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Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Linear $289 + $11 Shipping @ UMART


Fair price for a recent release. Thought I would share this if someone is looking for a small form factor wireless gaming keyboard.

Bought this instead - https://www.umart.com.au/Logitech-G915-TKL-Lightspeed-Wirele...

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    only thing I don't like about this kb is that the symbols aren't backlit

    • As bad as Razer.

    • might be the new switch mechanism, the old one e.g 810 had led in centre of switch so symbols also lit up, the 915 is their new mechanism, and might have the led on the edge like cherry do.
      don’t think cherry illuminate the symbols either.

      micro usb instead of usb c seems a bit dated for new model keyboard.

      crazy keyboard prices, my g810 cost $160 and thought that was expensive.

    • Same. And the volume wheel feels terrible on my full-size G915. Not sure if they've changed it for the TKL version

  • Holy crap, not even a full size keyboard and It's $300?
    Too many people are buying into this bullshit.

    • Size doesn't matter bro. It's how you use it.

    • Once you go to a smaller board you won't want to go back.

      • I disagree. Give me a numpad, please, I type numbers in all the time and just can't get used to using the top line of the keyboard.

        • I don't even use my numpad for numbers, I use it for alt codes. So useful. If I ever find a situation I need more space for my mouse I just turn the keyboard ~45° (that was an alt code :p) and then I have room.

          • @Rajeh: In my case I'm always entering IP addresses, so the '.' and 'Enter' keys tend to be all shiny, and I've worn them off on some cheaper 'boards. :)

        • Same I use it with a mix for my password and the numbpad is the same as my workplace for logging in. Everything is muscle memory to me.

      • Until you start needing to insert numbers into a spreadsheet. I love the minimalist look and the ergonomics of a smaller keyboards (left and right hands can be closer when using mouse and keyboard) but I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet because I know I'm gonna miss the keys.

        • I think I'm in a similar boat to you. I need a numpad for my work (which is fine because I use Mac at work, so just use Apple keyboard). But at home I was trying out a Ducky One 2 Mini and loved it in a way, but really missed the arrow keys (which I use a lot when writing). Changed over to a Logitech G512 which is full size keyboard, and it's nice but it just feels freakin massive. I think a TKL keyboard is the sweet spot… includes arrow keys but no numpad, which isn't really important if you don't use your (home) PC for work… which I don't.

          That being said I can't justify $300 for any keyboard, as nice as it may be.

      • That's not what past girlfriends have said

    • I assume you aren’t familiar with custom mechanical keyboards then…..

      • i looked at some, then looked at their price tag and felt inadequate.

      • Very much so.
        This is not one of them.
        Custom mechanicals tend not to be this expensive unless you're careless on where you buy components from.

    • there's always a kogan board for $30 lol

    • You can get the full-sized version for the same price from Umart as well.

      The reason why this is so expensive is because of it’s ultra slim metal profile plus their Lightsync Technology.

  • I use this one for about 1/3 the price and love it so far -


  • This keyboard costs more than my CPU :/

  • Not worth it. Ducky one 2 is better

    • Was looking at Ducky and Glorious, end up getting the Glorious.

      Looking forward to eventually getting customised keys.

    • Duckys quality has gone down since they got a lot of attention and became more mainstream. If you're looking for a quality prebuilt, look at varmilo or leopold as they have better build quality

      • Varmilo has the same keys as Ducky but with a higher price tag. Also it has no rgb. Cant justify paying alot more for slightly better build. Leopold also has the same keys as Ducky and cost roughly same but no backlit and rgb and no type c cable..

    • It's wired and not low profile so not really a comparable product.

  • I have been using this keyboard since Nov last year. Bought if from scorptec eBay with some eBay Plus deals paid 257.51.
    Overall quality is pretty good. The battery lasts a few days with 12+ hours usage a day.

    If you have to have a wireless mechanical RGB keyboard, and you don't care about paying a bit extra, it is good.
    Otherwise, 300 bucks make it bit overpriced for what it is.

  • Tested this kayboard at Mwave Logitech booth, so good! but $300 is way too much. Keep that in mind it's a low profile/low travel keys, if you like them it's worth the money! otherwise just go for Ducky or custom one yourself for $300 instead.