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Amino Z Whey Protein Concentrate WPC 1kg $19.95 Delivered (+ $5 credit) or 3kg $49.95 Delivered (+ $15 credit) @ Amino Z


We have recently relaunched our Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and we're doing a (re)introductory exclusive to OzBargain:

1kg for $19.95 Delivered + $5 back in store credit (Usually $29.95 + Delivery)
3kg for $49.95 Delivered + $15 back in store credit (Usually $79.95 + Delivery)

Coupon code: OZB-WPC

Here's a video I whipped up with a product breakdown and shows how well it mixes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_IegMjjXeM&feature=youtu.be

A quick breakdown of the product:

  • Available in chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry and unflavoured
  • Per serve: 22-25.1g protein / 1.9-2.3g fat / 2.7-5.7g carbs (varies between flavours)
  • All natural flavouring and sweetener. We use stevia.
  • Soy free - we use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin which improves the taste and also eliminates soy as an allergen
  • 100% Australian made
  • Backed by our 110% guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery).

Some other notes:
* If you're after 3kg, you can choose a 3kg size OR 3x 1kg sizes if you want to try different flavours. We pack these into 1kg pouches so either way you'll receive 3x 1kg pouches.
* To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
* Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account once your order ships. It can then be appled to any future order that you place.

Any questions please ask!

Amino Z (Owner and Deals Guy)

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    This is the whey

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    No whey!

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  • Any dairy free protein discounts OP?

    • +1

      On our bargains page we have the Amazonia RawFIT - a couple of units available on special which is dairy free. Page is here: https://www.aminoz.com.au/bargains

      However besides this we don't have any other dairy free proteins available at the moment.

      • Jay
      • I love Scitec Strawberry protein power - I cannot go back to Choc flavour once you try it. As my stock is about to run out, I was just browsing bargains on eBay but found this post - right in time! I just ordered 4 x 4.8kg. Cheers

        • Hey great thanks for the order!

          • Jay
  • +3

    Hi! Any chance of a deal on the whey protein isolate? :)

    • +4

      Actually we do have an offer on the WPI at the moment with coupon code WPI - $29.95 delivered or $79.95 for 3kg delivered. You can mix and match 1kg sizes for the 3kg offer FYI. Here's the link: aminoz.com.au/wpi

      • Jay
      • +1

        Thank you!! :)

      • Thanks Jay. I've not tried your supps before, but at this price I thought I'd give a couple of WPI flavours a go :-)

        • +1

          Oh cool thanks for the order and the support! We've spent most of this year redeveloping our range and so far we've had some really good customer feedback.

          • Jay
      • Thanks, just ordered the WPI unflavoured for the 1st time. Is it okay to mix with just water or any other suggestions?

        • Oh nice, thanks for the order sunnyb. The WPI has a subtle milky flavour which is quite drinkable. It's fine to mix with water.

          • Jay
      • Comment removed.

  • Would have jumped on this last week but already purchased a bag of ON extreme choc cause it taste so good. I did check your website first but there were no deals for your WPI. Next time!

    • Yep that's a good tasting one which we also sell. Thanks for thinking of us!

      • Jay
  • Just got 5kg of protein yesterday and also paid shipping… There was a 10%off code, but this is still a better deal
    Wasn't amino Z, my bad.

    • Haha all good! :)

      • Jay
  • Just placed my order….Thanks Jay!!

    • Cool thanks for the order! Most appreciated!

      • Jay
    • Also ordered!

      • Thanks for the order appxl!

        • Jay
  • Just ordered 3kg of the chocolate. Can anybody comment on taste?

    • Cool thanks for the order!

      • Jay
  • +1

    It's asking me to increase my total to $20 before checking out even though the total is over $20. Jay pls

    • +1

      Oh oops let me fix that for you, sorry 2 minutes.

      • Jay
    • +1

      Okay should be fixed up now - sorry for the hiccup!

      • Jay
      • +1

        Nah I'm still getting the same error, total is $20.94.

        I just fixed it by buying extra.. you got me Jay damn you

        • Oh sorry about that. I'll have to look into that further not sure what happened here. But hey thanks for the order! What was your order number so I can take a look into this for you?

          Also were you happy with the larger amount? If you really wanted the smaller amount I can have the team fix it up manually for you.

          • Jay
          • @aminozcomau: Order number is 109570856

            It's okay I'm happy with the larger amount, thanks

            • +1

              @SleepyMike: Thanks for letting me know. I can see it's due to be packed tomorrow since we temporarily ran out - but I'll get the team to include something extra in there for the stuff around.

              • Jay
  • Ordered 3kg. Good deal!

    • Awesome thanks for the order!

      • Jay
  • Code worked great with ordering 3x 1kg flavours, this deal is whey too good!

    • also, how long will it take to receive the store credit?

    • Nice thanks for the order!

      Store credit will arrive within 24 hours of the order being shipped out.

      • Jay
  • Great timing! My last packet ran out a couple of weeks ago and ive been putting off ordering any until now. Going to order some when i get home tonight!
    Also +1 on the personalised Ozb video haha.

    Have ordered from AminoZ and have only ever had really good experiences.

    • Hah thanks for the note on the video :) Appreciate the support shapers, thanks for sharing!

      • Jay
  • i bought two 1kg whey's from you recently for $30 each :(
    having said that, your produce is good :)

    • Thanks for the feedback, glad you're happy with the product! Sorry you missed out - we're not really doing regular promotions on our products as the pricing is already pretty low, but this was a re-launch special. Really appreciate the support hpkv.

      • Jay
  • +1

    Is there BCAA info? Any feedback on how much it makes you fart? Serious question, I've tried INC WPI, casein and Musashi 100% Whey, all made me fart like a geyser.

    • Sorry we don't have the BCAA breakdown available on this, but I'll make a note to try and obtain this from the producer. Can't help in terms of the farts though - do you have an allergy to milk or lactose? There will be lactose in this product FYI as there is a little bit of sugar from the milk.

      • Jay
    • A 'fart like a geyser' sounds more like a shart - happens to the best of us (not to me though, because I am the worst of us).

      If symptoms persist, carry spare underpants.

      Jokes [sic] aside: I have a mate who reacted badly to dairy-sourced protein powers. He switched to soy protein isolate (and later, to pea protein). Good side effects included removing the moral stain associated with helping fund the veal industry (the dairy industry is the veal industry: that's where half the calves go).

      inb4 some broscientist mentions phytoestrogens: almost everything promulgated by soy critics is aimed at people at American levels of stupid (i.e., ignorant and unable to correct their ignorance: doubly-cursed). In Straya we're not at Idiocracy yet (we're close, though).

  • Hey OP. I tried to place an order a few days ago but forgot my password. I tried the reset from the website however it take over 3hrs for email to arrive and by then password rest email expired. Happened twice. I emailed your contact us form but have had no reply.
    Need help resetting so I can place an order!
    But you should also look into why it's taking so long for email to arrive, maybe hitting email spam filtering/grey listing somewhere?!

    • Oh sorry about that nfusion. We'll definitely look into our email ticket system.

      Regarding your login password, I'll be happy to further assist.

      If you can PM me your email address associated with your Amino Z account, I can go ahead and reset your password now.

      Thank you!

      • Vanessa
      • Thanks. Done.

  • Hey OP, with the 3kg WPC, is the store credit back of $15 in the form of Z points?

    When adding 3kg of WPC to the cart, it’s showing a Z point of only 50 points for the $49.95? Assume that doesn’t translate to $15? Am I’m doing something wrong here?


    • Hi squarepants,

      Yes! it will be credited to your Z points. The store credit will automatically be added within 24 hours of the order being shipped out. The 50 Z points are added on top of that.

      • Vanessa
      • Just an update for clarity, you'll get a total of $5 back per kg ordered. You would have received 50 points initially, but you'll get the remainder. You do not get $15 plus 50 points as an FYI, it's $15 worth in total. I'll pass this into on to Vanessa as I didn't communicate this clearly to her originally (sorry Vanessa and to anyone else for any confusion!).

        However as Vanessa mentioned, the additional points will be added once shipped.

        • Jay
        • Hey Jay, no worries thanks for the clarification. Also, is the additional credit back is only for WPC I assume? No such promo on WPI’s?

          • @squarepants: No worries! Correct, this is for the WPC. We do have a promo on WPI at the moment, it's a flat $29.95 for 1kg or $79.95 for 3x 1kg (you can choose multiple flavours). Code is WPI

            • Jay
  • Ordered Banana flavour 3kg and see how tasty it is. Cheers

    • Awesome appreciate the order!

      • Jay
  • Hey OP, bought 3kg over the weekend and arrived this morning (very impressed with the delivery speed!), however my bonus points still haven’t arrived. How long should it take before they appear on my account?

    • Hi ozjer, should have been automatic once your order shipped. Could you PM over the order number so we can manually fix that up for you? Thanks!

      • Jay
      • Hey sorry mate, just saw this. I emailed your support and they fixed up the issue for me nice and quick.

  • I missed out :(

    Lost my gains due to gym closures, thanks covid :(. Now need to start getting the muscles back again

  • Has anyone in WA received theirs yet? Still no sign of mine

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