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Nokia 2720 Flip 4G (Official Australian Version) 2019 Unlocked $117.60 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Nokia 2720 Flip 4G (Official Australian Version) 2019 Unlocked Basic Mobile Phone with Social Apps, Emergency Button, 28 Days Battery Standby and Google Assistant, Ocean Black

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  • This reminds me of in '00 my friend got one of those spring loaded nokias after seeing it in "The matrix". It was so funny when the mechanism broke and the mic half of the phone shot across the room!

  • As much as I like the idea and look of this phone, I don't think I can go back to t9 typing

    • I loved t9 typing so much and hated keyboard on phones for years because of how much slower I found it, but I recently had a go on an an old phone and yeah, it's hard to go back to.

      • I found the opposite. Picked up an old Nokia 8210 when my phone died a couple of years ago and T9 fit like a glove. I never could find a decent T9 keyboard for Android.

        • Oh yeah?
          Nice. Some things just never leave your muscle memory eh

          Yeah, I didn't find a decent one in the year or so either.
          Never felt quite right.

          Tactile difference between touching screen and buttons I guess?

  • Can you imagine how sick it would've been to use this phone in the mid-late 2000s?

  • Buy a few for your next Gilligan&Gould-verse convention outfit

  • A Nokia flip phone?!? Hell no! You would lose a finger if it shut on you by accident!

  • I've been keeping my eye open for something like the Nokia Tough 800 but with a decent camera to help be 'detox'. Haven't found one, so have to learn some self control. Struggling.

    • I tried a smartphone detox last year and this was the one issue.

      I found ways to manage two factor auth and lack of maps. But not having a camera was always annoying.

      Maybe that's part of the addiction though?

      Or maybe there is a place for a dumb phone that has a decent camera and operates like an old disposable camera: the screen quality is so poor you can't see the photos until you get home and download the photos.

  • Price seems pretty steep for a keypad mobile phone.
    It’s $147 @ OW so $35 saving I guess.
    I was thinking more like $10-$40 with 4G.

  • Good one for the grandparents. I've been buying them Konka for years which don't last long

    • nah. the buttons on these new Nokia feature phones just aren't like they used to be.
      the Telstra EasyCall has the best buttons for this category

  • Most importantly, does it play snake?

  • How is the colour called ‘Ocean Black‘? I hope it’s referring to the deep water midnight zone and not Deepwater Horizon.

  • Thanks op. Bought one for my mother .

  • Its no 5110 thats for sure

  • Pretty good review:

    You’ll find many popular apps preinstalled on the Nokia 2720 Flip. There are Google apps like YouTube, Maps, and Assistant, and you’ll also find Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp (but no Instagram, Messenger, or Spotify). On paper, its apps cover most of the functionality you’d need from an everyday phone. However, just because a phone has these apps, this doesn’t mean that they work the way you’re used to.


  • Be REALLY careful with Nokia feature phones. I bought a Nokia 220 4G for my daughter as I didn't want her having a smartphone. Spent ages trying to work out why we could only send and receive SMS, no calls.

    Discovered it's because the form of call network it uses is voice over LTE, which is not supported by pretty much any carrier here, at least on prepaid. I think Vodafone postpaid is about it?

    In any case, it is VERY not compatible with the majority of Australian networks, and I'd be making damn sure this Nokia isn't the same before buying one!

    • I get VoLTE with Boost prepaid.

      The phone in this deal has 3G (850 / 900 / 2100), so don't worry.

      • Yeah, the problem isn't just that the carrier supports VoLTE, but they have to support the specific phone for VoLTE to work. And, for the Nokia 220 for instance, that excluded the whole Optus network, because they only support phones they've allowed.

        It's a bit shit.

      • 3G is gonna be turned off soon…

    • when I get a chance I will put my Optus sim into mine and check. Interesting, and thank you for the information

      • I just tested, I had no problems with making voice calls with my Nokia 2720 4G using my Optus Postpaid sim.

  • how good is google assist on this phone?

  • No Wechat, No Deal

  • Is this deal over? I don't see the price when clicking the link.

    Comes up as $154 if I check other buying options.

  • The only phone with a keypad I would ever consider buying is the Sony Ericsson K800i. That phone was dope back in the day. I get that these phones are aimed for people who just "want a phone" but even a very basic smartphone would be better than this. Nokia's product development team are just trying to revive something that appeals to a very small demographic IMO.