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Free Delivery (Tacos $3 Delivered) @ Guzman Y Gomez via Menulog (Stack with up to 15% Cashback ( $30 Cap) @ ShopBack)


Edit - 15% cashback (new Menulog customers) and 5% cashback (existing) capped at $30 via Shopback.

Tacos are currently $3 for a limited time. Order through Menulog to get them delivered for free.

Appears to be nationwide.

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  • They are a rip. Barely worth $1 each.

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      Show me a place that sells them for $1 each

      • Marge: What are you going to spend your money on, kids?

        Bart: There's a special on tacos down at the Taco Mat. Hundred tacos for $100. I'm gonna get that.

        Lisa: I'm going to contribute my money to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

        Marge: Tacos? Public broadcasting? I won't have you kids throwing your money away like that. You're both coming downtown with me and you're going to put that money in the bank.

        [They walk by the Taco Mat.]

        Bart: Boy I sure could go for a hundred tacos right about now.

        [Comic Book Guy walks out of Taco Mat with a wheelbarrow full of tacos.]

        Comic Book Guy: Yes, this should provide adequate sustenance for the Dr. Who marathon.

      • I would make my own! Have you tried these? They are TINY, and only contain a spoonful of mince, lettuce and cheese. No salsa. Bland, small and a rip off. I'd rather a banh mi for 6 bucks.

  • Lunch sorted, cheers.

  • Tacos to the chateau, please
    Did Somebody Say…Menulooooog

    Gonna buy this because the advertisement is so damn good

  • Anyone know if these the same size as the normal tacos. I got 3 last week and they are quite small.

    Also for anyone interested you can only get beef, lettuce, tomato salsa, cheese.

    • These are not their regular tacos. They introduced them a while back, and they are $3 in store as well. Free delivery is the only savings here.

    • $3 TACO
      A True classic, the $3 Taco means you’ll never have to buy another taco kit again.
      Mamma Flores’ Ground Beef (Mince)
      Iceberg lettuce
      Australian Jack cheese
      Chipotle-seasoned hard shell corn tortilla

    • $3 Taco is just mince, lettuce and cheese. Regular hard-shell tacos have the same portions but the addition of tomato onion (pico de gallo) mix, and a sauce (tomatillo salsa).

      Ref: I am a humble burrito compiler for Mr Guzman

  • Are these similar to KFC $2.95 sliders?

    • Aside from being in a soft wheat flatbread, as opposed to a Chipotle-seasoned hard shell corn tortilla, and containing the Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices, vs Mamma Flores’ Ground Beef (Mince), then yes. They are.

      • Can't tell if this is a sarcastic reply but I was really just after a size comparison lol. Obviously a chicken shop vs Mexican/taco shop it's gonna be different contents.

  • Ordered from GYG Mt Lawley today, gosh they are so stingy with their portions, burrito bowl was not even half filled, $3 taco had barely any filling not worth it.

    • Same here @ GYG Sydney CBD

      Half filled tacitos…. Very tasty though I must say. Get 6 if you want a half decent SNACK 😂

  • Is there anyway to report an issue to menu log? Because every meal delivery app apart from menulog delivers GYG to my door except menulog it's infuriating.