Best Heated Jackets to Buy?

Hi everyone, just wondering what's everyone's experience with heated jackets in the market? My dad has just gone back to doing a bit of tradie work after quite some years and complains about the cold a lot now that he's getting older. There's quite a few on the market but considering a decent amount are special orders, I want to make sure I get the best one for him especially considering the prices! Does anyone have any personal recommendations or brands to avoid? His toolkit is Makita but I'd have buy a charger and battery for them anyways. Many of the jackets seem to be around the $200-$220 mark including charger/battery, so open to different options/brands. TIA for your help!

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  • Do these really work, how long do they heat for? It sounds like something from Back to the Future.

    • From my understanding, they last quite a few hours and can be really warm! A customer came in with a Milwuakee heated hoodie in smack dab winter last year, and I was so jealous!

  • How with the batteries he already owns. Most if these jackets run off the 12v platform so if your dad doesn't own any 12v tools, then it doesn't matter quite as much. (Just checked, Makita does have an 18v jacket. Some other brands take either voltage.)

    It may still matter as some chargers for these brands charge both 12v and 18v. They have made most of their chargers to do this for the purpose of keeping you in their brand for both voltages.

    • From my knowledge, he doesn't have any 12V tools (at least from what I can remember, but I'll have to double check but all I've seen are really chunky batteries). I heard 12V was better for jackets since they're not as heavy, but it's awesome Makita can take 18V - very versatile! I will also need to figure out what charger he has too - there's definitely a lot I didn't consider before making this post! Thank you for your help.

  • I bought one of these
    For the price it works really well.

    • Thanks for the link! For the price point, it certainly doesn't hurt!

      • No, it doesn't. I was surprised by mine. Good thing about them is they are quite slim, so you can pair them with any jacket you like. For $20, you really can't go wrong.

        They ones in the link are chinese sizes so keep that in mind. I am a large normally, and the XXL is a perfect fit. Slightly on the snug side.

  • I use a Milwaukee heated jacket and love it. In fact I have 2, one heated hoodie for when it's just a little chilly and don't want to heat the house. The second is an outdoor jacket that is warm and windproof.

    Battery takes less than an hour to charge (12v 2ah) and lasts about 6 hours on high.

    Really does take the chill off but would recommend getting one on the same battery platform as the rest of his tools.

    • Not going to lie, I almost want to buy a heated hoodie for myself. It sounds like it'd be so snug and lovely. My dad's working outdoors a fair bit, hence why I was looking for a jacket that keeps him warm because while he layers up a fair bit, he still complains about being cold! I'm also not a battery person but that seems like pretty good to keep you warm for that long. I know he uses Makita but I've only seen him with the chunkier batteries, so I assumed he didn't have a 12V system, but I'll have to surreptitiously confirm that. It definitely would be good if I didn't have to worry about getting a set of batteries or chargers! Thanks for sharing - really do appreciate the advice!

  • Wow I didn't even know this was a thing! Is there an Ozito model? Hello next winter…

    • As a typical Ozbargainer, I checked to see what sort of deals get run for heated jackets, and they seem to have done a full sell out of Ozito models a couple years back, so not sure if it'll come back anytime soon…

  • maybe start with an ultralight down from uniqlo that was on sale recently? they insulate well and work as inner or outer layers

    • He loves Uniqlo! He wears the puffer vest one underneath his jacket though I don't think he likes to wear the puffer jackets he has when he's working (probably because he'd be too worried about having to keep it clean!) It's definitely a staple in his wardrobe.

      • If it's just a cleanliness thing then the cheap Aldi ones might not be a bad shout. Combine them with some layering underneath and could be onto a winner. $50 a pop, so it doesn't matter too much if it gets dirty etc.

        • Thanks for the tip! Our nearest Aldi within 5km isn't the most well-stocked guy, but I'll make sure to keep an eye out.

  • I always thought the best way to keep warm was to move about as in work, you only cool down when you stop and like its Vic not south pole

    Heated clothes really, his grandfather would be laughing ln their days they weren't pampered, they manned up grew a set and got on with it

  • Arc'teryx.