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OnePlus 7 Pro GM1913 - 8GB RAM, 256GB, Nebula Blue (Global Version, Direct Import) $759 Delivered @ Kogan


Another drop in price on the 7pro.

I so want the 8 but finding it hard not to go for the 7 at this price

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Other models:
OnePlus 7 Pro GM1913 (8GB RAM, 256GB, Mirror Gray) - Global Model
OnePlus 7 Pro GM1925 (8GB RAM, 256GB, Nebula Blue) - Global Model

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  • +1

    Wow great price, have no issues with my one, no hole punch, 90hz screen, heaps of android security patches, excellent device imo.

  • +1

    links not working OP

  • +1

    Still waiting on delivery of my OnePlus 7 Pro from the previous Kogan deal. Ordered 13th of August. Last tracking update was 18th August, no movement since then and Kogan aren't willing to investigate unless it still hasn't arrived by 2nd September.

  • I think it's meant to be this link.

  • -1

    Solid price! If only they had android one =(

    • +1

      OxygenOS is plenty fast with lotsa features

    • +2

      Oneplus is an android phone? It's version of Android, called oxygenOS is near stock with only what they believe are improvements over stock (and most people agree; stuff like faster/less animations, gesture controls, etc). There's minimal bloatware, unlike some phones that are double this price and is often touted as one of the best versions of Android.

  • Does it come with Dual sim?

    • Yes, it does.

  • +1

    Rip to those who bought the 12gb 256gb one 2 weeks ago for $809 plus $21 shipping. (I ended up buying it too…) I'm burning 🔥🙃 $70 down the drain. I'm trying to make myself feel better by saying that I got the 12gb ram one but like surely there isn't much difference between 8 and 12gb of ram, at least for now. What's funnier is that they've got a free shipping promotion now aswell . I hate my luck man.. 😂😭

    • +3

      I'd rather pay $70 for extra 4 to compensate for my insecurities in other areas.

      • +1

        What sort of insecurities are you talking about tho? The only difference is that there is 4 GB of ram on top of a massive 8 GB.

    • -3

      8GB vs 12GB for $70 extra is worth spending. Android devices are RAM hungry, and get slower with time, therefore, its good to have 12GB RAM. Note 10 Plus is a good example, as it doesn't feel it has slowed down even after I have been using it for an year now.
      I wish it has flat display. I am looking for a flagship device with 12GB RAM with flat display having at least 90Hz display. Closest one is Samsung Note 20 but it has only 8GB RAM.

      • Well I guess in the long run its good.

      • +1

        Here i am with my pixel 2/nokia 5.3 with 4gb of ram and not having a single problem. Oh that Samsung/custom android bloat life hahaha.

        • +1

          Yeah these guys that think having bigger ram on phones is better, probably have 32gb installed on their pc's for basic web browsing and office tasks Haha.

        • Interesting.

      • Lol what ever you think mate 6gb onwards is the new standard and is plenty for most people, gets slower with time oh jeez it's ram dude 🤦‍♂️

        • Try any of current Samsung phones, and you will see the crap they overlay as UI, consumes 5-6 GB RAM all the time with only usual processes running in the background. 8GB can be good enough, but if you can pay a little extra to get 12GB, I would go for it anytime.

  • How's the warranty?

  • So is this better than the Nord?

    • +1

      Much much better. I would argue this is a better buy than the oneplus 8.
      Higher resolution screen, no notch, pop up camera.
      With the oneplus 8 you have a faster processor (you won't notice the difference) and 5G, but no band 28 support (unless you import the european model which is expensive).
      So yes this is heaps heaps better than the Nord.

  • Hello everyone - I am looking to buy this as well. While searching for other prices came across the below on eBay:


    At current exchange rate and inclusive all shipping and import costs the price is aud$707, you also get 5g with this listing. Is this a better deal than the Kogan deal?

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