pretension) that it's safe
    2) there are NO VASTFAFA products listed on the Electrical Equipment Safety System database
    3) supplier's description states that it passes RoHS and FCC tests - but these tests are irrelevant for Australia and have no standing whatsoever
    4) the version with the mains outlet on it says it's rated at 16A, but the plug on the end is a 10A plug (as is the outlet).

    It is not legal to sell products in this category that have not been tested and independently certified as 'safe'. There is no evidence in the description or photos to suggest that this product is safe. For goodness' sake, be careful.

    • +3

      Thank you

    • +2

      Some more information in their website :

    • -2

      When you go to checkout it states:

      Sold by: zhongshanshibeierjinzhinengkejiyouxiangongsi

      Random Chinese seller give me an abundance of confidence in receiving a working product :)

      • +1

        Fulfilled by Amazon AU though so it's stock already in the Amazon warehouse.

        • Read the reviews on Amazon!!! Notoriously they use untrustworthy sellers then claim they are NOT responsible for items sold!!!

          I also was credit card scammed by Amazon, it cost me $246.95 which they will NOT divulge the account holder so I cannot recover the cost.

    • +1

      Looks like you're new to OzBargain because almost no Chinese products advertised here are compliant.

      • Nope - been hanging around here for years, just not usually posting. Been doing a lot of work on compliance in my paid job, and this seemed so egregiously non-compliant that I thought I'd weigh in.

    • +1

      This sort of stuff has come up a few times when discussing chargers of late. How dangerous are we talking here assuming a safety switch is in a home? Or is this more of a fire risk when overloaded?

      • No-one knows - it's not been tested (apparently). If it has a fault to ground, then the safety switch (if fitted, if working) should trigger. Other types of faults may not be so forgiving. Point is: why take the risk? There's plenty of stuff around that is safe. It's like the old adage about motorbike helmets: buy and be happy with a $10 helmet if you have a $10 head.

    • Completely understand… but fingers crossed your house wiring is also manufactured & installed to spec too :)

    • Thanks, I cancelled my order after reading this comment and understanding what FCC/ROHS Certs actually represent - as far as I could neither represent certification of electrical safety.

      After a bad (But thankfully not terrible) mishap with a no name charger I'm not willing to risk everything to save $15.

    • +1

      I'm all for saving money but not to have my house burn down because I bought a cheap device that can't prove to me that AC and DC are not isolated from each other.

      Run. Away. Quickly.

      • +1

        Says its got a surge protector, is that not enough to shut the power?

        • It says a few things that keep me away from it until I see them proved.

        • Surge protector in this case will almost 100% be a single metal oxide varistor which will divert a surge to ground. It'll work once (if there's a decent surge) and then never again. And it will do exactly nothing to shut down power…

  • There's a 4 in 1 available if you don't need the wireless for $10.

  • The black 4in1 is still in stock for $10, only missing wireless charging

  • I can only find the 4 in 1 in stock.
    Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Wanted the wireless but oh well, 4 in 1 for $10 still good.

  • Thanks OP , just bought one for me and the missus.

    • +2

      Update: Based on reading into the advertised certifications these dont imply electrical safety certification - Cancelled order as I have a general rule to steer clear of non certified electrical appliances.

  • OOS as I was checking out, even the 4 port one

  • cook your gadgets with this.!

  • "We're sorry. This item is no longer available from the seller you selected. We'll move it to the Saved Items section of your Shopping Cart. From there, you can click the item to return to its product information page and try another seller."

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    • +1

      Its out of stock unfortunately.

  • +1

    Hmm, is the 10% chance this burns down my house and kills me worth it? Maybe I should cancel this order lmao

    • where did you get that info?

      • +5

        Tales from My Ass, Vol. 5

        • i had a look into the certifications provided and cancelled my order

          Neither FCC or ROHS certs imply electrical safety from what I could discern.

          FCC is to do with radio based comms, e.g. mobile antennas, radio receiving/transmitting devices, and ROHS means no hazardous materials involved in its manufacturer.

  • +1

    went out of stock right in the middle of my order :(

  • Grabbed a 4in1 thanks

  • upon reading the comments i have decided to cancel my order.

    • Yeah same here.. not worth the risk

  • It's back in stock and after applying the code, the price is now $19.99 + delivery (Free del with prime).

  • +2

    Just received mine, the 5 in 1 without the wireless charging.
    It works like it meant to, charges PD for 2 different Lenovo, the laptop charging plugs could not fit and old HP laptop.
    It charges a Note 10 same as the 25w charger. Its packaged like an Aldi Powerboard, the Bauhn ones, same print.

  • If anyone near Ballarat vic doesn't want to keep theirs, I would like to get one.

  • Received mine today.

    Only received 1 set of 8 Laptop Charging Pin (Product Image has 2 different sets of 16)

    • +1

      Mine arrived just now, and like yours, only has one set of charging plugs, none which fit my Dell laptop.

      I ordered the 4-in-1 and it arrived in a 5-in-1 box - thought I had got lucky with the wireless charging unit, but no - it is the 4-in-1. It also has a label on the bottom saying it has wireless charging.

      I have requested a return from Amazon. All packaged up ready for the Post Office.

      Oh well.

      • Got the same thing as you described, at $10 its still a bargain tho.
        However it looks and feel kinda too cheap haha

        • yeah same got my 4-in-1 and thought I got lucky and got free wireless. Pretty bad to use misleading labels. Perhaps why it's cheap. No plug for my Lenovo work laptop though which sucks. Will probably keep or just complain to Amazon. They normally just give a full refund no questions asked and no return needed.

  • +4

    Received my order of 6-in-1s and tore one open:

    Yes, built to a (very low) price! Only one screw holding the bottom cover on, the rest was just glued so although I'm no certifier I'm pretty sure that wouldn't pass the Aussie standards. Wouldn't have taken much to add another few screws. Upon removing the cover though the rest looked 'OK'. Again, I'm not a certifier but there was plenty of space around the 240V socket and as seen in the pics there is plenty of reinforcement through to the bottom panel close to the anchor to keep the socket & connections rigid. The main PCB is a multi-output SMPS with 19V as the primary focus. The USB sub-board has a 19V input for most of it but also some separate feeds that seem to directly feed the USB-C socket. The sub-board also generates 5V which feeds the wireless charging module.

    All in all it isn't terribly made, seems safe enough and should work well for as long as I need it… plus they're great for a tinkerer such as myself :) The 5V removable Wireless charging module is worth about $3-5 by itself! The decent size plastic box with 3-pin socket could come in very handy for lots of things too and is easily worth the price I paid :) As others have commented its a shame the included plugs don't seem to fit many laptops though. Odd.

    • +1

      Thanks for your sharing your thoughts and review.

  • Question to anyone that has received the model with the wireless charging today. Mine has a plasticy pad over the wireless charging circle. Any idea if this is supposed to be removed?

    • +1

      Pretty sure it's just there to add a bit of grip as it's a bit rubbery.

      • +1

        Mine has the same. Seems ok value to me.

  • I recieved my 5 in 1 without wireless charger. It seems to work fine , does what it supposed to do. But after reading comments and other's returning, I am worried should I use it or return it.

  • Looks good for the price, I will use it with smart plug and schedule it only for 5 hours a night for charging phone and my kiwi google home.

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