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The Complete 12 Monkeys - Super Deluxe Edition Blu Ray $135.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest I could find for this newly released Super Deluxe Edition box set.

An incredible show, but this is one for the collectors as you can purchase the complete Blu Ray set cheaper.

Definately recommend giving this show a watch, even if you don't pick this up!

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  • Amazing show.
    Not seen by many.

    Sadly I don't think anyone is streaming this in Aus currently?

    • Everyone I've introduced this show to has absolutely loved it, shame it doesn't have more exposure.

      I'm not sure about streaming it. It was on Netflix a while back but they must have removed it.

    • Agreed, an underrated show.

    • Phenomenal show, absolutely incredible - especially when things go really crazy mid way through and you start to think there's no way the writers are keeping track of all the time lines and intersections then 2 episodes later BAM they pull the threads together

      The writing room must have looked like a super crazy conspiracy nuts house

  • Brad Pitt’s best performance.

  • Thank you OP! I was just about to pull the trigger on the ViaVision order.

    This show is not underrated, it's overlooked. The creator Terry Matalas runs a fan page over on Facebook where he answers questions, posts his love for the show among other things. It's truly amazing that a creator is so passionate about his work even 2 years after the show ended. This release has the 1 minute of footage from the finale that the first edition were missing. Fantastic series, definitely recommended.

  • this is a series? Thought it was a movie

    • Yes originally this was/is a movie (released 1995). A series adaptation has been made (4 seasons, 2015-2018). I haven't seen the series.

  • Ws thinking about this the other day.. watched the first two seasons I think and never went back, but have been meaning to see where it went.