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Nokia 2720 Flip 4G (Official Australian Version) 2019 Unlocked $98 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest yet according to Cx3 and nearly $20 below this previous OzB deal.
Great deal for non smartphone.
Dads will love it

As commented from "drunk" below, possible price beat at Officeworks

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +15 votes

    Up to 28 days standby!. Haven't seen that for a long time.

    • This is grossly overstated. My mum has this phone and lucky to get 5-7 days standby in real conditions with no usage.

      Thought her unit was a defect so contacted Nokia and was told this is typical and 28 days was in “ideal test conditions”.

      Still seemed unrealistic to me as I had disabled all the features she did not require like Bluetooth, wifi, etc. and sat the phone on a desk without use to test the standby life.

      Just a heads up for anyone thinking of buying this for the 28 days standby.

      Also keen to hear from anyone else who might own this phone and actually get close to 28 days?

      • +3 votes

        "Ideal test conditions" must mean, eg: If you don't hear a cell,
        enter Batt.Save + S/by mode. Maybe they test 'em in an RF-
        isolation box & their algorithm say Never Transmit to a cell,
        if you don't hear cell activity.

        (Could it be like VW's clever, if fraudulent, test-workaound?)

      • Airplane mode, close all processes, disable any alarms etc…, enable extreme battery mode.

    • Lotsa XiaoMi fones have 5500 MAh batteries, &
      come close to matching 28 days on s/by… BUT:
      - being S/fones - they do more

      If all u want is long s/by Life, I'd say shop around.

      PS Is Today's Nokia as good as it was, IMO,
      in the Olde Days…?

      Also, is the co. owned by a Scandinavia group or 1 in CN?


  • Yeah but does it have Snake?

  • +27 votes

    A foldable i can afford :)

  • +13 votes

    I'm going to flip if I get this for fathers day.

  • I need the cheapest unlocked phone, I don’t care about operating system or GPS,camera…etc.

    My usage would be receiving SMS.

    Any recommendations?

    • Jesse Pinkman has entered the chat.

    • There are cheaper "dumb phones" which will serve your needs well. I assume you just need something for 2FA's or something. If you're looking on Amazon, just look up the other Nokia (made by HMD) devices like 3310, 220, 106, etc… these are all basic phones which will be perfectly suited.

    • optus lite from supermarket with an amaysim sim care ($10 / month)
      or telstra lite with boost PAYG sim

    • Most woolies stores are trying to get rid of some unlocked phones. Don't advertise them well, but worth checking. We had a fair few old unlocked Windows Phones at the store in Hamilton, QLD, which were on clearance for $5 - and a couple other around the $20 mark.. LG model.

  • Anyone had experience using WhatsApp on this device?

  • Want to put a GPS tracking phone in a car on a hardwired 12v. Needs both GPS but to be able to send and receive a text message to give lat longs.

    Is this a decent option with a cheap 12month Telstra sim?

    • No, a cheaper solution would be to buy a 2nd hand Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4 off eBay.

      • Just buy something like an XCSOURCE GPS303-F (or similar) and be done with it.

        $50-ish brand new and limited risk of torching your vehicle on the first hot day.

        • That model is non-lte by the way.

          • @ajhutton: Correct. It's why I noted "or similar".😉

            It's a device that costs $50 and will give you four years of service before the 3G networks are switched off. What's that amortise out to, 3.5 cents per day?

            And you definitely do not need 4G bandwidth to send or receive an SMS (160 7-bit chars).

            • @OzDJ_: TK-319L is a better option for the same cost.

              Packet-based gps tracking is also preferable to sms based. 319L supports LTE cat M1 and NB too

              • @ajhutton: Where have you spotted them for $50-ish? They are a good size for a motorbike and would be interested in picking one up!

                • @OzDJ_: AliExpress and sort by price lowest.

                  I've got one on my bike, works great. Just keep in mind you'll need a trickle charger if you're going to have it garaged for any longer than a few weeks as the tracker will slowly drain the battery.

                  My SIM is with (I think) Aldi mobile and they support Telstra's Cat M1 LTE network.

    • You will need to check if the phone will work without a battery installed.

      Trust me - you DO NOT want to leave a phone, wifi hotspot or any other battery-powered device designed to operate at comfortable ambient (generally <= 30°C max) in a car in Australia.

      Indeed, the spec sheet for this phone says the battery should be kept at <=25°C

      Easy for temps in a parked car to exceed 40°C in Australia. [insert fire emoji here]

      • +1 vote

        Do most car insurance policies cover fire…?

        • Yes, they do.

          But if you have time to go through a claims/repair process and/or get into a debate with the insurer on the the extent of contributory negligence - all for the sake of saving $50 - we have very different views of what a bargain is.

    • "GPS tracking phone in a car"

      …. I hope it's your car

  • +1 vote

    What year is it

  • That's atleast 3 times higher in price than what it should be because of the Nokia brand and possibly 4G.


    • Always good to check AliExpress…

      (But the Samsung that topped the list,
      when we used your link was a ReFurb.)

    • Problem is nothing from Ali Express is arriving at your door within 2 months anymore…

  • Finally some foldable "style" to impress sheilas :P

  • It's got the 'retro' factor (or equivalent older-school phone time reference), but you should only really buy it if you want a small phone as you won't get a user friendly experience for the more modern apps and features it sports.

    One reviewer's insights:


    PS. I know camel doesn't show it but I'm absolutely sure I've seen Amazon rocking this for $98 before.

    • It's not about the retro factor it's about the standby time. This thing would be brilliant for you're lightweight hiking, or as an alternative to a home phone for older folk.

      • +1

        Has anyone checked it for remote towns?

        (I know some older folks, who live where
        housing is/was cheap to buy, when they
        retired, & some say they have lousy cell-
        sig-strength, even in a wooden house…?
        Some even need to walk up a hill for non-
        stop connections…?)

  • got one few month ago for 140, only thing I may say is the keypad is a bit large

    • How do you find the overall size and weight? I had once considered purchasing one as a backup phone to tuck into my belt when I'm running rather than taking the iPhone. Then again, I could probably get a tiny burner for $9 if I just want to stay connected for emergencies.

      • There are a few really small/borderline unusable phones I've seen on Youtube before… but maybe you might be better off just getting an Apple Watch with eSim inside (albeit at a very different price point but maybe more useful?)

      • size is good and it is light, feels good in hand. when it flips out there's not top heavy. and btw it has a glossy plastic body so it is gonna be a fingerprints magnet.

      • We use an older ASUS w/ a Zero-SIM inside.

        (Why buy new; just don't "recycle your oldie,
        ie, if it hasn't been dropped to often in svc.")

        (BTW, Zero take $30, not $20, up front…
        of which only the last $10 can be used
        for calls & messages)

  • If you're on the Telstra network you can get the Telstra Nokia 2.3 for $129 @ Aus Post.

    • Or the previous model, Nokia 2.2 was on clearance for about $65 at my local Woolworths, last I checked.

      A bigger, but non removable, battery seemed to be the main spec bump.

      • Did you unlock it?

        • Haven't bought one, telstra locked i think, just sharing…

          It's a mediatek/powervr but has reasonably decent specs compared with some of the prepaid obsolete garbage sold for under $100.

  • Any chance to use Facebook’s Messenger on this?

  • Love the retro!

  • LOL what the heck do you do with something this retro. My fav Nokia back then was the 6230 but these serve no purpose now other than a showpiece

    • Make calls and sms- that what phones were. Your 6230 won’t work anymore if it was just 2G as that doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Reviews look pretty bad for this.

    I see the value of a phone with minimal apps if you're trying to spend less time on your phone, but not sure this is it.

    What other options are out there?

  • Great phone for kids until they are kicked out.

  • Would this be good for young kids for emergency use only? Durable?

    • I reckon its a good phone. not sure about parental controls

    • I doubt it…

      Correct me, if I'm wrong but:

      a. 112 Emergency calls out costly 1st responders, I think..

      b. 000 should work, buy not necessarily know where u are.

      • 112 and 000 are the same thing in Australia (112 is the international standard emergency number, which redirects in Australia to 000). 911 also works, since so many people are raised on US TV. All of those give you the same result - speaking to an emergency call centre operator.

  • Thank you! Got one for dad

  • Can this run Java (J2ME) apps?

  • Got a great SOS function on it…
    If the person presses it, it will message the GPS co-ordinates to a list of users, then start ringing them in turn until someone answers. Will then operate in speakerphone mode.. Bought one for the FIL for his birthday the other month.Paid more than this, but happy with the device at the retail price!

    • There was once a Kids phone, that limited the ph #'s they could dial,
      but had a similar short-list to try, if its Emergency button was pressed.

      Problem was: You had to subscribe to a proprietary service, & -
      when the co. tanked, the Prop'y Service also disappeared.

  • Wow.. i'm impressed that this phone is confirmed to have working VoLTE on Telstra:

  • $98 at Harvey Norman too. Amazon 3% discount gift card and 4% cashback, or Harvey Norman 5%discount gift card.
    Hopefully TA appears with a cashrewards bonus special before Amazon change price.

  • Is there a way we can remove the spy apps (facebook and whatsapp) from this phone? Would be great if we could.

    • Isn't it possible to just Disable fone's GPS?

      • The spyware, called facebook/whatsapp, may also have access to other information like contacts, call history, messages etc. You never know what mark-f**krberg has been up to.

        • Doubt he cares about you beyond the money he can make giving you ads that are a little more relevant to your liking.

  • I have a Samsung clam phone as a backup sitting on my desk. Standby is about 2 weeks and is about 1 week with some use.

  • I still find these phones still have too small a keys, especially the navigation buttons. Thinking for a senior, a big screen phone with a dialing app widget on home screen would be better.

  • looks like it's gone

  • is there a "hotspot" option in this phone? i have like 80gigs a month and want to share it with my laptop.

  • Cardi B sucks.

  • Garbage

  • So sad to see Nokia now even use Kaios on their phones. They used to develop one of the most forward-thinking os; perhaps too advanced in its time

    • Yeah, it was too advanced for the time. Then it quickly became obsolete and Nokia just sat there doing nothing.