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[VIC] Sunbeam EM5300S Barista Max Espresso Coffee Machine $369 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Back in stock! $369 delivered is phenomenal value for an espresso machine and grinder … all in one!
From previous postings:
This coffee machine with integrated grinder was given an 81% expert rating by Choice magazine. Cheapest elsewhere is $499

SOLD OUT: SA, NSW, QLD, WA, TAS, NT, VIC (13/9/20) - plus price hike.

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  • If anyone is wondering this is cheep
    The goodguys commercial has it got $406

  • Anyone know if you can buy extra bean hoppers and change them when you want for different bean flavours?

    • I've got this machine, swapping hoppers would be a real pain, you have to clean out the remaining beans in the grinder which is a pretty tight space. I wouldn't consider doing it.

      • I use a small vacuum to clean the grinder out when changing over which cuts time and effort.

  • I’m not sure if having the extra care is advisable for this but be aware it seems to select the 3 year home care plan at $90 as a default. It is pretty obvious but just warning people.

  • I’m still able to select it in Vic. It puts it in the cart, I didn’t finish the transaction as I don’t want one. Is it, actually, OOS?

  • Thanks OP. Just bought one, still in stock in VIC

  • What's the lifespan of these?
    I was thinking to get a Gaggia classic as it's supposed to be very long lasting but this one costs about half.

    • I've been using multiple Gaggia Classics for a while. My main one is 12 years old today and works like a charm. There's bugger-all that can go wrong with them, really only a pump failure ($79 part and 5 min to swap over) and maybe wearing out of the seals in the steam valve (which any service centre will sort out)… as long as you give it a quick flush and descale every 8 weeks (about 5 mins) and change the grouphead gasket annually as it's rubber and hardens over time (again, 2 minutes' work).

      • So I understand you suggest to get a Gaggia .
        Honestly I think I prefer the Gaggia . (Maybe also cause I'm from Milan, where it's made :D )

        • don't forget you'll also need a grinder

          • @SergeyAU: Thanks! I will start with ground and after a while I'll get a grinder.
            One step at a time :)

            • @ets27: if you are buying an expensive machine, using preground coffee will make you thing that it was a wate of money. Watch some videos (if you have not already) about dialing in the coffee and you'll see that there are a number of variables involved.
              One of the reasons I am still stuck with capsules thought still thinking about a separate setup

      • Just curious what people do with these manual machines - is a measuring glass usually used or do you just measure the shot by eyesight?

        • Most manual machines will have some kind of volumetric control, which is often complete rubbish. I weigh all my shots for the sake of consistency.

    • I think it depends on how it is designed and take it from there. Unfortunately I coud not find anything online with a quick search showing a teardown of the Sunbeam.
      I think the Breville is a reasonable model with an integrated grinder, so when looking at its design compare it to that.
      For comparison, this video comparing the Breville Barista Express with the DeLonghi Specialista they take both apart
      At 1:42 you can see the Breville, they have isolated the internals somewhat putting a barrier between the grinder and the brewing sections, and most components are (somewhat) more accessible.
      Compare this with the Delonghi internals (2:38) - no isolation for the grinder - my guess is that it will be much more difficult and messy to work on, and the beans may catch heat more directly.
      Has anyone taken apart the Sunbeam or seen a disassembly online somewhere? I would like to check that out before buying this one.

  • Thanks OP! I spent the extra $40 for the black (SO wouldn't allow the silver)

    I went here to redeem the standard accessories: https://sunbeampromo.com/aus-fathers/

    I assume appliances online is a participating store

    • worthit 👌

      I reckon Appliances Online will be participating, they are a official Aus reseller. Thanks for the tip - I'll add that to the description!

      • +1 vote

        Appliances Online live chat said they are not a participating retailer for this promotion.

        • Wow, rats!

          • @pinchies: The Good Guys have price matched. They are also a participating retailer for the Sunbeam Fathers Day Bonus promotion. Good guys also have $50 store credit on small appliances for click and collect orders https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sunbeam-barista-max-espresso-...

            • @zm: Hi sorry got here from my previous thread. Do you mean to say good guys in Sydney will price match appliances online? From their website it doesn’t show that. I’m going to call them tomorrow to price match but how do I get the $50 store credit isn’t it only click and collect online order ? I’ll pay by credit card when I go to the store if they agrees to price match.

              • @justanick: I called the nearest Good Guys store with stock (Essendon VIC) and asked for price match and pick up from store. They agreed and sent me a SMS with link to their website make payment. Once payment was completed they called back within 30mins to confirm receipt of payment and advised ready to collect. Great customer service! Looking at the criteria for bonus store credit (online order for click and collect) I now don’t think that I’ll get it but it will be a nice surprise if it does get emailed to me. I didn’t bother asking whilst on the phone with the Good Guys as I was happy enough with price match, pick up immediately and being able to redeem the Sunbeam Father’s Day promo. I suggest asking about the store credit when requesting price match.

                • @zm: Thank you so much. I was out all day and catching up with my messages now. I’ll call Good Guys first thing in the morning tomorrow. Is there a way you could get me the receipt of Good guys if my local GG in Sydney refuses to price match ? Please ping me or inbox me.

                  Also on the other hand I’m confused on the Sunbeam Father’s Day promo. Do we get to pick which one we want or they will send us a gift randomly ? I want the stuff where you throw away the coffee residue

    • Funny thing happened to me earlier in the year when I redeemed the knock box after buying a cheap EM4300 - they sent it to me but also two of the complete accessory kits! Kept a lot and sold the others. Not sure if it was because I entered my form in twice because it was taking ages but it’s worth a shot 😬

  • it’s a single thermal block, so advantage is very quick heat up time and switching between coffee extraction and steaming compared to to gagia and rancilio,
    downside compared to sunbeam em7000 is cant stream and extract coffee at same time but em7000 is $700.

    this seams a good deal for people starting out during covid , no hassle to go out for cheap and it’s cheap to make coffee at home.

    • I agree, but at least with PID controller in more recent machines, the performance is more consistent the old thermocoil/thermoblock machines.

      • Hey Pinchies … you actually opened new doors for me. I can't thank you enough. I opened a thread thinking of buying the delonghi dedica ec685 but now going to buy Sunbeam EM5300S Barista Max Espresso.
        Could you please let me know the Bean to get from my local store and the grinder setting to use for our use ?

    • So in that sense is better than Gaggia?

    • I’ve got a Breville dual boiler and not once have I steamed and extracted at the same time. I can see why in a commercial environment this would be beneficial, but not that important for home use

      • I steam and brew simultaneously every morning on the BES920.
        I would find it difficult going back to sequential operation - either the microfoam or the crema breaks down more than I would otherwise have when blending them.
        Two boilers are there for a purpose and required significant engineering to fit them in - why not enjoy what they can do.

  • I was about to be mad because I have been eyeing this machine but ended up buying it via Amazon, but seems like no stock for NSW. Great machine though, unbeatable at this price

  • Anyone know a bottomless portafilter that can fit this machine?

  • my Nespresso machine just broke, I basically make two shots of espresso every day, do I need to regularly clean this coffee-bean machine? for Nespresso machine I don't need to do anything, I don't know about this kind of machine.. can anyone explain?

  • Price matched, got it locally.

  • Could you guys please let me know what Coffee beans can I get for "Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine " for my first time making coffee using this machine ? We have Aldi and Woolworths nearby (Please let me know the exact Bean Brand and info as we are keen on buying coffee beans for the first time in our life). We will buy other beans later on but for our first use we want to get something quick from the shop to try.
    Lastly, what grinder setting should we have the machine set for ?

      1. I suggest Aldi Lazzio coffee beans (1kg) — I like their dark roast personally.
      2. Rule #1 with making coffee — keep everything as consistent as possible, and only change one thing at a time.
      3. I was going to give a guide, but actually the included quick guide is a good starting point.
      4. Manual suggests start with grind 20.
  • Thanks for this! I price matched the black EM5300k at good guys over the phone for $389. All pretty painless - just picked it up and submitted the father's day bonus gift claim.
    You get the Sunbeam Barista Essentials Accessories Kit (model no. EMA3000) valued at $99.95 with the purchase of a Sunbeam Barista Max Coffee Machine (model no. EM5300, EM5300S, EM5300K).
    The kit looks great - https://www.sunbeam.com.au/Accessories/Espresso-Machines-Acc...

  • Do you guys know when you we are expected to get the Barista Essentials ?
    I also got the Black EM5300k and it looks really nice.
    However, I am struggling to make cafe style Latte and I am using the Aldi dark beans.
    1) I have seen many videos but my frothing is not coming to silky smooth. It's either foamy or running hot milk. Any tips from the team here to give me some tips here ?
    2) I was using setting 20 for grinder and it seems my coffee is very bitter the creama is there but not as thick. I changed the setting to 10 and also to 25 but not good brewing. Any tips on the setting most of you are using ? I am using the double shot basket.

  • 1) Start with cold full cream milk. Fill the picture up to the very bottom of where the pitcher spout starts. It takes some practice, place the nozzle tip about a centimetre out from the edge of the pitcher, and just below the surface. It should making a fairly soft “pssh pssh” sound. The family will develop most rapidly if the milk is cold enough. If you have the nozzle too high up, you will quickly develop lots of big bubbles which you don’t want. Once you’ve got enough phone, put the nozzle a little bit deeper, to help finish heating the milk and to mix in the micro foam and develop a homogenous foam. When the bottom of the pitcher becomes hot to touch, stop immediately.

    2) If you overheat the milk, you will lose the sweetness of the milk and it will taste even more bitter than expected. Don’t worry about crema - That’s just about how fresh the beans are. What do you want to measure, is how much liquid comes out in how much time. If it runs too freely (grind is not fine enough), you’ll get something that is a bit sour. If it runs too slowly (grind is too fine), you get something that’s very very bitter.

    • Thank you so much !! The steamer point do you place at an angle into the milk or do you put the nozzle hole straight just on top of the milk ?
      Btw did you able to make simple latte art with this machine or it’s not possible ?

      I bought full cream and reduced fat milk. I succeeded twice by luck to froth nice silky milk but rest of the time I failed.

      • I would say, its easier if you search on youtube "how to froth milk with espresso machine" — it certainly takes practice. Cafe barista's do have do training to get good. You're probably gonna want to buy several 10's of L of milk to practice with. Yes, at a slight angle. The idea is the steam creates bubbles, that are pushed down and into the milk. The slight angle helps to create a whirlpool action so the milk is mixed as it heats and is foamed.

        First practice getting a consistent microfoam, and swirling the jug to incorporate it so its not just foam at the top in the pitcher. Then you want to practice pouring it into a espresso shot - everything has gotta be right, the foam quality, the pour speed, the cup angle, the height of the pitcher above the cup — there's again a lot of practicing to get the hang of latte art ;-)

        • thank you so much pinchies really really appreciate your feedback. I did a huge sales pitch to my partner and finally got the approval few days back to buy the Sunbeam Barista max. Although I did not qualify for the Good guys store credit as I got a text message to buy online and I should be eligible but I did qualify for the fathers day Sunbeam gift set (I am hoping it arrives soon) I also bought 600ml froth jug as the one which comes with the coffee machine is small for one person.

          I also took your advice and bought the Aldi dark beans. What other beans should I look out for a good sweet smooth Latte ?

          Were you able to make Latte art using this machine if yes that means it works as online I have seen a lot of videos and they say the steamer needs to be powerful enough to froth the milk very well

          • @justanick: Hi Nick, sorry — I don't own this machine personally. However, I've seen a number of videos that show the steamer is plenty powerful enough to make microfoam for latte art. No, no where near as powerful as a $5k cafe steam arm where you can foam milk in about 5-7 seconds — this one will take substantially longer, but this will allow you to have good control over the foaming process too.

            This is a very good video demo (8/10) on brewing a coffee with this machine:

            Plenty of good latte-art demos (using other machines) on youtube. Here's one including a cheat with two pitchers. :-)

            • @pinchies: Thank you again Pinchies !! You been so kind to me and everyone like me looking for information on the web.
              On an average how much time does it take to froth and ready the milk in a machine like Sunbeam Barista max ? The videos are amazing but doesn't tell you how long you should steam the milk for the silky texture. If I know then I would keep that at the back of my mind. I think I keep it for too long to make the milk hot thus ruining everything or I keep it for too less.

              Also, any tips of getting some good beans for smooth lattes ? I will be running out of the Aldi Dark roast beans soon and would like to try out something new.

              • @justanick: Well, my favorite beans for a smooth latte would be Elevate (previously known as Estate) from Veneziano - they are actually the roaster behind the Aldi Lazzio beans, just this is one of their premium blends. Once you see the price of premium roastery beans, the Aldi ones might taste even better 😉. I'd probably recommend buying a coffee from a coffee shop you like, and asking to buy some beans from them as well.

                I can't say how long to steam the milk for — you need practice to see what you're looking for using your machine. It really is key to look at the milk to see what you're getting. Is it thick and glossy like white paint (good)? Or is it bubbly and frothy on top with thin milk underneath (bad)?

                I'd recommend to buy a milk thermometer. That way you can tell if you've overheated the milk (cooked it!) which will take away it's sweetness.

                • @pinchies: Thank you again Pinchies. I am waiting for the Sunbeam gift set to arrive which includes the thermometer :)
                  My milk gets too hot to touch in 7-8 seconds and I am getting some good results with practicing :)
                  I took your recommendation and for my first take I bought Aldi Lazzio dark roasted beans it was $11.99 per Kg.
                  I did ask my Barista in nearby coffee he told me to come have coffee at his and not to buy a machine (jokingly) and did not tell me the name of his beans. I feel shy asking him again and will try out other places like Starbucks (not that I like their Lattes a lot)
                  Victoria Beans seems very popular but not sure which one to buy.

                  • @justanick: Well, it sounds like it has plenty of steam power! :)
                    Some cafes sell beans as a side product — so they're missing an income stream if they dont!
                    Did you mean Vittoria? If you see a cafe offering their beans — then buy a cup. If you like the result, maybe then try their beans. If you hate it, then you're welcome to join us in mocking their product as not-fit-for-compost.

                    • @pinchies: "Well, it sounds like it has plenty of steam power! :)" either that or I am over heating the milk incorrectly. I also use the smaller frothing jug with milk below the jugs spout line as seen on videos.
                      Ah yes Vittoria beans I think I'll not touch that with a pole after the reviews. I am happy with Aldi Beans for now.

  • Did any one get their Sunbeams gift set which was advertised with their fathers day offer ? It seems Sunbeams do not want us to contact them as they have not responded to my emails

  • Black is back in stock for $379 if anyone was interested.

  • Good Guys price matched here in BNE for me.

  • owners of Sunbeam Barista Max - did any one successfully attempted to try and create basic latte art with this machine ?
    I recently bought Airgo Twilight blend and my grinder was set at 20 but I am not able to get a good brew compared to the Aldi Dark roasted one on the same setting. Can someone give me a grind number they use to Airgo Twilight blend ?
    I am hoping to get my gift set tomorrow .. i am so excited.