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30% off Nanoleaf Starter Packs Smart Lights @ JB Hi-FI


Saw these Nanoleaf Hexagons smart lights as a pre-order on JB in May and now 30% off today, think I am finally going to jump in. $100 off!

The other kits also on sale - triangles and squares.

Anyone bought these already?

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  • They look quite fun

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    Wonder if it stacks with 5% coupon posted earlier?

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      Can confirm, it does! :)
      Makes the starter packs $236.55.

      • 5% coupon? where is that : )

  • Every time these have been posted there's been a pretty lukewarm response from owners. They look awesome in promo shots but not necessarily in practice.

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      I have the triangles. Did up the whole kid's room ceiling with it. Pretty damn cool (not lukewarm).

    • Yeah I’ve had two sets of the triangles for a few years now and just recently purchased the squares as a present for a friend. They are awesome. No complaints here. Will be buying a set of the new ones with this deal

  • I have the triangle set, pretty fun to play around with. Definately recommend purchasing 3m command strips as the ones provided are garbage, had nearly all pieces fall off the wall within first 2 weeks.

    • Mine have been up with the heavy duty velcro-ish command strips for over a year, no issues.

  • I have the canvas ones, these things are awesome.

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    any cheaper version of these? from like aliexpress or ebay?

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    Not luke warm at all. IMO. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/237754/70112/20190331_...

    If you have the remote you can set each face to a different pattern, and rotate to set brightness. On or off.

    Triangles I think have a greater lighting area. New range look ok, but have spent a bomb on the originals.

  • They are cool but still way too expensive for some smart lights. I have spent a few dollars in philips hue but these to me are kinda superfluous

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    Thanks heaps! Just bought (2x) 9 piece canvas starter sets from Bunnings on price match. $224.10ea

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      Damn I didn’t think of that. Oh well it’s done now.

    • Do you have the link for the item on bunnings? Can't find it on search

      • Nope. Not on their website. I bought two starter packs and two expansion packs. Went back the next day and they had changed the price.

  • Hexagons are the new batch, they are supposed to be compatible with new shapes Nanoleaf is coming out, the existing triangles and squares won't be.

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