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Reolink 8pcs Wired Poe Security Camera System RLK16-410B8-5MP $869.49 Delivered (Was $1081.99) @ Amazon ReolinkAU

  • 【5 Megapixels & 100ft Night Vision】
    3,000,000 more pixels than 1080P, 300% more detailed than 720P.

  • 【Plug & Play PoE System】
    Power, video, and audio run through a single PoE cable, making installation a lot simpler.

  • 【Stable & Lossless Video Quality】
    The digital signal will keep real 5mp high definition image via 300ft CAT6 ethernet cables.

  • 【HDD Storage & Remote Playback】
    With pre-installed 3TB HDD, it can keep around 7 days of 24/7 videos for 8 cameras simultaneously without overwriting. You can add one external 4TB HDD via its e-SATA port.

  • 【Reolink 4MP & 5MP Cams Compatible】
    With 16 PoE ports on the NVR video recorder, the security system is expandable to work with maximum 16 Reolink poe, wifi, fixed lens, Autofocus, bullet, dome, 4MP or 5MP cameras.

  • 【Reliable Remote Access】
    Users can access footage via their smart device (IOS/Android) or computer (Windows/Mac) with Free Reolink App, all videos in the HDD can be playback remotely anywhere anytime.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I don't need 8 though :(, wish it was 4k

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    15% off code for 4-cam kit: 7UC2GYKD
    Hope this helps.:)

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      Can you please do a 4 or 6, 4k cam kit?

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        D800 running 15% off best deal, due Sept. 3rd.
        15% off code for 8CH NVR when you make a purchase together with PoE cam: UXATG9HC

        • Will we receive the 18M ethernet cable if we buy this bundle?

          • @Based Buddha: No. The cable is not included when you purchase separately.

    • I think Ali express has better deal with official stock, including gst around $436.24,hope it stays until next week

  • Not bad. Any deals on the 4K kit with the wider FOV though?

    • +1

      You mean the B800? Not that much wider to be worth the ugly of them

      • Fair enough, though i was going off the specs on their site which listed these as a pretty narrow 80 degress vs 97 degrees on the B800.

        • D800 running 15% off best deal, due Sept. 3rd.
          15% off code for 8CH NVR when you make a purchase together with PoE cam: UXATG9HC

          • @dealbest: hey do you have a deal for 16ch 4k bundle deal?

          • @dealbest: Thank you for this, but it says only 1 available.. is that correct? I need 6 probably.

          • @dealbest: D800 out of stock now and price back up. Happy to wait for the restock, but any chance of setting the price back?

      • The D800 is wider…

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    4k deals please - B800 and D800

    • D800 running 15% off best deal, due Sept. 3rd.

      • D800 plus NVR or just the D800 unit?

        • This link is just the D800 unit.
          15% off code for 8CH NVR when you make a purchase together with PoE cam: UXATG9HC

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    HI, All I have a 800b installed and can recommend them.
    A tip - if you have just 1 cat6 or above cable you can connect it to a poe switch and then have 3 cameras run off that .
    So NVR ——1 cat6 or above netwoirk cable—- poe switch—-3 cameras.. hope it makes sense.

    Since i have a 2 story and it was gard to run cables so i used the above approach and it has been working fine.
    Also note with 800b you will need to swap the HDD as it came wiht 2 TB , i had it on 4 TV and swap is easy, or can use external.

    Message me if you have any questions.

    Note there is a 1-2 sec lag when using App.

    • Max why the need to swap the 2TB to 4TB ? Out of recording space?

      When swapping, do you have to reinstall anything in the new 4TB HD ?

      • Hi, Sorry for the delayed reply, yes i was using 6 cameras and seems to be running out in 10 days , i like to keep at least 15 days plus of recording.

        no it was a clean swap, got a 4tg seagate and had it installed taking 2 tb out, you can use an external as well but it has to be the one with external power supply as the sata port on NVR doesnot supply power.

  • I have 4xB800 system and will definitely recommend it. However you would need HDD for more storage. Anybody, which HDD is best to increase the storage of the system ?

    • Seagate skyhawk or WD purple

  • Are the cameras RLC-410 (5MP)?

    • Yes, they are.

      • Thanks, rep.
        So this can support both RTSP and FTP, correct?

        • Yes, it supports RTSP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, P2P, UPNP, SMTP, SSL/TLS, DNS, DDNS, NTP.

  • Even if you don't initially need 8, it is handy to have some spare cameras - either as replacement for a future failure or for those additional spots you will want covered later. I bought a 4 camera kit with an 8 input NVR and realised I needed (or maybe wanted) another 2 cameras later.

    They are usually a lot cheaper to buy in a kit than individually.

  • Cheaper here?

    On a side note , do people usually install this themselves?
    Don't the ethernet wire have to be routed all through out the house?

  • Can I buy the Reolink cameras individually and use it with POE switch, Home server, and Blueiris software?
    Nice Cameras with Pan/Tilt/Zoom.

  • Holding out for another ~AU$600 RLK8-800B4 4K 4 camera package deal to appear (plus individual 800D4 camera/s)

    • You missed out was around 550 in the end last week

      • where was that? The deals I saw posted weren't 4K, just 5MP.

        • Aliexpress, local stock

          • @Dezeption: Bummer, must have missed it but I've been watching all the 4K deals here and the 4K systems are still showing as out of stock on the Reolink site https://reolink.com/au/product/rlk8-800b4/ and "currently unavailable" on Amazon.
            4/5MP systems aren't what I want.

            • +1

              @Sven Nijs: I got my 4K for $580 and was delivered in a few days. I'm pretty happy with it. Had it with my Hik 4K, like there app alot better tho I miss some of the features on HIK for detection

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    It is showing as $1081.99 for me, is this deal still current?

    • +1

      Hi, the deal is somehow out of date. I've created a 20% code that would be effective starting from 4 PM and matches the ends Sept. 10th: WJRA6VGU

      • Thankyou!

        • Thank you for reminding me!

  • Can you extend via Poe switch for more ?

    • "maximum 16 Reolink poe, wifi, fixed lens, Autofocus, bullet, dome, 4MP or 5MP cameras."
      Although I thought I saw on a Reolink support page the maximum amount of devices for Reolink Client is 32 devices so it might work.

  • Sorry for this question but I’m finding all the Poe stuff confusing. Can I add a couple of wireless cameras to this too? Like a doorbell from a different manufacturer? I have read you can do this with the dahura? Any advice would be much appreciated

    • You can add the hardwired reolink wireless cams, none of thr battery ones to the nvr. You can mix other cameras to the nvr but it's never a guarantee. You can't do this what a dauha either tho, unless it's there own and they arnt wireless I believe. Most of their stuff is intercom and access control

      Why would you want to add a video door bell to a nvr? It won't have any 2 way audio so pretty pointless unless you somehow manage to link a mic to the nvr. Easier to have a camera on the porch or add a smart door bell if you like that will notify to your phone. Have have integration to Google assistant. Camera can be viewed through TVs or hub but you will need to ask Google to show you the camera.

      The only doorbell that will automatically show you the doorbell cam if the nest but I've find them to be of crappy quality.

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