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Asrock B550M-HDV Motherboard $115 + Shipping at Umart


Cheapest B550M in Australia.
Lacking some features of the more expensive boards only 2 x DIMM slots no dual M2, but can't go wrong at this price it is cheaper than most B450m boards and probably not too much more than the A520 will cost at launch.

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  • Didn't need that, bought thanks OP

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    • I read it as mo-the-beard.

    • Made more sense pre-edit, à la wayback machine.

  • look at them vrms 🙃

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      As completely nonexistant as they are, if you never plan to go above a 3600/3700X or whatever the Ryzen 4000 equivalents are, it will handle them fine.

      • So this board cant run above 3700X? even if I dont overclock?

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          Typically 3800x is ignored so the next one up is 3900X and no I wouldn’t run it on this board with that vrm…

          I don’t think I’d even run the 3700X … lol should work though but really a budget board like this you’d only put a budget cpu in with maybe a midrange for upgrade path.

    • 2+2, just, wow.

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        but at least they are big 2s

      • Isn't it 4+2? I count 6 cubes

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          Counting chokes doesn't tell you your power phases, that would be too easy.

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    Is that a vga port :O

  • Anyone know if there are any drawbacks on pairing this with a Ryzen 5 3600 if I'm not consider overclocking it?

    • Its really for OEM package makers but will suffice for the very basic builds. Those who don't overclock and tinker much with their comp.

    • I think it should work fine.

      Try watching this review https://youtu.be/z2GC9KE1xd8
      Although its not the same board but you can judge for yourself.

    • It will work fine at stock settings. Ryzen 3600 is a very capable cpu and I personally would not pair it with a board like this as it’s wasted potential.

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      crappy boards mean higher temps. Not sure on this one but giving some warning.

    • 3600 uses bugger all power you'll be fine. Wouldn't go any higher than that though.

    • The 3300X is much better value for money than the 3600. Very similar in benchmarks, despite the lower core count. It's how the cores are stacked that makes the 3300X a better value now. Watch Gamers Nexus's reviews on the 3300X (https://youtu.be/VDZQCcDMcfw?t=375).

  • I've got toasters with better looking VRMs.

  • Cheap

  • has Integrated graphics (pair with Ryzen 5 3600)? or do I need a GPU?

    • How would a motherboard have integrated graphics?

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        They did, remember old days? Lol

        • Integrated graphics is on the CPU, not motherboard…. but the motherboard has to support it. The R5 3600 doesn't have integrated graphics, so you'd need something dedicated.

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            @clanton: Ah young one, sit let me tell you a tale of tech gone by

            • @pin4e: Graphics used to be integrated on the motherboard? Daum

            • @pin4e: Hahaha thanks needed a good laugh!! I like you remember dem days !!

            • @pin4e: Please tell us how everything ran on 64kb of ram

          • @clanton: My 2010 motherboard purchase had integrated graphics (useless for gaming). then pretty sure APUs were non existent as well.

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          haha that was quite old days when North-bridge was on MB itself , had good times with SiS5598 and SiS651

        • nforce FTW!!!

    • Graphics either come from the CPU or a dedicated GPU. Unless you buy an AMD CPU that has integrated graphics and is supported by the board (as far as I'm aware none exists at the moment as board doesn't support 3400G/3200G), you will need a GPU.

      Edit: There are a few CPUs with Integrated Graphics (APUs) that can run on the board but as it stands they are OEM only and not available to the public.

      • Thanks. Don't have 3600 (have an eye on it), but was hoping to get a CPU with graphics that can run on this mobo.
        Guess I have to get a cheap GPU for my budget kids PC.

        • Look for a board you can pair with the Ryzen 3200g for around $160 or 3400g for $240.

          • @UncleRico: They are a nice budget option but bear in mind the 3400G is quite far behind the 3600 in CPU performance, so if there's some specifically demanding workload you are looking at the 3600 for, the 3200G and 3400G will be noticeably slower.

          • @UncleRico: If you don't specifically need PCI4.0 for NVME or GPU then grab a b450 to go with those lower end CPUs. They're out of stock at the moment but I bought this MSI B550 Matx motherboard for $202 delivered from Amazon:


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          If you don't need much GPU power and can wait a bit, there are new AMD APUs (CPU with integrated graphics) set to come out before the end of the year with pretty beefy integrated graphics, called 4xxxG.
          The CPU component will be a year behind their non-G CPUs (eg. 4600G ≈ 3600) but will still be plenty powerful for most people, considering it will go up to an 8 core 4700G (≈3700x). They will also be a big step up over the previous generation, which only went up to 4 cores (3400G) and is on an older architecture. Graphics should be somewhere between a GT1030 and GTX1050.
          No word yet on an official release date but they seem ideal for budget PCs that lean towards CPU performance.

        • If you need to buy an entire PC maybe checkout the ASUS PN50 Mini PC. They run Ryzen 4000 mobile APUs, zen2 CPU & Vega GPU.

      • So this board only supports zen2 & 32/3400g are both zen+? Or is it a chipset limitation? Been eyeing off a 3200g so any advice would be appreciated thanks.

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      The Ryzen 5 3600 has no built in GPU, You need to buy one.

    • you will need a cpu ending with G … 3200G for instance.

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    Highly recommended paying $10 extra for a proper budget board, like https://www.mwave.com.au/product/asrock-b450m-pro4f-am4-matx...

    • Seems like a better board.
      I went for the gigabyte b450m, as macos works well on it.

      • Yeah definitely, big fan of gigabyte boards too but couldn't justify the price.

        These guys did a review on some of the best B450 boards

        For the price, I think the Pro4 was one of the top-picks

  • Guys if you want to use a powerful CPU then maybe this is not a good choice.

    There are a few Hardware DIY channels on youtube tested B550 motherboards, and found that if you use a 12/16 cores CPU, motherboard temputer will go up a lot, some will even go above 100C.

    But still, if you only want to use a 3600/3700x, and you're sure you have no plan to upgrade at all, then this motherboard is fine choice.

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    This is a particular weak Motherboard, and I do not consider this as a special discount.

    This board has got 4 phase CPU power phase, for the 4 phase, it has only got 1 high side FET, and 1 low side FET, with no VRM heatsink at all. I don't recommend use this on anything over a stock r5 3600, not with PBO, memory OC or any other OC at all.

    I would personally ONLY bundle this with 3200G or 3400G and that is it.

    I would rather buy a Gigabyte B450M S2H for $105 from MSY with $5 flat shipping. You will get a similar motherboard with extra 1 low side FET on each phase(1 high 2 low), and a VRM heatsink. It will do everything B550 will do except no PCIe 4.0 ——————— but if you are buying a motherboard at this price range, the odd of you need PCIe 4.0 is almost none.

    • Would something like the Gigabyte B450M S2H need a BIOS update before accepting something like a 5 3600? Or they support it from the factory now?

      • Assuming that the board was manufactured in the last 8 months Its a pretty sure bet it already has Ryzen Matisse support.

        But it's not 100% certain and if you are (un)lucky you could be buying a board that has been sitting on the store shelf for over a year and it won't support your 3000 CPU out of the box.

      • I am kinda sure by now like 99% of B450 still selling via a bigger store (MSY, Umart, Scroptec, PCCG etc) should all be BIOS updated already. Smaller store with aged stock may have a different story.

  • great thanks

  • That's cheap, would be good for a HTPC or something

    I'd also recommend spending a bit more on a better spec'd B450m (I've got the MSI mortar max which has been great).

    I've got two M.2 slots, but isn't the second one slower or takes speed away from another slot or something?
    Eventually I'll need another SSD as a 1TB doesn't take that long to fill up with games, I'd probably get a normal SSD drive I assume.

  • If you are OCing please avoid. Otherwise great price.

  • They should all be this price! good find! motherboards have been getting increasingly more expensive!