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Google Nest Hub Max + Nest Hub + TP-Link Smart Plugs HS110 + HS100 $397 + $80 Store Credit @ The Good Guys


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Hub Max - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/google-nest-hub-max---charcoa...
Hub - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/google-nest-hub-charcoal-ga00...
TP Link HS110 - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/tp-link-energy-monitoring-sma...
TP Link HS100 - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/tp-link-smart-wi-fi-plug-hs10...

The two TP Link plugs will be free. Total of $397 with a store credit of $80

Pay by Latitude and receive a further $20 off. Original Deal

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The Good Guys

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  • do you know if adding the concierge service (ie, $75 for 3 years) adds up to the total for store credit?

    • 3 concierge at max, the store credit for both wont be send at same time other than super rare occasions. you will get $20 each time

      • not for redeeming, but to add new concierge service on top of this Google Nest Hub Max, ie, $298 + $75 = $373, maybe add $10 battery, to make up $380+ to be eligible for $80 store credit. Will be great if Concierge service is counted, but i doubt it

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    Just FYI: when I added the TP Link HS110 Smart energy monitoring plug, it automatically came up as $0. I tried looking on TGG website to see if there was some sort of promo in this but I couldn't find anything. Essentially got 1 plug for free. It may do the same for others.

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      It's mentioned as a bonus offer on the page for the Hub Max. Similarly, the HS100 is mentioned as a bonus offer on the page for the Hub.

      • Thank you for clarifying, I completely missed the promo. Just needed to scroll down further.

  • Latitude pay would take you to $377 so maybe only $40 voucher?

    • add energizer battery from digital camera accesories

    • Latitude pay discount should be on Latitude pay side - not affecting the TGG total price unless they are being dodgy

  • Can I do cashback and still get the store credit?

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    You have 7 days to use the store credit once it has been emailed to you.

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      This is a dealbreaker for me.

      Can they get away with this even though gift cards now have a minimum of 3 year validity?

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        I was just about to order, and once I saw the small print, I cancelled my order. Pretty unacceptably short time to use the credit.

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          You can buy something and return it straightaway to convert to gift card.

  • The store credits expires in 30 days?

    edit: apparently in 7 days.

    What else can I buy with $80 - hmm..

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    The T&C's state customers will receive their store credit on 17th September 2020, and the store credit expires at 11:59 Wednesday 23rd September 2020.


    How long will I have to use my store credit?
    The Store Credit will expire within seven (7) days of store credit email dispatch.

    • So did you receive the credit on 17th Sep?

  • Can you use multiple store credits in the one future purchase?

  • nest hub family is same price in all other stores (JB, Harvey, Office and google store).
    Is part of google fathers day promotion :)
    of course, if you just want to buy one of them

  • Why not give me $80 discount instead of store credit.

    • so that they can limit you to only spend that $80 on TGG products. The Dodge Guys..

      • So that people like me try to make a claim and realise the credit expired about 10 hours before I tried to make a claim - ie. high percentage of people forfeit these vouchers through failing to read the fine print / pay enough attention to the terms on the assumption the retailer is ethical/fair.

    • Check the store credit expiry closely - I /assumed store credit would be a voucher so fall under the new 3 year expiry rules, but these TGG store "credits" seem to last only 14 days from issue date! I lost an $80 credit due to this, still kicking myself a month later as I had factored the credit into my decision to buy here ;(

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    Can you buy something with store credit and return it?

  • Bought but when do you receive the store credit? Email or on pickup?

    • Im wondering the same question

  • Saw this for $330+ at officeworks today (North Ryde)

  • It's 23 Sep now. Has anyone received the store credit??