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HelloFresh and Qantas: Earn 20,000 QFF Points (2000 a Week) for 10 Weeks of HelloFresh Subscription


An odd one, but if you're considering joining Hello Fresh anyway, this might be the time to do it. 2.5 months of healthy food (well, probably. I've done it in the past and it was good, but my parcels kept getting stolen from outside my apartment building, sigh).

Their text:

Earn up to 20,000 Qantas Points over 10 weeks
Simply subscribe to a weekly Classic, Veggie or Family Plan and you could earn up to 2,000 points on each of your first 10 HelloFresh boxes.1
Use the promo code QANTAS20K to start earning points now.
This offer is available to new customers only. Members must use the same email address as their Qantas Frequent Flyer account to earn Qantas Points.
Start cooking easy dinners the whole household will love and be rewarded for it.

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    Good Luck chasing the points with Qantas, I have subscribed to Paypal posted here in Ozbargain last December 2019 for bonus 1K points, I stopped chasing. Qantas got Karma.

  • Ah damn, I signed up 2 weeks ago!

  • I’m wondering what happens when your parcel is stolen from your apartment block? Did you contact hello fresh and what was their response?

    • What do you think Helllofresh can do about YOUR apartment's food thief?

    • Had one of my boxes stolen. HelloFresh refused to do anything, They delivered it outside of the timeframe at like 2am on a Saturday morning. I filed a police report as it was my neighbour caught on camera just to prove a point and initiated a charge back. HelloFresh then chased me for 3 months for the money sending me collection notices - after dealing with 3 “managers” I got someone high enough in Australia that said “don’t worry about it” and sent me a confirmation email.

      Tl;dr shit service but not bad value if you’re shit at meal planning - you can chose a time and day of delivery that suits you.

      • They’re one of those shite places where you need to call if you’re putting it on hold after the first week because you want to assess their service.

        Food was good though. Nice not to have to think about meal and just do.

        Bit on the expensive side if it isn’t discounted.

        • Putting it on hold is super easy. Login to the website or the app and click on hold for the following week.

      • Thanks, just wanted to know what they do.