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OnePlus Nord 5G 8GB/128GB Dual Sim Blue/Grey $603.38 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Found this when I was randomly surfing Amazon.

Looked on OZB and the only post for the Nord I found was a pre-order which was ~$40 more expensive.

Hope it helps somebody looking to pick up the nord.

Update 31 Aug: Futher price drop to $603.08, probably due to currency fluctuations

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  • Note: Be careful when purchasing mobile phones from overseas. They might have different frequency bands that is not compatible in Australia.

  • This has band 28 but no SDCard slot…

  • 2 years warranty. Where is that claimable, oneplus or amazon?

    • Likely you will be referred to OnePlus if you reach out to Amazon.

      Having said that, OnePlus honours warranty globally, you will probably have to pay shipping fees.

      • There's so many horror stories though on their subreddit. Hopefully they improve their customer service

  • What phone would people buy out of this, Poco F2 and the new Pixel?

    • Poco F2 for bang for the buck and performance, Pixel for the camera.

      • Agreed, big difference in size too, I would take the 4A because I prefer smaller phones.

        • Yeah I think i'm going to get the 4A. I currently have a s7 edge and i think it's a similar size but full screen so should feel familiar but look much better

  • It's nice you can get OnePlus phones through official Amazon through Prime!

    OnePlus 7T might be a better buy, given 5G is non-existent in Australia at the moment. Much better chipset.


  • Really good deal. Pixel 5 will be much more expense than this with similar specs.

  • I have heard that VOLTE is not compatible with Telstra, but is compatible with Optus & Voda.

    Does anyone know?

    • Don't know, but my Huawei supposedly supports VoLTE, but it doesn't work on Telstra. Wife's S20 getting VoLTE on Boost just fine. Supposedly same network.

      • My Huawei Mate 20 have been playing up recently i'm often unable to make calls and/or send messages. I have actually went through both Optus and Telstra sim cards in the last month in hopes to fix it. But Volte is only supported with vodafone for some reason (the only reason why i'm with them). Still i've tried everything including factory reset and still encountering this issue.

        • Hmm… The last two weeks I have had issues where the call gets dropped before it is established. Coincidence?

          • @Make it so: I'm not sure i wouldn't want to talk conspiracies here but this problem alone made me turn away from Huawei as much as i love everything else about their phones.

            • @Fromuawithxo: I tried to PM you, but you have PM disabled.

              The problem for me has become unacceptable. I thought it was Telstra and went through troubleshooting steps with them, but when trying my SIM in a different phone it worked fine (and VoLTE also worked in the other phone). By now, roughly every other call I make drops before the connection is established. I cannot find any information about it online. Did you end up getting a resolution?

              • @Make it so: Hey ever since i went with vodafone the problem still exists but very minimal. I have a strong suspicions it is a software related. Although if your phone still on warranty i would contact Huawei themselves and get it replaced. Unfortunately i'm stuck with the one i've got.

              • @Make it so: Funny part about it is when i first got the phone (second hand) i've never had any problems related to making calls but after a few months i've started encountering issues like the one i mentioned to the point where i actually couldn't make calls at all and 4g connection would completely disappear?? Even internet wouldn't work. After going changing a new simcard with Telstra nothing changed at all. After factory reseting the phone with a dodgy 3rd party software (i also strongly advise not to do) i think i might've lost some of my personal files and it also messed up with the dates they've been taken on. I've decided to change provider and went with Optus which made things better. I at least have had internet connection. But i still often couldn't establish calls or people couldn't reach out on me. Now vodafone seems to be the only provider that officially supports Volte with Huawei Mate 20 Pro. But i'm still getting issues with phone calls (rarely but it happens) and a brand new problem which is receiving messages with a huge delay sometimes hours. Or the photos i send would arrive in lower quality. There aren't many people that have anything like this. Maybe it's worth to check out Chinese forums?. I couldn't find solution up until now and either willing to give up or change the phone.
                Sorry for this novel.

                • @Fromuawithxo: Thanks for the novel :)
                  I actually ended up sending my phone for repair. When they finally got it (Auspost took 8 days - Express Post), I received an SMS that they were going to investigate it, and 34 minutes later another SMS that it had been repaired and was on its way back. I really wonder how they managed to reproduce and fix the issue in that kind of timeframe, so I hope they are not sending me someone else's refurbished phone (mine was in pristine condition without a scratch). I seriously hope that whatever they send me won't have this issue.

                  I have been quite disappointed at not being able to get VoLTE. I got my phone from JB HiFi on a Telstra plan, and was surprised VoLTE didn't work. I am temporarily using an old S8, and the call experience with VoLTE is infinitely better.

                  • @Make it so: Make sure to post an update.

                    • @Fromuawithxo: My phone arrived there after 8 days (Express Post!). I got an SMS that it was under inspection. 34 minutes later I get an SMS that it has been repaired and dispatched. So obviously I was skeptical.

                      Received the phone back today, with a note that supposedly it was checked with multiple SIM cards and the problem could not be reproduced. So all that hassle for absolutely nothing.

                      I asked a relative who has a P30 Lite whether she has any issues; she said she moved to the Telstra network recently, and started experiencing the exact same issue as me, with outgoing calls not going through. So it's definitely an issue across Huawei phones, and probably related to the Telstra network (though my Telstra SIM works flawlessly in a Samsung S8, with VoLTE support).

                      Now I have to find a way to deal with these people. Unbelievable. Why on earth would I go through all this for a made-up problem?

                      • @Make it so: Right, so here's a twist to the story: my Huawei is not to blame (my bad). I can replicate it on my Galaxy S8 by switching off VoLTE. Telstra is at fault, for dropping non-VoLTE calls. And I'm not alone: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9p8n20r9?

                        Telstra does not support VoLTE for a P20 Pro.

                        Now trying to get hold off Telstra support, which I expect will be an exercise in futility.

                        I may end up selling my P20 Pro, because no VoLTE is a PITA. I'm starting to prefer the old S8 because of the call experience just being so much better.

    • Volte improves call quality or what?

    • I do know. Can get it working on Telstra with some trickery via xda. Why do you have this user name?

    • When I call someone who has Optus, call quality ain't that good. But Telstra to Telstra is just perfect. I have Boost which is the same as my old Telstra.

  • 692 grams! 😳 Innovative lead housing?

  • Oneplus Nord or pixel 4a?

    • This is the existential crisis I’m living through.

    • I'd say overall they are similar enough that price and availability will probably be the most important factors in choosing.

      The OnePlus will FEEL like a higher end phone given the higher refresh rate screen and it being glass (Pixel is plastic). I currently own a OnePlus 6 and they are pretty well optimized. If you don't use your phone for alot of videos/media but like having a decent camera at your disposal, the pixel is definitely the choice.For me, the 30W charging that comes with the OnePlus will always be one of the best aspects of their phones. Being able to go 0-50% in half an hour is so handy.

    • Also would like to add a significant size difference and the fact the pixel 4a has a headphone jack.

  • honestly the huawei p30 is better valued at 599

  • Save your money for Xperia 5 ii

  • Not a bargain for 765G chipset and the Oxygen 11 tbh is just not good enough.

    • OxygenOS not good enough? It's widely regarded as the next best OS right after Pixel/AOSP by the general tech/XDA/YouTube community.

      • See how the community acts with the new Oxygen updates, "Oxygen is turning into OneUI".

        Trust me if you are using Oneplus phone and truly communicate with users, you can see the regression and do not just Google it.

        As an experienced Android developer and current Oxygen beta user and I would say it is the truth.

        And flashing MIUI 12 into Oneplus 8 series becomes a trend.

  • Generally it’s OnePlus for more features or the pixel 4a for the stock android experience. The Nord is also plastic.

  • So is this global version?

  • is oneplus oppo owned?

    • They both owned by bbk electronics

      That's why they similar and share some DNA in their phones

  • out of topic question. Do xiomi phones work fine in Australia? Their new flagship phone xiomi mi 10 ultra has some good specs.

  • in summery will this work in australia perfectly fine? will it have a warranty? and is it just worth the extra 150 dollars to get it from kogan?

    • It will work perfectly fine in Australia, but I can't answer about warranty.

      It is definitely not worth paying the extra $150 to get it from Kogan. If you're buying from Kogan, you may as well get either the OnePlus 7T or the OnePlus 7 Pro (unless 5G is a requirement).

      I have just purchased the Nord from this listing.

    • No, it’s definitely not worth buying this from Kogan for an extra $150.

      If you value customer service and want any warranty support, you’re much better off buying through Amazon than Kogan.

      Here are a couple of articles explaining why:

      There was also an ex-employee whistleblower who wrote about Kogan’s dodgy practices a while back but I couldn’t find the link during my rushed google search.

  • Hi Guys just checking how long it has taken to receive the phone after placing the order by Amazon US/UK?. And which courier they use to do the delivery. I don't want to left hanging. Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone actually receive the phone? Got told mine was lost in shipping. Refunded with a $10 voucher

    • Mine also got lost in shipping. I got refund, but no voucher.

    • Mine too got "lost" in shipping and I got a refund. No voucher though.

      I wonder if this was ever going to be honoured. Did anyone get one?

      • Mine was lost also, what a load of garbage! There's a review from someone in Sydney but at this point who knows if it's legit or not. Let us know if the Kogan one comes through ok? Sealed AC2003 unit? Thanks